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GunZ The Duel: International Edition ( has been in open beta since May of 2005. Since then Japanese, Indian, and Philippine versions have been sponsored by corporations and companies within their respective countries, and before the International Edition, there was already a thriving Korean Edition.

GunZ is created by a small private company called MAIET, devoid of much (if any) serious funding except for this sole game, which they gain money from by providing it in local versions for other countries. International GunZ is most likely a market ploy, designed to capture international companies' interest so that they might purchase local editions for their own country.

The people of North America (particularly the USA) and Europe, arguably the most populous groups in International GunZ, have yet to hear any whispers of a company buying GunZ for local provisions.

At its core, GunZ is a simple, flawed, multiplayer, online, free game. Within the first couple of weeks that someone might play, they may get increasingly bored with its repetetive gameplay, and may quit, or they may discover the "Advanced Techniques." Whether or not it was intended, a series of glitches that existed in the current version allow for a highly complicated and advanced set of "moves" to be performed. Central around the fact that a sword's slash can cancel out any jump or movement but keep you moving in the air from the jump, in addition to the wall jumps and wall runs that Maiet integrated into the game, the players of GunZ can practice and become accustomed to this insanely fast, flying, movement of gameplay.

Unlike many games today, in order to even become mediocre at these motions, it requires PRACTICE. GunZ is of a dying breed. It is a game that has been, for the most part, ignored by larger companies because of the shallow appearance it has at first. It has a limited selection of armor, swords, guns, and other weapons, but remember it is free. Without investigating the "advanced movements," the game even has a very limited variety of movements, the most elaborate of which include flinging someone into the air, "charging" your sword up and hitting someone, or tumbling to the side then running on a wall.

The local service editions, such as those in Japan and Korea, have many more clothing and weapons, called "premium items." These cost real money, but are cheap enough to provide many players access to them, and so a constant flow of cash into the local service's company is clearly evident.

I do not believe that companies realize the opprotunity that they have here. If a funded corporation sponsored GunZ locally in America or Europe, and was able to provide real advertisement and provide premium items, GunZ could become incredibly popular in these places, just as it has in Korea and Japan.

By word of mouth only, there are already well over tens of thousands of players who have signed up for the game, and many of who have said that they would gladly pay for premium items.

If companies see this, and then look at GunZ, please remember not to judge a book on its cover. Delve into the game, observe the clans, look at EACH SERVER (server 3 has the most "advanced players), watch the replays in the Replay section of the forums (already there are tons of movies done using the GunZ's built-in recording and various programs such as the Windows Video Maker or After Effects.) See the hype.

International GunZ is a marketing scheme, and likely will never be released in a full edition -- this is an attempt for MAIET's scheme to work.

This petition is a signing sheet for those supporting the adoption of GunZ in their own countries. Hyperlinks to this petition will eventually be sent to various companies, urging the local adoptions of GunZ.

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