President Obama, You And Your Family Should Stop Eating Animal Flesh sign now

President Barack Obama, as the fully informed, enlightened and wise leader of the free world it could not be more appropriate and urgent that you and your family immediately stop eating animal flesh.

Most importantly you should then announce to the entire world that after carefully and thoroughly investigating and considering the countless major benefits for your family,and potentially the world community, you and your wife and children decided to make the change to eating a large selection of delicious vegetarian based foods.

President Obama, your shocking and exciting announcement could set the example and the precedent for many world leaders to emulate.

Together with the endorsement of international leaders you would have the power and worldwide influence to save the lives of billions of animals, subsequently creating a multitude of everlasting monumental benefits for humans, the earth, and the earths atmosphere.

Together your revolutionary profound efforts could be responsible for shutting down most or all animal factory farms and slaughterhouses in the world.

President Obama, as you already know,raising animals for food is one of the largest sources of carbon dioxide and the single largest source of both methane and nitrous oxide emissions. Removing animal flesh from the food chain may be the only realistic, viable, manageable, enforceable, and effective government solution needed to slow global warming, and to ultimately play the largest role in stopping it.

The human race cannot run away from or escape the consequences of global warming!!

Monumental cataclysmic disasters are going to continue happening unless the wisest, practical, and most realistic solution is implemented soon.

If government leaders do not begin to write emergency legislation designed to remove animal flesh from the food chain soon, humans, animals, and the Earth will be confronted with the continuous escalation of widespread nonstop mega catastrophes!

During the next few years a large number of countries will likely be engulfed in any one or many of the following calamities:

A constant escalation of heat waves, violent torrential storms, hurricanes, catastrophic flooding, cyclones, earthquakes, tsunamis, uncontrolled wild fires, droughts, famines, diseases, and starvation, causing massive destruction to the Earth and countless deaths to humans and non-human animals.

10 to 20 years from now or sooner much of the quintessence, and grandeur of the once majestic life supporting earth could very possibly look like a dilapidated, barren, polluted wasteland occupied by millions of vulnerable homeless defenseless humans and non-human animals trying to escape the deadly consequences of global warming.

Hordes of tired, helpless, weak, listless, and lethargic adults and children crammed together in dark, dreary, windowless structures located throughout the world.

People and animals uncontrollably and pathetically defecating or urinating while sitting or standing in long food lines. Unimaginable suffering with the frightening prospect of no way out, no one to rescue them, and no where to go.

Desperation spawned by the strong likelihood of an agonizing and painful premature death caused by starvation, disease, fire, or drowning.

Shockingly, because of the escalation of global warming, ice sheets are melting much faster than predicted by many climate models, and a catastrophic fracture of various ice sheets in Greenland and the Antarctic regions could cause sea levels to rise by amounts as high as 20 to 23 feet in a much shorter period of time than most experts have predicted.

Imagine within the next several years many of the cities along the coastlines of the United States and many other countries severely flooding, paralyzing and destroying infrastructures.

The 10 countries with the most people in low coastal areas are Bangladesh, China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, the United States, and Vietnam. Bangladesh, a nation of 145 million, occupies a river delta located barely above sea level.

China and Vietnam have already experienced terrible weather, including torrential rains, strong winds, landslides, power outages and flooding in China and a typhoon causing severe flooding In Vietnam.

Unite States senators, representatives, and government leaders throughout the world. You absolutely must stop supporting and promoting what you are about to see. Please focus, concentrate, and keep your eyes wide open while you view the worst kind of cruelty and death.

Only humans are capable of devising, supporting, and promoting such disgusting completely unnecessary cruelty, which may now lead to our own destruction.

SUMMARY: President Barack Obama and all government leaders throughout the world, wake up soon!!

When you finally make the inevitable decision to support kindness and life for all animals you will collectively have the power and influence to create a worldwide society that will undergo a remarkable positive transformation ultimately resulting in the removal of all animal flesh from the food chain.

By removing animal flesh from the food chain and eating a vegetarian based diet, the number one cause of global warming, as well as the following illnesses, diseases, and worldwide destructive problems will be greatly reduced creating a much healthier, kinder, safer, and more peaceful society.

Strokes, Heart Disease, Osteoporosis, Kidney Stones, Colon Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Cervical Cancer, Stomach Cancer, Endometrial Cancer, Breast Cancer, Hypoglycemia, Diabetes, Kidney Disease, Peptic Ulcers, Constipation, Hemorrhoids, Hiatal Hernias, Diverticulosis, Obesity, Gallstones, Hypertension, Asthma, Salmonellosis, Trichinosis, Irritable Colon Syndrome, Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (the human variant of Mad Cow Disease), Smallpox, Smithfields Swine Flu Virus (Influenza), Tuberculosis, Malaria, Aids, Bubonic Plague, Measles, Cholera, AIDS.

President Obamaimagine reading headlines and news flashes like the one that follows that would shock and ultimately impress and improve the world like never before.


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