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Dear Mr. President of the republic of Tunisia,

I want to make a claim for not respecting our current constitution, which had been ratified by the current government. As a prove, for what I say, I write you here some of the articles of our constitution that you may have interest in reading.

"Article 3

Sovereignty belongs to the Tunisian people, who exercise it in accordance with the Constitution."

"Article 4

[...] The motto of the republic is: Freedom, Order, and Justice."

Did you concentrate so much on order that you forgot freedom and justice? If this is not the case, why are people from every social class out on the streets claiming for Freedom and Justice? Why do you just speak of unemployment? And why don't you listen to, what the people are claiming on the streets?

"Article 5

The Republic of Tunisia shall guarantee fundamental freedoms and Human Rights in their universality, comprehensiveness, complementarity and interdependence [...]"

Which Human Rights and fundamental freedoms permit the army and the police to shoot on unarmed civilians with armed munitions?

"The Republic of Tunisia shall be founded upon the principles of the rule of law and pluralism and shall strive to promote human dignity and to develop the human personality."

Which pluralism can allow one single party having always more than 95\% of the seats in the parliament and always winning the elections?
When is it planned to have real pluralism with the existing parties and truly free elections?

"The Republic of Tunisia shall guarantee the inviolability of the human person and freedom of conscience and defends the free practice of religious beliefs provided this does not disturb public order."

Does the current government guarantee the inviolability of the human person when the police and the army are allowed to shoot on innocent citizens?
You should listen to them, so that you can really know the real problems of our country before you try to solve them.
Even if some citizens were violent, should the majority of them be called terrorists? And even though, is not there a difference between violent and terrorist?
"Article 6

All citizens have the same rights and obligations. All are equal before the law."

Listen to the people, who went to the streets. They were not only unemployed people at the demonstrations but a lot of employed people, who are not satisfied with the way the land is ruled.
I ask you to allow this article to be part of our daily live in Tunisia. Allow all the citizens to have their rights and make sure that all and each one of them can use their rights.
Allow us all to be equal before the judicial power and punish not only the people who think differently because they do, but punish the people who do not respect the laws, even if they belong to the governing party.

You said on your speech from the 11.01.2011 that "we say, quite clearly, that the law will have the last word. If that is right, do not let the law make any exceptions.

"Article 8

Freedom of opinion, expression, the press, publication, assembly and association are guaranteed and exercised according to the terms defined by the law. The right to organize in trade unions is guaranteed [...]"

Is it freedom of press when the rare opposition newspapers in Tunisia are not allowed to make any publicity and are often censored?

Isnt it ironic when we think, that the only Medias allowed in Tunisa, are the ones broadcasting the official opinion being prescribed by the governing party.

"Article 9

The inviolability of the home, the confidentiality of correspondence and the protection of personal data shall be guaranteed, save in exceptional cases prescribed by law. "

Make sure that our policemen respect this article.

"Article 10

Every citizen has the right to move freely within the country, to leave it, and to take up residence within the limits established by the law.

Article 11

No citizen can be banished from the country or prevented from returning to it."

Make this article reality and make it impossible for the police to take passports from citizens, who did not commit any crime other than having a different opinion than the one the governing party has.

"Article 12

Police custody shall be subject to judicial control and preventive detention shall be exercised only following judicial instruction. It is forbidden to place any individual in arbitrary police custody or preventive detention [] An accused person is presumed innocent until his guilt has been proven through a procedure that offers him the guarantees that are indispensable for his defence."

Make sure that our police respects this article and do not let them accuse people without proves, which has been accepted through a free and democratic trial.

"Article 65

The judicial authority is independent. In exercising their functions, judges are subject only to the authority of the law."

Do not allow the executive power to influence the judicial authorities or oppress the citizens, who didn't commit a crime just because they think differently than the governing party does.

"Article 15

It is each citizen's sacred duty to defend the nation."

This is why I write this letter...

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