Petition to remove Frank the Goat as official Live Journal President, and hold an official Election to have him replaced sign now, from the internet, has been a long standing pinnacle of excellence on the Internet.

While Frank the Goat has been an unbelievable mascot for us in the past, LiveJournal.Com is evolving. We are moving into an era where we have more members that Frank can associate and communicate with, mostly due to being a Goat.

Goats are very useful animals; they provide milk, meat, and useful satchel space. As well as eating all of the leftover cans we are too lazy to recycle. Lately though, the world has changed dramatically. We have entered into a shocking new time where Goats and other farm animals cannot properly lead us into a new tomorrow; we need newer and stronger internet leadership. The internet figurehead of the past has had his chance.

The has spun out of control while Frank the Goat lounges lazily in his decadent pen chewing away on cans and cud. An active internet participant is desperately needed.

We, the undersigned below, are petitioning Brad Fitzpatrick of, from the internet, to replace the outdated leader from long ago. A new mythos is needed to lead this site into the twenty-first century. The old ways can help us no longer; the internet has carried us into a new shocking and fearful realm. This new dangerous era is hovering on the brink of internet disaster. We need a new leader in these scary days.

In the past we sat idly by while bandwidth was stolen and drama was spread widely throughout the internet with no disregard for humor or understanding. The Goat, a strong Pagan symbol, has never climbed down from his marble throne to assist the internet peasants in their day to day lives. We sweat and toil, barely able to lift ourselves out of dial-up and unpaid accounts, meanwhile Frank lounges upon his emerald isle munching cans of golden splendor.

The internet demands a new leader. We stand divided, spread throughout wires and nodes, ISP?s and URL?s, lost within the ether, aching and crying out for joint passion and purpose.

A group has already begun the process needed to enact change. LJers4President has started a controversial movement to elect the new president of The Live Journal. The cause is just, the desire is merely to be heard and acknowledged as internet human beings.

Our goal is simply to enact an icon that the masses can stand behind. The Goat should fall, and a democratically elected human being from the internet should take his place. We will no longer stand divided behind the fuzzy pagan derriere of this can chewing, inactive participant of the internet.

Please help us to enact the newest symbol of leadership for the 716th most popular site on the internet.

Upon the completion of a democratic election for new Live Journal President, we the undersigned, petition Brad Fitzpatrick of, to remove the old goat, and put in place the new rightful figure head of LJ.
We do not wish to control livejournal, we only wish to be represented by an internet human being.

The final image will be created by the winner of the Oct. 31st Election, and Posted on ljers4president community on November 2nd.

Postscript: If you will not be moved to put Frank the Goat out to pasture where he belongs, please on consider as a nod to democracy the replacement of Franks icon with that of our legitimately elected President for the day of November 2, 2004. We promise to submit for your approval an appropriate icon.

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