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Heather D'aoust,a scripps ranch 15 yrs old is being tried for a crime as an adult,there's a problem with this.
Heather has mental illness,she is in need of help bad however DA Dumanis{San Diego} didn't take no time to say"she can't be helped".Heather dosen't derserve this, she deserves to be treated as a juvenile,not as an adult because she's not.
DA Dumanis ,is not taking into consideration that adult jails do not offer effective mental help,Heather is in Juvenile Hall for now ,this is where she needs to remain to recieve help she needs.
Heather is adopted, such as I am and My bm had mental illness.It took me 37 yrs to find this out and I"forgive"her for baby dumping and leaving some of us in the hospital and walking away.In my bm's mind she was right,without any mental help she suffered as well,My birthmother had ten kids or more.
I beg of you District Attorney Dumanis, don't turn your back on Heather,Give her a chance to lead a productive life and get the help she needs?
I believe heather never ment to hurt her mother,I believe she loved her very much,I believe her mental illness got in her way that awful day instead of heather being able to control it.Now while she can change,heather has the chance to get the help she needs and with five yrs in juvenile hall,possible house arrest and probation,continued mental health programs and counselling,I think Da,Dumanis you need to rethink her case and give her a chance,not pass judgement by saying"she can't be helped"she can.
Anybody who supports heather,pelase sign this petition to get ehr case back in juvenile courts, not adult courts as this dose not belong there.Help Heather achieve a normal life and support her on her needing help.

Some Statemnets:

It took Dumanis no time at all to conclude that 14-year-old Heather D'Aoust can't be rehabilitatedthat troubles us
Whether or not Heather is truly mentally ill and to what extent only complicates matters. Prosecutors spent only two days deciding how to handle her case and, as far as whats been said publicly, that decision didnt include any kind of psychiatric evaluation. Unless youve experienced mental illness firsthandyou, personally, or a friend or family memberits impossible to fully understand the extent to which the most severe forms of mental illness can take control of a persons behavior.
James DAoust is family to both the victim and the alleged perpetrator. His opinion matters a great deal to us, and hed like his daughter tried in juvenile court. He says Heather needs helpwhich, if the accusation against her is true, is obviousand the last place shes going to get it is in adult prison.
Dumanis appears to have been able to reach the conclusion that Heather is beyond rehabilitation in a mere 48 hours, which we find alarming. Dumanis owes it to Mr. DAoust to rescind her decision until a complete psychiatric evaluation is performed.

Letter To DA.Dumanis
In Support Of Heather D'Aoust.

Dear District Attorney Dumanis,

My Name Is Joanne.I am writting you on behalf of milliaons of adoptees including myself.
Heather D'Aoust dose not deserve for her case to be treated as an adult,it is unfair and unjust , until you hear it from an adoptees point of view ,I would hope you'd change your mind.
heather and I come from the same mold,adoption and while I may not know her or her family now,I am being a voice.My birthmother had mental illness, she had ten kids all together and dumped them because she didn't know what she was doing.In her mind she was right, she wondered streets of Ny,she was arrested two times once for giving a false name and once for carring her thyroid meds and vitamins which NYPD thought were drugs and instead of releasing her, she spent 21 days in jail because she didn't have bail.
When My parents whom were foster parents at the time took my feternial twin sister and I in, they were told the angecy didn't know the medical back round.For yrs my sister and I suffered minor things like a ankle that turned in or ear aches,as we got older thyroid conditions called goitas and then my sister acted out, not crimes just dumb teenager things.My parents couldn't understand why, she'd be with the wrong kind of people or fighting with me.
I did not learn of my Birthmothers mental illness till 37 yrs later due to non id,I found out my natural grandmother died of a skin disease which my sister has now called sarcodios,there is no cure for it and she can die,I also found out about my other siblings.
Mental illness comes from the family line, not because of adopotion.This is something angecies across america hide from adoptive families so the child will be adopted and never brought back, if a child has mental illness and the agency tells the adoptive parents adoption may never happen,so in their eyes they keep hush on mental illness, nice huh?Then whats worse is when someone dose something bad like kill someone nobody stops to think, no they "sterio type adopted" and boom thats why, thats so wrong,there are people who do things to do it and people who do things and don't relize they did it because mental illness got in the way, how cruel our justice system has gotten because they refuse to learn the truths on adoption and mental illness, they tuck it under the rug and hope it will go away,that wont' happen.
I'm not saying"what Heather did was right"I am saying give her a chance, locked up in a jail is so wrong, there is other ways of handling this case, adult jail and mental illness do not go hand and hand, i have read cases that the help there is not effective and no place for a young teenager.I believe she should be tried as a child, face five yrs in juvenile hall with an option to have probation/house arrest and counseling .It is unheard of in any state that where the child and or teen are not taken into consideration.heather I believe never ment to hurt her mother,I believe she never realized what she did until afterwards,I believe she loved her parents and never would of hurt anyone.
Heather and I also share birthdays one day apart, i am june 7th shes june 8th, how odd it is you come across a 41 yr old woman reaching out to help a soul mate and in return hope her words don't fall on deaf ears.
I plead with you take heathers condition into view, realize it wasn't her fault that mental illness which she can't control but will someday was in her way that awful day and she honestly in my heart never ment harm to her mother.I beg of you to look at adoption in a new light and relize it's not all the adoptees fault but the agencies as well and they should also be punished for withholding information from adoptive parents.
My parents said"if we knew now what we should of known then we would not of stopped loving you and would of never given you back".Thats alot of love same with the D'Aoust family as well.
replies to my letter:

Lynn, a Florida Adoptee said...
As I am also an adoptee - I have to agree with JoAnne 100\%. I also have a brother that was adopted 2 1/2 years prior to my adoption. He had the same adoptive parents I did - but he was in constant trouble all his life and to this day - at almost 60 years of age - he's nothing more than a beach bum, yet was afforded the very same lifestyle I was - I'm a retired professional and have never been in any trouble at all. My adoptive parents always said that my brother came from a "bad seed" and I came from a "good one".

What did I retire from - the SC Judicial System! This child should not go to trial as an adult as she is no where near being an adult. While she may be a teenager, she is still a child - and has several years before she can even be considered a "young adult" - much less an adult.

Yes, what she did was bad, but until they understand the reason she is the way she is - and find out her family medical history - they need to give her the help she needs as a child - not an adult!

Please sign this petition and support heather.

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