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We, the undersigned, are appalled that certain faiths are getting a pass from beeing critisized, whilst said faiths can critisize other beliefs and especially faithless philosophies and views with impugnity!

Recently, Danish cartoonists drew some cartoons poking fun at the Islams self-proclaimed Prophet Mohammed, the response from the Muslism world was filled with violence and a call for free-speech/expression to be curbed and was not reasonably critical, just violence and threats! The moderate Islamics were more reasonable of course, but as usual their condemnation of the violence and bullying of their fundamentalist counter-parts across the globe was minimal compared to what it should've been, whilst their critisisms of the non-violent free speech/expression advocates was more explicit!

Given what has happenned, many of us feel that it is more important than ever to preserve freedom of speech and expression in the western world, and not cave into the bullying tactics of Fundamentalists{whether they be Islamic,Christian, or otherwise}.

We,the undersigned, are appalled that faith is given a free pass and such heavy protection{as if one is born with their faith like they are born their race}whilst those of these faiths are free to critisize all other beliefs{even many sects of their own},and their so-called "holy" books say some of the most offensive things about "heretics" and "apostates" and also about EVERYONE that is of any other belief or non-belief! The Bible and Quran are very rude in their condemations of others,rude and violent. They are books filled with absurdities and cruelties!

All kinds of torture and abuse,war crimes, ethical absurdities,cruelities,genocide,sex crimes,infanticide,torture,etc, are advocated in the Bible and even often commanded by the deity therein! The Quran is not much better, and it prophet is known to have desired a baby girl and then married her while she was still a young girl and had sex with her before she was even in/done puberty when he was in his 50's, he is known to have raped and pillaged people{just like the Terrorist thugs today}!

The two afforementioned "holy' books, along with the Tanakh, are incredibly prejudiced and hateful and rude even towards the faiths/religions that existed during their time, and imply the same rudeness and prejudice towards all future non-monotheistic beliefs and also towards the other monotheiestic beliefs. The laws in these books against the worship of other gods or no gods are cruel and violent; they are especially harsh towards pagan beliefs,faithless philosophies,and apostates/heretics. They are filled with cruelty and absurdity! {also includes a skeptic annotated Quran link}

The above are a few sites that highlight the cruelties and hypocrisies in the books of Christianity and Islam.

Of course, there are other absolutist faiths that also contain holy books or doctrines, or commands from their deities,that are inhumane and hypocritical. But I highlight two of the most propogated as "good books","holy books", "books of good moral teachings{or theology}",etc, and yet are the exact opposite of what they are claimed to be; though containing "some" useful or beautiful poetry or "some" good humane teachings, the cruel,inhumane,hypocritical parts are more prevalent therein!

We,the undersigned, are tired of faiths calling the faithless "evil"',"sinful",and worse. Why is it that absolutist faiths{especially monotheistic ones} are free to be critical and insulting to EVERYONE and EVERY belief/unbelief that exists? But they are, because of "political correction" and a false understanding of "religious tolerance" made into taboos to be critisized,challenged, and even blasphemed?{"blasphemy" is relative, a follower of Islam or Christianity for example is blapsheming the other faith and deity and variuosother religions; faiths routinely blaspheme the values of the faithless, and their holy books are based on such insult}.

We,the undersigned, request that the freedom to critisize,challenge, and even poke fun at or blaspheme religions and faiths, and to slaughter{metaphorically speaking} sacred cows, including our own religions/faiths/philosophies/or unbeliefs{that's right, we all need to have a better sense of humour, we all need to not take ourselves so seriuosly; self-deprecation can at times be veyr healthy and therapuetic}.
What natural law, what logical law makes faiths and religions so sacred that they cannot be treated thus? Yes, freedom of belief and religion is a human right, is freedom to openly critisize and challenge and even poke fun at or blaspheme said religions.
Why is it that faiths based on ancient moral prejudices and theologies/myths which have little to nothing to support them today are given this free pass. Why is that blind faith is given such privelage whilst reason and evidences are ignored and allowed to be demonized to preserve peoples fanasties and religious sensibilties and unfounded moral prejudices and theologies?

Journalist Christopher Hitchens said it well when he wrote "What can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence"

Atheists,Agnostics,Deists,Pantheists,Universists, and other rationalists are daily assaulted by faith based religions, and are constantly demonized by the faithful of absolutist{favoured,given privelage due to longevity of propogation} religions and their so-called "holy" books. However, this is the right of the faithful to do so, but it is also the right of the faithless to do the same to faith-based religions without beeing bullied by powerful,wealthy, groups of peopleof absolutist faiths that would tell us what we can and cannot say{or how we can or cannot live our lives in the free-world}. Enough is enough!!!

Nothing is exempt from critizism, not the faiths or the faithless. This also means that if a belief or unbelief is unfounded,without evidence or reason to back it up but the belief itself,itself prejudiced,irrational and the cause of irrational fear and excess guilt without just cuase of evidence but mere bias or superstition; it should be not only challenged, but thoroughly ridiculed verbally or ideologically and not given exemption due to beeing a sacred cow! No one is advocating for not allowing people to believe whatever they wish or for not beeing allowed to openly share those beliefs, just that those beliefs should be able to be challenged and even ridiculed if unfounded or contrary to evidences or sound logic. I, The author of this petition am proud to be an iconoclast -even of my my own chosen philosophies and religious paths that I adhere to or those that I'm not a part of but support. No belief or unbelief should go unchallenged, and if a belief cannot stand up to evidences and sound logic-it is the right of people to critisize and even ridicule those beliefs.

Fundamentalists of all absolutist faiths want to take this democratic liberty from us{a liberty we demand to have, so long as we do it non-violnetly and do not act unduly prejudiced towards people of the faiths or beliefs or unbeliefs we mock}, as do politically correct people not of said faiths or even of any faith per-se! Blasphemy{in the authors and many others opinions} is a victimless crime and as fundamental a human right as believing in whatever one wants to believe in theologically.

Right now, our liberty and right is beeing threataned, and we call upon the gov't of the free world to protect our right to critisize,challenge,poke fun at and even blatantly blaspheme any and all beliefs or unbeliefs as we see fit! it's not like people are BORN their belief like they are BORN their race, beliefs are chosen{or indoctrined into people}and can be altered at will. Hence, they are not free from criticism or mockery if unfounded, irrational, prejudiced, or absolutist.
Please don't let absolutist thugs and bullies take this freedom of speech and expression away from individuals,groups,journalists,cartoonists,anyone. It is a fundamental human right,just as it is a fundamental human right to believe something{even if it is irrational or absurd}.

We have seen faith{or more specifically "absolutist" faith} treated to special privelages that "reason" is not treated to for far too long. We have seen them vitimize each other, other sects of their own religions, and others for too long. Why beliefs that are especially and without any logical or scientific evidence to back up their biases, whom particularly demonize pagans and faithless people, which are monotheistic and demonize every other perception of the divine or of the cosmic, are given free reign to believe and say such and do such; and to propogate so-called "holy" books which do so, while those of reason which critisize their repressions, oppressions, and hypocrisies are not treated to equal considerations confounds us?

We, the undersigned, say freedom of belief and unbelief! We also demand that our human and legal right to critisize and blaspheme and not have those rights taken from us because of violent or whiny thugs and theocrats, be protected.

This petition is not "just" an attack on people of faith. Though it is aon "absolutist" faiths. The undersighned may be faithless people or people of open minded and comfortable enough faith to allow that theirs and others faiths{or non-faiths} to be critisized, challenged, mocked, blasphemed, and ridiculed if unfounded or irrational and prejudiced inherrently.

Lets not let fundamentalists and politically correct bleeding hearts take our rights away from us{and in the case of the "politically correct" -they usually know little or nothing about the religions and adherents they are defending and protecting, they just jump on this utopian and naeive bandwagon mindlessly}! Religious Tolerance is all fine and well and should be encouraged and religious freedoms protected, but what logic is there in beeing tolerant to beliefs and faiths that are themselves at their core{as commanded by their deities} intolerant and prejudiced. The very people beeing defneded would take away your freedom if given the opportunity. Don't buy the rhetoric and politically correct hype friends! Of course, even though they threatan our existence as a species, they have the right to believe such{until it infringes on our rights; which as we've seen happen far too often, and recently, IS what is happening. They expect that they are the faiths and values be given special privelages}!

We, the undersigned, request once again that this liberty be protected.

Thank you.
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