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We the law-abiding citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and concerned members of the international community, hereby urge the United Nations International Criminal Court to prosecute General Muhammadu Buhari for openly inciting his supporters to cause mayhem and wanton destruction of lives and property, before, during and after the presidential elections held on April 16, 2011 in various parts of the northern region of Nigeria. General Muhammadu Buhari's utterances elicited murderous behaviours from his supporters and mostly under-aged rioters resulting in the cold-blooded murder of tens of harmless citizens, and injury to hundreds of innocent Nigerians, including National Youth Service Corp members used as adhoc staff of the electoral commission; destruction of property and other means of livelihood, traumatizing the entire nation and displacing over 10,000 people. We believe that your international agency for the adjudication of crimes against humanity will be beneficial to Nigerians in redressing this evil done to man by fellow men, and prevent recurrence, thereby ensuring peace in the most populous black nation on earth.

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Latest Signatures

  • 06 December 2015100. Tony O
    for the crime against humanity in the northern nigeria
  • 06 December 201599. Otiti T
  • 02 December 201598. Jerome C
    prosecute buhari and his mate now
  • 02 December 201597. Chief Louisa
    We are heart-broken. Genocide in Northern Nigeria, too many, since 1966 to date. Let the law take its full course. No sacred cow. please investigate all for this region and nation to know lasting peace.
  • 20 November 201596. Chijioke O
    Buhari should be arrested & handed over to the ICC for crimes against humanity.
  • 15 November 201595. Julie D
    Let him prosecuted, if he comes out of the trial not guilty, I will live with it.
  • 06 November 201594. Obiora U
    I support this petition
  • 08 October 201593. Adeseyoju J
    Ever before the election Buhari has always represented violence. Buhari needs be sent to gallow bcos that's where elements like him deserve be. The blood of the innocents murdered for his cause shall be on Buhari.
  • 25 August 201592. Yetunde B
    This man should be on trial as soon as possible.
  • 10 August 201591. Chijioke E
    I support this petition
  • 19 July 201590. Smie R
    He shuld be jailed
  • 08 May 201589. Adaobi Levy
    Enough of the blood spilling, We want justice!
  • 22 April 201588. Louisa Munoz
    I support this petition
  • 27 March 201587. Tony A
    The just thing to do. We must have a rule of law.
  • 12 March 201586. Ahmed A
    I support this petition
  • 03 March 201585. Brendan Mata
  • 23 February 201584. Henry O
    We cannot fold our arms while evil ones thrive by eliciting murderous rage from illiterate and ignorant supporters, resulting in the destruction of lives and property and potentially tilting Nigeria towards unwanted war
  • 03 February 201583. Ayoola O
    Buhari is accountable for this atrocities.
  • 24 January 201582. Ajayi O
    We have known he as no credibility,no track record,no sence of humanity no doubt that is Policies will bring Sorrow,Pains&Blood.Who knows Him shouls tell him"OF WHAT RELATIOMSHIP IS LIGHT&DARKNESS"Nigeria is now a country of LIGHT
  • 19 January 201581. Dada E
    I suconded to d petition
  • 08 January 201580. Lonnie T
    NYSC members shouldn't be sent to the north of nigeria where people are so barbaric, myopic, and have no sense of direction except for destruction and are filled with evil intentions. Taking lives of the innocent seem to be trivial matter and an easy do.
  • 08 January 201579. Obinna O
    i see no difference between this lanky General and Mouamar Ghaddafi. they both refuse to aknowledge the fact that the people have rejected them. They unleash terror on the self same people they are meant to represent.
  • 11 December 201478. Kaanayo N
    Buhari needs to answer for his numerous crimes against humanity!
  • 07 December 201477. Henry C
    he is a bloodshed fool. i needs sentence.
  • 30 November 201476. Alex Ikeo
    His and actions are evidence against him for prosecution.
  • 19 November 201475. Ovie E
    unless he proves to the nation that his mandate was stolen,he must be tried and brought to justice because his comment incited his supporters to carry out murderous attacks on innocent law abiding citizens especially 2 members of the NYSC.Until he is prov
  • 15 November 201474. Pink R
    Muhammadu Buhari is a despicable bigot!

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International Criminal Court


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