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We understand that the weekly columnist, Jonathan David Morris, has recently finished writing a novel. As supporters of this writer's work, we, the Undersigned, want you to know we believe his book should be published.

JDM has already proven he can build a global audience. His fans can be found at home in the U.S., or in places abroad like Germany. There's a reason he's established such an avid fan base, and that's because his columns have entertained and enlightened us consistently for years.

There is no doubt that his first work of fiction will do exactly the same. We believe that, should this book be published, it will garner widespread appeal.

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Latest Signatures

  • 13 November 2015100. William S
    publish johns book. its good
  • 07 November 201599. Lisa M
    I would love to see Jonathan's book in the stores. I can't wait to buy a copy and read it myself!
  • 30 September 201598. Kris Z
    Publish the it
  • 25 September 201597. Randy T
    I support JDM's novel.
  • 24 August 201596. Nathan G
    great writer.
  • 22 July 201595. Mary T
    Excellent Reading
  • 07 June 201594. Dave G
    Jonathan Morris is an excellent writer with very interesting ideas who should be able to get his book out for the entire world to view.
  • 19 February 201593. Jacob Me
    It would be in everyone's best interest to allow this here book to be published. Thank you.
  • 09 February 201592. Marcy G
    way better than so many danielle steele books that get published just because! publish this instead!
  • 24 January 201591. Karl B
    johnathan has captivated people with his collums and now will do the same with this book
  • 23 December 201490. Patrick M
    I want to read the thoughts of JDM
  • 15 November 201489. Steve B
    Still Waiting for the Book!!!!
  • 25 October 201488. James B
    JDM is like a political Bill Simmons.
  • 10 October 201487. Patrick H
    Have been a big fan ever since I discovered JDM a year or so ago. I am always forwarding his insightful, intelligent, and hilarious articles to friends, family, and co-workers.
  • 02 July 201486. Claire M
    Go JMD!
  • 22 June 201485. Jon S
    uhhh.. .publish it
  • 30 April 201484. Jesse S
  • 31 December 201383. Marbeth W
    Please publish this novel.
  • 08 October 201382. Penny Bolton
    JDM is a very insightful, articulate, witty and just -plain- clever- with- words writer. He is an amazing writer and I am looking forward to reading his book. Congratulations. JDM!
  • 25 September 201381. Veronica M
    Mr. Morris is a fine young writer with a good future
  • 05 June 201380. Harry R
    Why not?
  • 23 April 201379. Julius S
    JDM is an excellent writer, with a wide and veried fan base that will be sure to buy his book. Let's see, there's me, his mother, his wife, his cat, and some guy in Germany. Hay - that's five books anyway.
  • 22 March 201378. Juanita G
    The time has come for JDM to be exposed to the rest of the reading world. He possesses the gift of painting pictures with his writing and clever wit. It would be a travesty to have his genius remain with only the ones who have discovered him!
  • 19 February 201377. Patrick Jc
    I have read some of Jonathan's other work and it was great. I can't wait to read his first (of many I hope) novels.
  • 29 January 201376. Lesley B
    Please publish this book!!!!
  • 28 January 201375. Edward Z
    Publish this man! He is a phenominal writer with a strong following! Give the man the chance that he so richly deserves and you will be the person that can one day, when JDM is a massive writing star, say that you gave that guy his shot!
  • 21 December 201274. Michelle G
    You need to publish this book. I have avidly been following Jonathan's column for a few years. It is entertaining and I was highly disappointed that he took a hiatus from writing it. However, I forgive him because I am eagerly waiting to read his first no

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