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Hi Friends,

It has been almost 5 years since i passed out of NIT Jalandhar (Earlier REC Jalandhar). Despite of the fact that the college seems to be well on its way up the ladder, the placements still remain an issue. A Lot of us believed and still do, that one of the major reasons for this has been The ineffective leadership and concern of the Training and Placement office at NITJ. I have heard my super senior and now super juniors pointing finger towards just one person in particular.

As an alumnus of this great place which has nurtured us and made us worth every penny that we are, i take it upon myself to start this petition and send it across to you guys to endorse, so that we can forward it to the present director--that we have come to know is an institution builder.

Please sign this petition for REC Jalandhar, for all the people who are there, and for them who will join this place.

Thanks and Best Regards,


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Latest Signatures

  • 22 December 2015100. Naveen K
    Mr. Chatley is not the right person for this job, He have to quite. Made a person like Dr Sharma as TPO incharge
  • 12 December 201599. Kalyan S
    I totally agree.
  • 31 August 201598. Fkjdehl Newman
    vihog;bj giopnsiogh
  • 17 July 201597. Sumit G
    Fully Support the move and think it should have happened much before. But still future of 100's of NITjians can be saved. I don't know why that fellow is still there?
  • 28 June 201596. Yuvraj B
    worse thing that can happen for the bright future
  • 02 June 201595. Satya Narayand
    Can't believe that P.K. Chatley is still running the show at TPO, whose behavior at best is like a sophosticated rowdy. The least the Current Management can do is to get rid of him. Thanks for intiating the action.
  • 08 May 201594. Harsandeep S
    This needs to be done for the betterment of the coming batches.
  • 22 April 201593. Deepak J
    Let's get all the facts and documents related to the issue and make a steering committee and present it to them. Deepak Jindal( ICE-98passout)
  • 04 April 201592. Ananda S
    This must have happened much earlier
  • 19 March 201591. Vimal G
    "He that will not apply new remedies must expect new evils." I feel TPO command is not in the right hands and would request the director to look into the same.
  • 13 March 201590. Namit A
    We need to bring about a drastic change in the TPO and let students manage it. I think they'll be a better judge of what needs to be done for their placements.
  • 22 January 201589. Prabhudatt R
    To get rid off defective part, one has to take bitter medicines
  • 06 January 201588. Saurabh J
    Surely.the TPO needs an overhauling.
  • 01 November 201487. Ashish L
    If PKC is still the TPO I can sign the peition without even looking at it. He is a misfit and a non-performer. The placements that happen is driven more from the demand side rather than his efforts
  • 19 October 201486. Amod A
    Hire a full fledged professional for the job who can handle the heat and nurture the talent of students
  • 18 September 201485. Swadesh Rhodes
    Hey this is absolutely going to do good for the organisation as a whole.Changes are always required Mr. Director an now its the neccessity for the beeterment of Institute
  • 13 September 201484. Tapish K
    Its really surprising that the TPO is being lead by the most dullest person in the whole RECJ. I think his assts have been demoralised by hsi acts for quite some years.. I think our ABLE Director should look into this matter and take required action. Its
  • 25 August 201483. Harvind R
    Strongly agree. We have to be more professional/agressive in all aspects and run REC as private corporation and not as a charitable institution
  • 24 August 201482. Krishan K
    It's quite apparent that there is some thing seriously wrong with the TPO of NIT jalandhar, thats why this initiative is taken. I thank that person who started this!!! TPO should simply involve the Strong alumni and the enthusiastic current students and t
  • 28 July 201481. Ejaz Mohammedp
    I am from 91-95 batch, TPO Mr Chatley is highly ineffective.
  • 21 July 201480. Pardeep S
    Is there any TPO in REC Jalandhar?? An old guy is just havin his pay in the name of TPO.
  • 22 June 201479. Amit S
    Well, I cant really comment on the efficacy of the T & P deptt at present. But when I was studying (96-00), the services were just namesake. That, like many other fellow NITJians, I believe is am important reason, the placements dont do justice to the
  • 13 May 201478. Rkgautam Glass
    The Training & Placement Officer has helped students neither for training nor for placements. He is just there for harassing students.
  • 28 April 201477. Sachin G
    If students have to give the thought to when will the next company concerned to their branch will arrive, then i think few people are getting paid just to sit on those managerial chairs.
  • 20 October 201376. Mohit H
    The feeling of insecurity and inferiority was imposed on us by Dr. P K Chatley
  • 28 August 201375. Dharm V
    best of luck
  • 06 August 201374. Souradeep G
    TPO needs to learn and grow up in line with other esteemed colleges . They should understand that they have a excellent student base who are the best from their respective states.Probably train the TPO how to market this great resource and put a indicator

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