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This petition is from various students of South Island School concerning a lot of complaints about our school.
The complaints consist of the schools sporting emphasis which we believe is very low compared to all the other ESF schools.
There are a lot of aspiring athletes at S.I.S but we are becoming frustrated because of our schools constant tendencies to put sport aside.
It all started in 2004 when the school stopped giving awards to students for inter-house events. These awards consisted of inter-house x-country 1st, 2nd and 3rd medals for each year and medals for the best participant (boy and girl) for inter-house athletics and inter-house swimming. There were also medals given for inter-house athletics and swimming grade records.
The awards faded away and this is very unfair and demoralizing for students to give awards and then to suddenly stop them.
Our school council has actually been discussing how to boost up house spirit within the school. The simple answer is that because no awards at all are given and because the awards were so good before, no-one is bothered anymore and a lot of people are de-motivated.
But for some reason, our complaints are simply not being listened to within the school. People have written a considerable amount of letters to student council. The one good thing however that came out of our letters was that last year the school introduced a sports awards evening. But inter-house awards are still non-existent which is dissatisfying.
Parents have also complained in the past but nothing has been done about any of the complaints.
We know that other ESF schools give awards for inter-house events, for example, Island School who are an excellent example of a school that considers sport to be a very important part of school. Island school gives out a lot of trophies, ribbons etc. and this probably why they are now in division 1 for athletics.
The current state of our schools inter-house school records is much undated. None of the records have been updated which means that peoples hard work are not getting recognized. If record sheets are lost, they could ask the students to send them in because many remember or record their times.
A lot of students have been complaining about this for many years and its about time that something was done about it. Otherwise, the people in South Island School who go on to become athletes will have a lot to say about South Island School later on.

There is also the major concern that our school doesnt really appreciate the sporting achievements of our students concerning inter-school events as well. This is because, since the year 2005, the school stopped presenting inter-school awards in assemblies but continued to honor academic achievements only. We believe that sporting achievements should have the same rights as mathematics or English competition results to be allowed to be presented to the whole school. If school athletes win medals in inter-school events, they deserve to have their achievements showcased to the rest of the school.
P.E teachers within the school have also previously verbally promised us that they would present HKSSF medals in assembly but we waited for about 4 months and at the end of the school year, they just asked us to collect them in the school sports hall. We think that teachers are setting a bad example if they promise us things but dont follow through with their promise.
Also concerning inter-school events, South Island School is currently the only school that doesnt feature students names on the back of team kits. Even local schools have these so S.I.S should be more than capable of affording it. This gives out a bad image for our school in terms of sporting motivation. Our school should be proud of each person that represents the school in each team and putting names at the back shows this.
Were also very concerned about the competition clashes that our school has. Our schools focus week has been placed within the date of the most important x-country country inter-school competition - HKSSF. Because of this, many of the best runners are not able to compete and this will probably result in our school not winning anything and getting demoted. This is disheartening for enthusiastic competitors and allows for an unneeded competitor advantage. We would really appreciate it if the next competitions were not clash with any school events for the next school year.
And lastly, we have recently been faced with a major problem concerning inter-house athletics being over-written by academics. We understand that academics are important but we need sporting events so that we can take a break from academic work.
Recently, we have learnt that year 11 13s will NOT be participating the usual whole school athletics day. For the year 11s, it was because of mocks, which many year 11s actually wanted to be pulled forward or back a couple of dates but the school feels that it is inadequate to do so for some reason.
Our school athletics finals day is usually before the end of term, a few days before Christmas. But this year, the school was not quick enough to book Sandy Bay and therefore now has the date booked for December the 9th.
Concerning year12s and year 13s, they had what was supposed to be their heats today (November the 7th) but it was actually their finals day. Because of this, many students are extremely upset because the P.E teachers did not tell all of them that it was their finals day and not heats. This resulted in serious athletic enthusiasts conserving energy with the thought that it was only their heats. The school heats program also said that it was heats and only two events were written to be straight finals.
We feel that this is an extremely disappointing miss-communication and we feel that the fact that we arent able to compete on the finals day it ridiculous. It doesnt seem fair to have a year 7-year 10 finals days while year 12s and year 13s have to go to school.
The finals day should be a day that is designed to bring the whole school together. We only have two whole school events through-out the school year and we did have inter-house swimming this year. So it seems a bit unfair that we dont have the whole school for the inter-house athletics finals.
We have spoken with some of the teachers and they have come up with the issue that within our school, we have missed too many week twos because of holidays. However, we think that other options could have been considered such as changing the athletics date to after Christmas and adding in other week two instead of week one. Also, the athletics finals day is only for one day and senior section students are more than capable of revising after the athletics day is over.

So, we would really appreciate it if these complaints could be solved once and for all. Our school is not really helping us so we would really be grateful if the ESF could do something about it. Thank you for taking the time to read our petition.

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