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Dear Brothers, Assalaam Alykum
For some time we have been seeing several major concerns with this ECs actions. Briefly, we can say that they have serious Accountability, transparency, and credibility problems. You will see a partial list of those concerns in the attached pages. We have been trying to work directly with the EC for quite some time, and requesting them to observe NAMCC Constitution diligently. But their compliance does not seem to be forthcoming. It seems their perception is that once elected, they have the absolute authority and power to do anything as they wish and no consistency is required in their decisions, and policies. They take the complaints of inconsistencies and Constitutional violations lightly and try to either completely ignore the requests, or malign names somehow, or try to silence the complainants. Sometimes they do not even fully inform their own actions to the entire EC body. Some EC members either find out through outside sources, or get the information after the fact.
This is not right. This is a bad precedent. No organization can operate and survive, for long, without a system of checks and balances. Nowhere is there a democratic organization that does not allow a freedom of speech and scrutiny of its actions.
As per the NAMCC Constitution, this EC is required to schedule an end of the year GA meeting of NAMCC members, to report their past years accomplishments, next years plans, an audited financial report, and face members scrutiny. Several weeks in 2009 have already passed, the EC has not called any GA meeting.
We are making an appeal to you, as a member, to make this a strong demand from the entire community to the EC to comply with this requirement. The organization is funded by community resources, and the community has a right to know. If the right is denied, the resources can be curtailed, the EC can be recalled for violation of the Constitution, and other legal instruments can be used. That will not be a pleasant route for anyone.
Please consider joining this effort.

Concerned NAMCC members

We the undersigned NAMCC members request the EC to hold its annual GA meeting as required by Constitution:
Present its past performance, future plans, audited financial report, and
Answer any question to the community providing complete transparency of its actions.
Explain sending Hafiz Abdul Wahab to prison after the matter was settled on mutual terms
Explain intimidation of members on false accusations, through an attorney.
Explain why membership enrollment was extended after it was closed once to violate the constitution

The outstanding questions that have been raised are given in detail below for those interested in reading them

Major concerns with the current NAMCC EC

The main issue in the list below is that of transparency, accountability and Credibility by a select few in the EC. They seem to give the perception that once elected, they can commit any irregular activity as justifiable. They seem to give the perception that they dont have to share any information or rationale regarding their actions with the community or even with those outside the select few in EC. This is totally wrong. The Constitution requires both transparency and accountability. Any deliberate non-compliance is an offense. If done by mistake, corrective action must be taken immediately after realization.
Whenever we (or some of us) have a meeting with NAMCC EC (I suggest full EC, not just a few, so we can get to hear other EC members statements as well), we should press for five (5) things:

1. Direct to the point answers to each of the questions, without sidetracking the issue. Their answers must not be based on hearsay, but simple straight facts.

2. A public acknowledgment of the EC response to clear the cloud of credibility to the entire community. This is just not for us few.

3. If Elections were proven to be rigged, then new elections are to be held, as soon as possible. The newly elected candidates, in the recently held election, can still run for office. But those from the existing EC, who were part of the rigging, should not be allowed to run in the new election. Term for newly elected EC members should still be December 2010. There should be an orderly transition plan, from the old to the new.

4. Whoever was wrongly charged in the Attorney letter, should receive a written apology and be compensated for any reasonable cost that the accused might have incurred unnecessarily not from NAMCC funds, but from the personal funds of the instigators.

5. A signed written commitment of compliance with the Constitution, in the future, reporting to a neutral oversight committee of 3 trusted individuals (to be decided by mutual consultation).
There are two categories of lapses. One category is of those lapses that are still open. And the other category is of those lapses that had occurred in the past, but we like to see them not repeated if similar situations arise.

1. Explain why membership enrollment was extended past September 30? One reason given was popular demand. Constitutional rules and procedures do not have any provision for popular demand. Usually, last minute extensions smack of an intent to affect the outcome. In other words that is called rigging, and makes the outcome illegal. Can you provide a list of those additions? Can you produce evidence that new members meet all the membership qualifications? Can you produce their ballots to verify if the votes were not slanted? The ballots are to be given to an impartial investigative body, before they are destroyed to get to the facts. Or, a new election is conducted free and clean.

2. Not all EC vacancies were filled timely in 2008, to keep it a full 7-member team as required by the Constitution? One position was still open (in 2008). Explain the reasons why?

3. Explain why a group of 2-3 individuals make a majority of the decisions, without consulting the others or even informing the others after the fact. Case in point: Br. Munir Khan (an EC member) is an elected trustee, who is currently working out of town, but visits Austin on weekends. He has not been informed of many decisions in a long time. Why his name has been removed from EC group list. His request to contact him on the cell phone for decision-making was completely ignored. His request to schedule some meetings on week-ends, has been ignored with no reasons given to him. Br. Asim Humayun (another EC member) was excluded from many decisions.

4. The construction of the underground parking lot was not approved by the community. Explain if City approval was taken before digging the ground for parking lot? How much was already spent on digging, and how much more is required to complete? What would happen if it is not approved? Was a cost benefit analysis done to justify the expense? What other alternatives were considered before deciding to go this most expensive way. Was any input taken from the community to go ahead without city approval? Why do you expect the community to pay for it?

5. Explain why HAPP information (structure, rules of operation, members, finances, limits of operations) was not shared with a NAMCC member (Syed Elias) in more than a couple of month after the request was made. Was that a deliberate effort to conceal? And why? Why is it a general mode of operation, adopted by the few (2-3) in EC, to conceal public information on NAMCC affairs from the general membership, even after repeated request?

6. Explain why four members of NAMCC were targeted with false allegations, through an Attorney? Was it to affect the outcome of the elections? That is one more reason to null and void the elections. Explain who paid for the attorney fee NAMCC or any individual in EC from his own personal funds? If it is from community funds, it is a violation of members trust, especially when the charges are false. Did you get any authorization from the community to enter into such actions? Who is going to pay additional attorney expenses if the matter goes to court? We hope that it is not from community funds, and stated as such publicly in very clear terms. If the EC feels otherwise, they should call a public GA meeting to explain the reasons and obtain members prior approval before disbursing funds.

7. Can you explain if the total Zakatul-Fitr funds collected on last Eid day were handed over to HAPP for disbursement to the needy as required by Sharia. One member of the HAPP committee says that not a single penny was given to the committee. If they did not receive, then what happened to those funds?

8. Can you explain why minutes of EC meetings were not shared with general membership, even on request?

9. Can you explain why NAMCC Constitution, policies, and rules are not consistently followed by the EC in its decision making? Case in point: Election rigging, denial of use of multipurpose hall for community purpose, and so forth.

10. Can you explain why Cemetery flyers distribution was stopped under the threat of arrest last Friday (12/12/08), while the same text was distributed on Eid-al-Adha day (12/8/08). Did the status change between two dates? Do you recognize that ICGA is a registered tax exempt organization? Do you know that ICGA currently handles Cemetery affairs by default, and NAMCC must subscribe to the same effort as an Islamic duty of its own.

11. Can you explain why Hafiz Abdul Wahab was sent to jail on 12/18/08, even after he was restored to his duties by the EC?

12. Can you explain why the Hifz program is planned to be transitioned to parents of Hifz students, under the excuse of NAMCC liability, even after a liability waiver has been signed by all parents.

13. Can you explain if you have been maintaining your accounts audited as required by the Constitution?

14. Has the EC scheduled, or plans to schedule, a GA meeting before the end of the year as required by Article 1.3 of the by-laws of constitution: The EC holds at least one meeting with GA annually to discuss planned activities, proposed budget, and financial activities.

15. Can you provide a list of the current EC members (term expiring in 2008 and 2009), with their full contact information (address, phone, email)?


1. Why Hafiz Abdus Samad was fired, for whom the current President ran a signature campaign, against the past President, to restore?

2. Why Sh. Umer was publicly humiliated in a general member meeting by requiring him to be present in all five daily prayers, when the EC knew full well of his schedule and outside obligations that would make it impossible for him to abide by? Do you make the same requirement of the current Imam, or this discrimination was only against Sh. Umer? Everyone knows that the current EC had personal conflicts with Sh. Umer. Is it not an Islamic moral obligation to extend an Imam the utmost courtesy and respect as a scholar and resident religious leader, even though he is an employee.

3. Explain why the Constitution Committee was dissolved, without any courtesy of explanation. Was a clear charter given to them by EC? Did they not work within that charter? Did you work with the Constitution Committee to resolve any open issues? Was there any resistance on the part of the CC?

4. Was it not agreed that the (appointed) EC member and one CC member will work together to draft a common version? Why that did not happen?

5. Why the CC draft was not presented to the General Body for their consideration?

6. Explain why a new version drafted by one (appointed) EC member, who has less experience than the combined experience of all three members of the Constitution Committee, was preferred to be presented.

7. Explain who paid for the attorney to review the EC draft NAMCC or the EC member himself? Can you name the attorney? Was he a licensed attorney in the State of Texas? Explain why the draft had several loop holes even after the attorney review?

8. Explain why the condition was placed to address only written feedback in the general body meeting. , and open discussion was not allowed? How do you expect the very basic document of an organization would be passed without an open discussion.

9. Explain why ICGA was not allowed, on this years Eid-ul-Fitr, to use Crockett Center and the PA system that was jointly paid for? Was there any personal conflict involved? Does harmony with other sister Islamic organizations have a place on your priority list? Explain why the last Eid-ul-Fitr date decision and the arrangement was not discussed in a combined meeting of sister organizations, instead of just making a decision yourself and imposing on all others?

10. Can you explain why the youth members of MYNA were threatened with FBI and other Government agencies, while they were not a party to any conflict at all? Do you wish to keep them off the NAMCC Masjid and Islamic activities, by intimidation?

11. Will you explain why Hafiz Abdul Wahab was fired without enough evidence and justification, and then restored on threat of a criminal law suit, but not fully to his previous official duties prior to his firing.

12. Everyone knew that Br. Azzam was not a normal person, but when an alleged threat of bomb was made by him, why such a big issue was made that it had to appear in the newspapers. That single article alone would have convinced the neighbors that NAMCC is a place where terrorism could originate.

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    EC needs to resign immediately handing over charges to past 3 NAMCC presidents as interim care taker for six months. Their main responsibility to hold a fair election and revise the current constitution (See my e-mail for details) First Name Nazmul Last N
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    If EC thinks that they are fair in their decision that they should not be scared of facing community. And should explain their actions First Name Malik Last Name Ammar Namcc Member No
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  • 05 kwiecień 201331. Syed Asimh
    I do not know the details. But our faith requires us to err on side of openness, justice, forgiveness and mercy. We should find 1001 reasons to excuse our brothers (which includes EC). May good intentions and Allah's will prevail. First Name Syed Last Nam
  • 26 luty 201330. Pothai A
    It may be more prudent to have a meeting than e-mail exchanges First Name Pothai Last Name Abusali Namcc Member No
  • 23 luty 201329. Munir K
    Please call the GA in no time First Name Munir Last Name Khan Namcc Member No
  • 17 luty 201328. Syed Afzala
    GA meeting is required. First Name Syed Last Name Ahmed Namcc Member No
  • 14 luty 201327. Zaibunnisa Q
    No matter how much some people use forces to silence the voices of the truth; it constantly confronts those forces beyond its control. First Name Zaibunnisa Last Name Qaiser Namcc Member No
  • 13 luty 201326. Kashif As
    I support this petition
  • 09 grudzień 201225. Qaiser I
    Are we not free to ask questions? Does not our Deen invite us to reflect, question, review, and scrutinize the events of our affairs? In Islam, aren't we encouraged to be ourselves, for the betterment of our collective-selves? Does our Deen order us to be
  • 30 październik 201224. Adil G
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