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On January 24, 1980 a group of investors headed by Nelson Doubleday and yourself purchased the New York Mets for approximately $21.1 million - the highest amount ever paid for an American professional sports franchise. As a result of this purchase, you became President and CEO of the NYM, but in 2002 you and your family bought Mr. Doubleday's shares in the organization and became the sole owner of the New York Mets.

Even though the Mets did win a World Series (1986) under your ownership, the success vs. failure ratio for a New York City team is abominable. For a large-market franchise with the resources of the Mets, it's unacceptable to win only one championship in 25 years.

Since the late 1980's, volumes of books could be written about all the incomprehensible and ridiculously stupid moves taken by the Mets' front office, spear-headed by you.


Managers & GMs:

Dallas Green (1993-1996)
-Compiled a 229-283 record during his hardly memorable stint in New York

Bobby Valentine (1996-2002)
-Was fired by the Mets before the 2003 season after completely losing control over the clubhouse, mishandling a marijuana-related controversy, and constantly feuding with the NY media

Art Howe (2003-2004)
-His 137-186 record was one of the worst in Mets history. Lou Pinella was available before the 2003 season and was the obvious choice for the Mets. Your unwillingness to part with Roberto Alomar (why?) cost you Lou Pinella

Steve Phillips (1997-2003)
-He orchestrated some of the worst trades in Mets history including deals for Bobby Bonilla, Jeff Kent, Mo Vaughn, Armando Benitez, Roberto Alomar, and Jeromy Burnitz
-(11/8/98) The Mets announce GM Steve Phillips will take a paid leave of absence while a threatened sexual-harassment lawsuit against him is resolved.


Trades For Worthless, Aging Veterans:

Trade of Octavio Dotel (Traded December 23, 1999 to the Houston Astros along w/ Roger Cedeno for Mike Hampton)
-Mike Hampton went 15-10 for the Mets, posting a 3.14 ERA. Not a bad season, but worth one of the Mets' best pitching prospects (Dotel who is now the Closer for Oakland), and Cedeno (who was actually decent the first time around with the Mets, swiping 66 bases in 1999)?

Trade of Melvin Mora (Traded July 28, 2002 to the Baltimore Orioles for SS Mike Bordick)
-Melvin Mora finished last season with the Orioles, posting 27 Home Runs, 104 RBI, and an astounding .340 average

The trades of Scott Kazmir, Ty Wigginton, Justin Huber, and Matt Peterson for an injured Victor Zambrano and soon-to-be free agent Kris Benson will go down as one of the worst trades in Mets history (and that's saying a lot).
-Kazmir was one of the Mets' best pitching prospects in many years and he was traded to the D'Rays for 29-year-old Zambrano whose best year consisted of a 12-10 record and a 4.21 ERA


Not-So-Successful Drafts:

-The 1994 drafting of Paul Wilson, Jason Isringhausen, & Bill Pulsipher (supposed to be your Big Three, will go down as one of the most miscalculated drafts in baseball history)

2000 #1 Pick:
William Traber (traded to the Indians in the deal for Roberto Alomar, he went 6-9, with a 5.24 ERA in his first season)

2001 #1 Pick:
Aaron Heilman (He is 3-10, with a 6.36 ERA in his first two seasons with the Mets.)

2002 #1 Pick
Scott Kazmir (dealt for Victor Zambrano in 2004 before he got a chance in the Mets' big-league rotation, he was probably the Mets' best pitching prospect of the last decade)

Just a few of the players who experienced unsuccessful stints as New York Mets over the last decade:

Armando Benitez (1999-2003)
-Was responsible for blowing Game 1 of the 2000 World Series, blew the Mets' play-off hopes in September, 2001 by way of a complete melt-down against the Atlanta Braves in a three-game series, and blew 4 consecutive Save Opportunities before being dealt to the Yankees in 2003

Bobby Bonilla (1992-1995, 1999)
-Was a complete disaster with the Mets, batting .160 his second time around

Jeromy Burnitz (1993-1994, 2002-2003)
-Constantly feuded with Manager Dallas Green during his first tour with the Mets and experienced one of the worst seasons in 2002, hitting only .215 with 54 RBI in a full season after being acquired from the Brewers

Roger Cedeno (1999, 2002-2003)
-Was successful with the Mets in 1999 but was allowed to come to Spring Training 20 pounds heavier in 2002, causing him to lose much of his speed (his only real attribute)

Vince Coleman (1991-1993)
-On March 3, 1992 a 31yearold woman accused Coleman of raping her (the charges were eventually dropped). On April 26, 1993 Dwight Gooden's shoulder was injured after he was struck by a golf club swung by teammate Vince Coleman. Following a July 24, 1993 game, Vince Coleman tossed a firecracker from his car, injuring two children and a woman. Coleman was later charged with a felony.

Rickey Henderson (1999-2000)
-Became well known in New York for his Poker Playing incident in which he was accused of playing cards with Bobby Bonilla in the Mets' clubhouse while the team was still playing an extra-inning play-off game.

Jeff Kent (1992-1996)
-Had a rough time dealing with Dallas Green, his time in New York will be easily forgotten

Kenny Rogers (1999)
-Blew Game 2 of the NLCS against the Braves by giving up a pair of Home Runs and later blew Game 7 of the same series by walking Andruw Jones on four pitches with the bases loaded

Roberto Alomar (2002-2003)
-A very odd situation, the Mets were duped into taking Former Future Hall-Of-Famer Alomar from the Indians who obviously knew something the Mets did not. He probably flushed his HOF career down the toilet with two excruciating years as a Met
-(9/27/96) After being ejected for arguing a strike call in the 1st inning of Baltimore's game against the Blue Jays, Orioles' 2B Roberto Alomar spit in the face of umpire John Hirschbeck who Alomar claimed provoked him. After the game, Alomar remarked, "I used to respect him a lot. He had problems with his family when his son diedI know that's something real tough in lifebut after that he just changed, personality-wise. He just got real bitter." When the ump heard about the remarks he charged into the Orioles locker room and had to be restrained by fellow ump Jim Joyce.

Mo Vaughn (2002-2003)
-He obviously had weight problems but the Mets refused to deal with them. His lack of ability and performance was certainly not worth $17 million per year

Cliff Floyd (2003-Present)
-Signed with the Mets after playing several injury-plagued seasons in a row with Florida, Montreal, and Boston. His vow to "run out every ground ball" was interrupted on several occasions by his numerous injuries. His recent comments about the futility of the Mets and his lack of inspiration make for yet another prize acquisition

Although you did not directly court many of the previously mentioned players, it was still under your supervision and through your ignorant involvement that Steve Phillips passed on Alex Rodriguez, entered the quest for Mike Mussina days too late, and Jim Duquette decided to insult Vlad Guerrero with an offer lower than Rey Ordonez's maturity level.

Regardless of what you may hear or believe, Mets fans will support a "rebuilding" team. Your constant misguided belief that NYC would not accept a young and developing team is absolutely wrong. Mets fans want to see progress, not a team with players like Mo Vaughn, Jeromy Burnitz, Armando Benitez, and Roberto Alomar, which moves backwards not forwards.

To compound the problem you have blamed anything and anyone -- from injuries to dead-beat managers and GMs. Take responsibility for putting this team (players, managers, coaches, scouts) together. Everything was ultimately your decision.

It was also a poor decision to give your son, Jeff Wilpon, a decent amount of responsibility in the organization since it appears he is just as ignorant as you.

The embarrassment of the New York Mets has gone on long enough. Please sell the franchise to someone who has enough sense not to get involved in day-to-day operations. Please save the Mets.

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