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Hi to the Panamanian and the American people!

Here, I'm transmitting a message.:

A private school in Panama City, Republic of Panama, El Instituto Pedagogico de Las Cumbres, located in the settlement of Las Lajas, passing the Republica Arabe de Egipto School to the interior of the settlement, is accussed of several abuses to students, ranging from unfair student punishment to precary studying conditions, that and the fact that several of the school teachers torture personally some students and treat them in a way that resembles the "Magister Dixit" doctrine, where no student opinion exists, no elective classes exist, and the school was also accussed before of sending dirty, earthy water to the cafeteria to drink, which not only caused several cases of Common Cold and Typhoid Fever, but also caused several other problems, the classrooms are always with dirty chairs, students often draw in them, but after just one weekend, it still continues the same. Also, the school does not take responsability in the student needs by being located in a hill, but does not take considerations in people with special needs, also, the whole educational apparatus is problematic, as it takes most students in a designed agenda which is not only sometimes hard to accomplish, but also makes problematic for some students to score good grades.

One of the teachers, called Anel Henriquez, which teaches Computing (Not to be confused with typing) has mistreated all the school students, specially those ones who try to implement an opposition in the school, or who oppose the Headmaster's elections, which are sometimes RECKLESS, I and a group compossed of 10 students have lately come rally and have been formulating the largest student Rebellion in the history of Latin America, however, we know its harmfull for other persons, we would like ANYONE to sign this petition for the school's teacher apparatus to be changed and reformed, not only this school's one, but also the whole country's educational system and take changes towards the American or British education systems, and a more liberal education, without abuses, with elective, open classes where students decide some options, with better and more "fair" student service, and with more complete medical facilities as well as with a healthier food programme, I'm student from the school, and I need to say it, the school's headmaster, Carmen de Paz, is like Fidel Castro in Cuba and is transforming the school in a place like Cuba, where no opinion exists.

I can smell and see the glory of the future, Well appointed Uniforms, a complete musical band, articulated and equipped classrooms, Healthier food, a medical shop (Nursery), a preferential treat for those ones with discapacities, a better treatment for students as a whole, respect for its decisions and elections, making them slowly become more independent, give them the privilege of voting for a class president, cheerleading team, elective classes and agendas. That's the bright future I wish for my country, my people, my friends. The Students of Republic of Panama.

I speak Spanish as a primary language, but I didn't learned English at that school, I learned English by myself and with the help of American friends which taught me how to speak the Lingua Franca of the Anglo Saxon world. A world I would like to be in.

Insurgents against Student Abuse (Spanish: Sistema de Regulaciуn de Reglas.)
[SRS Panamб, Ltda.]

I'm the leader of this great organization which corrects minor abuse with dialogue and not with violence, but if a fight ensues, we'll make use of brute force and send the aggressor to the Justice of the local police.

The Leader of this Organization.:

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