Please remove James Allen from the ITV F1 Commentary sign now

Dear Sir

This petition is drawn up in order to demonstrate to you the strength of feeling that is currently directed at one James Allen and to ask that he be sent out of the commentary box and back down to the pit lane where he belongs. The Australia F1 Grand Prix was yet another start to an F1 Grand Prix ruined by James Allens dumbed down, overexcited drowning.

While his ITV co-commentator Martin Brundle offers an insightful and considered view of the action, Allen does little more than shout the odds and endlessly speculates about possible pit-stop strategies. And now this season he gets to repeat the pit to car radio messages that we all get to hear. I hate to say that I miss Murray walker but at least his enthusiasm made up for his lack of understanding on what was going on

So Please ITV go back to the drawing bored and get a new anchor commentator and put us all out of our misery.

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Latest Signatures

  • 26 December 201550. Norman W
    James Rosental should be sacked as well
  • 20 December 201549. Malcolm K
    he is tghe single most embarising thing on tv
  • 14 November 201548. Paul M
    I support this petition
  • 11 November 201547. Anthony B
    Please get rid! I mute the volume and turn Radio 5 live on instead - Much better.
  • 19 August 201546. Steve K
    James Allen does not have the skills to be an F1 commentator - whenever he talks my mates and I groan
  • 17 July 201545. The Boyn
    Bring back someone more Murray Walker like, he knew what was going on on the track. Get rid of this ret@rd!
  • 01 July 201544. Mirea I
    I agree. James Allen shouldn't comment on F1 anymore!
  • 20 June 201543. Will P
    I support this petition
  • 17 June 201542. Ciaran L
    Hates Schumacher and makes no attempt to hide the fact.Consistently predicts his failure and consistently looks stupid when SCHUMI wins.Makes sad attempts at Murrayesque excitment and fails dismally.Brundle carries him.
  • 25 March 201541. Mike A
    I support this petition
  • 23 March 201540. Richard M
    james alens voice just sucks out a lot of the enjoyment that i have for my favourite sport, his voice and the way he talks just irritates the hell out of me and i end up shouting at the telly as he is such an idiot!! Pls do us all a favour and get rid of
  • 11 February 201539. Jermaine R
    I whole-heartedly agree with this petition, even given its erroneous spelling and grammar!
  • 16 January 201538. Andy S
    Allen OUT! We no longer want to hear him pontificate about Jenson Button for another full F1 season!
  • 09 November 201437. Darren B
    get john watson for the love of god, James Allen is crap if i hear that stupid False laugh again i will scream hahaha
  • 29 September 201436. Chris Dalton
    I support this petition
  • 06 August 201435. K M
  • 27 July 201434. Sophie Payne
    Don't even let him back in the pits, go away James
  • 07 May 201433. R C
    Get rid of the truly cretinous James Allen !
  • 29 March 201432. James H
    He's bloody awful!
  • 28 January 201431. Ben Fm
    James Allen should go back to what he's good at, the Pit-Lane reporting. Bring in Ben Edwards as Martin Brundles Co-Partner! Now that would be good! =D
  • 14 January 201430. Mike B
  • 09 January 201429. Darren A
    James Allen is a fekin headbuster. He was alrite in the pits cos that is what he is at commentating,the pits.Cant u get Murray to commentate from his home or where ever he is at the time of the race.
  • 30 October 201328. John B
    Rarely adds anything - most are either pointless drivel, statements of the flippin' obvious, or personal views on a par with what I can get in the pub. Why do these people think they have to fill every second with babble?
  • 24 October 201327. Craig W
    Please get rid of him; someone like Ben Edwards, or by the guy who does touring cars on the BBC. Anyone but Allen!!
  • 13 September 201326. Jamie N
    Unfortunatley he's just not up to the job, just listen to radio 5 to hear how it should be done
  • 26 July 201325. Roy L
    Most importantly, Brundle has the respect of the drivers and team bosses, as did Walker before him, and can therefore gain access and insight beyond speculation. Allen commands and enjoys nobody's respect and is left flailing in supposition at a level tha
  • 16 July 201324. Julian B
    I would like to add , i believe Murray Walker Knew exactly what was going on in a race, he was just very passionate and as excited by racing at the end of his career as he was at the begining

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