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April 20, 2004
To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Samantha Price and I am writing in protest against the new academic schedule for the 2004-2005 and subsequent school years. I have discussed the matter with several of my peers in the Loyola community who feel the same as I do: that this new schedule is a terrible idea and that "springing" it on us, the students, like this seems like nothing more than a tactic to prevent us from protesting under the assumption that we will not have enough time to do so.

I, along with other Loyola students, feel that this is a poorly thought out schedule for several reasons:

1) the new finals schedule does not allow for any time other than weekends (during which everything on campus is closed and professors are home with their families) for students to have meetings with and discuss any problems or questions with their professors before the beginning of finals week;

2) because this decision was made in such a "last minute" fashion, many people have already signed their off-campus leases for next year, leases that end on May 1 or shortly after--these people, many of whom will be seniors, will not have places to live for almost a month while they wait for finals and graduation due to the usual inflexibility of most landlords concerning their lease policies;

3) this new policy results in the second semester being pushed back even further than prior years, which, quite frankly, makes no sense to many of us;

4) the May term and first Summer session would start the Monday immediately following graduation weekend (May 23), which leaves very little time for seniors to move out and summer students to move inthere actually is no specified move out or move in dates for either of those in the revised academic calendarin fact, I really do not see much difference between the lack of break here and the current lack of break between fall and spring semesters you cited in your letter: 4. The startup immediately after the Christmas-New Year holiday does not allow for a sufficient break from course work for anyone to reap the benefits of a real break from the rigors of the first semester.;

5) the other thing I do not understand is how a nine-month year, with a five-month second semester, was shortened into an eight-month academic calendar with a four-month second semester when the semester was still 16 weeks including holidays;

6) and, lastly, despite the potentially demanding aspects of this years calendar for some Schools and students, that does not mean that it was demanding for all the students in all the Colleges of
Loyola. In other words, not every College must be subjected to the same rules, regulations, core curriculums, and academic calendars; there are reasons why there are different Schools, i.e., the School of Education has its own curriculum and guidelines for its students and those students should not be forced to comply with the standards of the College of Arts and Sciences.

The aspect of the new academic calendar that I understand least would have to be the reasoning behind pushing the spring semester an entire month later than it is now and two weeks later than prior years. I have looked at the 2005 calendar, and I do not understand why the semester could not be pushed back a mere week so that the spring 2005 semester would begin January 10 and end April 28 or 29 with Graduation weekend being from April 30 to May 1. That would be more conducive to many peoples schedules because they would be able to move out May 1-2, something landlords would be better able to swallow than an extra 3 weeks.

I ask that you kindly reconsider this proposal based upon the evidence I have brought to your attention over the course of this letter. I have prepared a petition that has been signed by 50 people who agree with my statements and many of whom will be seniors graduating in the spring of 2005.

Samantha T. Price
Class of 2005

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