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To Whom it May Corcern,

This is a PETITION, a friendly petition, not one to throw a punch or any type of violent act of disrespect toward Paltalk, or its creators or Founders.
We have All Banded together to ask one simple question. Why is there not a Paltalk sponsered room for the gay community? we feel that a room for the gay,bisexual,lesbian,and transgender community wuold be beneficial in many ways. it would reduce discrimination against us in normal user owned chatrooms, do you know how many times we get the bounce or banned because people do not accept us for who we are? We deserve 100\% of the same amount of Respect as any other class of people gets upon entering paltalk. Sadly, we dont receive it.

I think as a person that when it comes to identifying what gender issue is causing some major conflict in one's life and not being able to discuss what the issue is due to feeling like no one cares nor wants to hear what the problem is. People all over the world in today's society and life have alot of common issues and ways how to face the real truth about who they are and what they want in life. Why can't the community of paltalk see the real truth that it is time to change things and make a difference for a first time. It would show everyone that not just adult rooms and teen rooms, radio rooms, game rooms are the only topics to be placed on paltalk. We need a difference made in all of our lives and a huge impact made. Lets show paltalk that we can come together as a community and be able to show our support and help the gay and lesbian with their gender issues and finding ways to bring out who they truly are.

The community of friends would like to ask paltalk to put up a room for gays and lesbian community.I think it would do the gay/lesbian community alot of good in alot of ways.It would be an outreach for those who are in need of help identifying their problem or issue in their life. Being able to be a mentor or community guidance to help solve any issues or problems per session would be a change in todays society and government. I think it would help bring out their true self in ways that others can deal with and accept.It has been a really hard time trying to focus on what is important in todays society as a community.We as a community of people want to feel safe asking questions and learning about what is natural in life and identifying their gender with out being judged, mocked, belittled, pushed to the side because paltalk does not want to condone to such things as that.I think that as of a community we should take a stand and let our voices be heard loud and proud. We have sat here and listened to all of you how you judge us by saying that we are bad people and only come on here for certain things. That is not the reason.We want to build a safe and reasonable community to where we can come together as a community and build a safe place to make friends and use it as a counseling room for those who have gender issues.

The gay community as been activily fighting for our rights since the late 1800s. we still fight for our rights this very day. we choose to fight because we feel that that Laws that govern equal rights and equality, should be inforced more heavily, we are people too. the gay community consists of many men and women.

Statistics shows:

1 in 10 people - are gay bisexual or lesbian.

current world population according to world bank on June 18th 12:24AM CST - is 6,697,254,041

Divide that by ten - 669,725,404 people are bi gay or les

thats twice the twice of the entire US population.

the current us popoulation according to the US Census bureau on June 18th at 12:28AM CST is - 307,006,550.

Thats a pretty big community is it not? Not only is our community Large, our words are those of many. we expect for our words to be taken with the utmost sincerity, as anyone elses freedom of speech would be heard.

If we were to have this Room granted to us, and we hope that we shall, We would want Responsible People appointed as Room Staff, those who could uphold the rules, and keep the room peaceful. we would like to keep this room R or A rated for security purposes. reasoning being that having adults mixed with minors can cause security risks resulting in potential lawsuits against paltalk, which we all would love to avoid.

The Gay Community comes before you Paltalk, asking you of this Very Large Favor. to Allow and Grant a Paltalk Sponsered Room for the Gay community to feel 100\% comfortable in, and to connect with others in our shoes. we dont come to you as a angry mob, we come as paltalk users, friends, family, mothers, fathers, activists, friends of those in the gay community, and so many other classes of people, who feel this is crucial to Paltalk. Please, Respect this petition as you would any other. Please feel free to contact this Petitions Makers, Breeanna at 417-655-1228 or Rita at 817-879-6021

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