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Comrades and workers, people of all nations and backgrounds:

I speak on behalf of a small authority known as Hentopol, who as its basis of operation is acting on the general will of the people. Unfortunately we cannot accept the Republican majority as the true majority because of ideological differences which have split this beautiful Motherland into multiple factions.
The authority of Hentopol speaks not for the majority or the minority, but because of the current crises that have afflicted this nation, the United States of America, we can only speak for the minority we identify with.

Our minority is not clearly defined nor is it easily categorized.
Our solidarity is affected by the many agreements made between corporations and governments whose only goal is to oppress and capitalize off of the people. But -- we are not Marxists or fundamentalists. We are Americans who want to see change, yet the system does not allow for it or will not allow it to happen.
It is as if the government whom we give power has sent us a check back marked "insufficient funds". We will not tolerate a police state or the loss of our rights as people and as individuals. Yet we have pleaded with the government on many occasions and they have neither the time to listen or end up turning a deaf ear to the minority.

The current Establishment sends our fighting people to other lands yet return them in boxes. We give our goods to foreign countries, yet we get cheap and ill-made products in return, often by other people who are also oppressed by their Establishments.
Simply stated, what gives? The people are not dumb, and they are not sheep.
When people are pressed in a certain direction, certain things will happen.
I need not say exactly what, but if they press drafts and declare martial law -- what will the people do?

This may happen. It is not an exact science nor is it a theory. It is simple common sense that the people exercise more than the current federal government that is here to serve the people. Unfortunately, the truth is squelched behind doubletalk and lies.

I ask of you my fellow countrymen and counrtywomen to look outside of religion and outside of the bounds of politics to seek truth.

I ask of you to criticize bad work in order for good work to happen.

I ask of you to look beyond color and background to see who people really are besides just another color or just another foreigner.

I ask of you to ask of others, in turn asking of everyone to help, to aid.

I ask of you to question our government on every stance they hold, to denounce those who have done wrong with the property of the people and uphold those who have made a lot with a little.

I ask of you to unite -- not under a banner or a symbol -- but as people, and as a nation.

Last, I ask that peaceful coexistence become viable by all peaceful means and that we as people disarm fiery rhetoric from demagogues and fundamentalists and take from them what they so desperately want from us -- our attention and our sympathy. If these people ever deserved attention, it would be in a jail cell with an inmate. Sympathy is best reserved for friends, not enemies.

If you want tomorrow to come, along with the future, then you will at least consider peace to happen.

People of all countries, unite under peace!

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