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This is a petition, started by Asaphira @ DA, to support the REAL Gingko @Pbase and to overthrow the fraud Cosplay Cutie. If anyone of you are aware of this petition, then yes, THIS petition is to challenge it.'s guestbook is filtered, in otherwords, we cannot call her a thief over there. In fact, I don't know any other ways to overthrow her other than to unite all who believes is just.

First of all, this would not be clarified if I don't first explain one little detail: This thief has done common motives that would have done, and that is: 1) stealing Asian model photos and pretend to be herself, and 2) stealing artworks to claim as her own. But whether it's her or not, is still an ART AND PHOTO thief.

Not even going to rant any longer... let's get to the facts, shall we? On most of them, I have labeled my commentaries everywhere/ I screencapped everything just in case she attempts to delete her tracks before I get to bitch. In my opinion, these proofs are much stronger than what she provided.

Exhibit 1 - Proof of pictures stolen.
original photo from original album / stolen!
these are, btw, only few of the MANY she stole.

Exhibit 2 - Profile pic stolen. Real Gingko's claim.
real gingko (Comments: If you want to know why the claim is significant, fret not, I will show why in the next exhibit.) / stolen o_O

Exhibit 3 - Her email to me.
When I accused the fake Gingko of being a theft, she replied with this ridiculously hilarious and tedious email. Does it really take this much ranting to prove something? More like if she's trying to cover up her tracks. Frankly, I'm not even BOTHERING to reply that...when I can bitch all I want with proofs here...
her email to me - All my reasoning is there, saves ranting over here! This happily explains why the real Gingko's claim in Exhibit 2 is significant.
fake petition linked above - this is the "petition" she claims in the email... geez, how much more similiar does the wording gets? O__o Obviously the 100+ so-call friends of hers...are herself x 100 XD;

Exhibit 4 - Proof of art theft!
REAL Gingko's art gallery, mkay?
see? The REAL Gingko is holding her own merchandise! Referring back to the email again, she claims that her 'friend' ( is the real artist o_O what, if the one above is the 'fake' Gingko, she's selling her friend' merchandise in a comicfest?
LOL the obviously stolen. If anyone can find the true artist, bless be with you X3

Exhibit 5 - Hit page difference and register date

Count hit screenshot - my final proof is based on the date the REAL Gingko registered. For a public album like, these registered dates will never be wrong. And look at the hits! Geez, 1914103 (currently) is a believable hit!

While the it is not only HTML, but the hits are 25208 (currently, or refer to previous screenshots for hit proof) even though she claims the site existed since 2002 like the REAL Gingko. Now why is HTML significant? Because with HTML, you can really edit all you want and claim that it has existed since 2002. Public sites CANNOT do that! Not only that, but in her email to me, she said, "(I'll let you have a temporary login and pass pbasecom for both. It's for admin's purpose actually but might as well let you have it)". Why have a temporary one? Seriously.

Why, you ask, am I even bothering to prove her wrong? Well, first of all, it has recently got a lot of pimpage...and people believe she is the real artist for those stolen arts at . But SHE stole the arts herself.. and those photos are fake. If I know where is the real artist, how can I just stand back and not do anything? And finally, I heavily suspect that is :devcallista-chan: because of her similar layout making and personality (something I can't really prove right now), and she is my mortal enemy. Not to mention stealing pretty Asian model photos is so like her.

I don't know if this proves for anything, but the REAL Gingko replied to my email. Seeing that her photos has been stolen more than once, she relies on the faith of her true fans now. :)

And just for fillers, yes, if this is the same thief Callista, then yes, this IS her nth time stealing art/photos.. and for those that want proof that their layouts were similar, refer to 小心!!盜圖者就在你身邊 (scroll down and click on the screenshot links at the bottom). Don't know if it's strong enough to show the similarities... but it is definitely one of the many fake sites she made. And if you observe closely, not only the headings, but the typography is very similar.


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