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au Prйsident du Sйnat,
au Prйsident de l'Assemblйe Nationale,
aux Prйsidents des groupes parlementaires au Sйnat et а l'Assemblйe Nationale.

Les citoyens soussignйs appellent les Franзais et les Franзaises attachйs aux principes laпques et dйmocratiques qui fondent notre Rйpublique а manifester massivement leur opposition absolue а toute tentative de mainmise des intйgrismes religieux sur notre sociйtй ; а rejeter toute initiative lйgislative tendant а modifier ou а nier ces fondements ; а dйfendre la pensйe libre, la libertй de conscience ainsi que la libertй dexpression et de jugement qui en est le corollaire ; а exiger de nos responsables politiques quils dйfendent et fassent respecter avec fermetй les 3 principes suivants :

1 La France est un pays qui a institutionnalisй le principe de Laпcitй et qui la inscrit dans sa Constitution : ce principe doit кtre dйfendu sans concessions.

2 La France est le pays des Lumiиres, et revendique luvre de Voltaire, Diderot, Montesquieu, Rousseau, et de tous ceux qui ont aidй lesprit а saffranchir de toute croyance irrationnelle, et dйfendu la libertй de conscience comme la libertй dexpression. Cette derniиre ne doit souffrir daucun MAIS qui ouvrirait la porte а un recul des libertйs.

3 La France est le pays de la sйparation imprescriptible des Eglises et de lEtat depuis 1905 : toutes les religions doivent pouvoir кtre pratiquйes librement et sans ostracisme par ceux qui le souhaitent. Ceux qui ne croient pas, athйes et agnostiques, ont le droit de faire valoir leur point de vue et de critiquer, dans les formes qui leur conviennent, toutes les religions, celles-ci relevant exclusivement du domaine privй : le dйlit de blasphиme, en particulier, supprimй de nos lois il y a prиs de 2 siиcles, ne doit pas кtre rйintroduit par quelque biais que ce soit. Cest а la loi gйnйrale seule expression du peuple tout entier de fixer la rиgle commune.

Nous exigeons des hommes et des femmes que nous avons йlus pour nous reprйsenter dans les instances dйmocratiques quils et elles sengagent de maniиre absolue et sans restriction а dйfendre ce principe de laпcitй.



English version.

We, the undersigned citizens, call the French men and women who cherish democracy and the concept of our French, non-religious Republic, to strongly express their absolute opposition to any attempt, from any religious fundamentalism, at controlling our society, to reject any legislative enterprise that would tend to modify or deny these foundations, to defend free-thinking, freedom of conscience, as well as freedom of speech and judgement, to demand from our politicians that they defend and firmly see to the respect of the 3 following principles :

1 France is a democratic Republic where religions have nothing to do with the ruling of the country. This basic principle was written in our Constitution and must be defended without concessions.

2 France is the country where Enlightenment appeared in the 18th century. We are proud of the works of Voltaire, Diderot, Montesquieu, Rousseau, and of all those who contributed to freeing our minds from the chains of irrational beliefs, and who fought for freedom of conscience as well as freedom of speech. The latter cannot suffer any BUT that would open the way to a setback for our freedoms.

3 France is the country where Churches and State have been imprescriptibly separated since 1905 : those who want to practise a religion must be able to freely do so. Those who are non-believers, atheists and agnostics, have the right to express their point of view and criticize, in any form that suits them, all religions, which exclusively fall within the boundaries of private life : blasphemy, in particular, that ceased to be a legal offence nearly 2 centuries ago, must not be reintroduced in our laws through any means. Only the General Law, which is the expression of the People as a whole, can determine the Common Rule.

We demand that the men and women we have elected to be our representatives in the democratic authorities commit themselves, with no restriction, to defending this absolute principle of non-religious interference in the ruling of our country.


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