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We the undersigned would like to express our opinion that although we are in full support of the Venus Project, as well as the agenda outlayed in the film Zeitgest Addendum, we believe that the first Zeitgeist film is no longer relevant to the movement's cause and could indeed be damaging to the movement in the points it expresses. We are concerned that the content in the first film, which focuses on unresolved and suspicious issues surrounding the 9/11 tragedy, regardless of whether it be presented accurately or innaccurately, results in a connotation that members of the Zeitgeist Movement may subscribe to this and other conspiracy theories. We feel that stigma associated with conspiracy theories by the mainstream media and indeed the average citizen, would effectively distance those who may be highly interested in the ideas of the Venus Project, but thus choose to never persue research in to it due to its association with conspiracy theorists. Particularly of note may be scientists, sociologists, psychologists and other reputable experts in associated fields who may not wish to be associated with any organisation that seeks to uphold conspiracy theories. We believe that arguments concerning the true happenings of 9/11 are divisive in themselves and immaterial to our ultimate goal, as regardless of who committed this attrocity, it was still the result of the current system of money and it's subsequent effects.

We also feel that the content on religion featured in the first Zeitgeist Film could also have a distancing effect on many people. Many of these people may also be very open to the ideas of the Venus Project, yet could be put off by the anti-religious material. There are many religious people in the world, many of whom may be fully in support of the ideas of the Venus Project, yet may be put off should they get the impression the movement is against their religion.

We believe that there are valid points made in the first zeitgeist film, but that the issues discussed are ultimately just small issues that are symptoms of the world we live in. We believe that the most positive approach for the movement is a focus on the system of money and it's ultimate destiny of failure and collapse. Particularly in light of the current financial climate, we feel that this is the topic that has most relevance and is most accessible to the masses around the world. We believe that through this focus alone can people become accustomed to the Venus Project and begin to favour it as a design for the future.

We wish that the first Zeitgeist film be removed from, as well as any other sources online if possible. We would also like consideration to be taken towards removing from Zeitgeist Addendum the claim that Al Qaeda does not exist and the footage of world trade centre building 7 collapsing with the caption 'Controlled demolition of WTC7'; we feel in regards to this statement that there is sufficient evidence to be interpreted in favour of all arguments, and that upholding this opinion is ultimately a waste of our resources, as regardless of the true perpetrators, the motive is the same and a result of the money system.

We sign this petition irrespective of our own personal opinions on the validity of facts referenced in the first Zeitgeist movie. The opinions of the undersigned may be divided on the validity of theories in the first film, and it is because of the divisive nature of this content that we wish for the movement to distance itself from the first film.

We fully respect the work of Peter Joseph up to this point and whole heartedly support the ongoing work of The Venus Project, The Zeitgeist Movement, and the content of Zeitgeist Addendum (except where stated above). We sign this petition with our hearts focused upon the continued positive influence of the Venus Project on the people of the world.

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