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This petition is to present signatures of students to Newport Universitys Students Union Sabbatical Officers and its General Managers, whereby students protest against the delay of a re-vote for the elections untill after easter (27th April). It is our demand that the dates are re-considered and made earlier. The following is a list of reasons which support our disagreement of this decision.

- The majority of the candidates running for a position in the elections are third year students, who have had to put their dissertations on hold in order to organise their campaigns/campaigning material, during campaigning time and during the election days and if postponed until after Easter, they would have to put more time aside to assuring the have just as fair a chance of getting the position as they would have at the first election dates.

- The rest of the candidates who are on their second year have also had to give up time to organising their campaigns/campaigning material, during campaigning time and election days, missing important lectures and briefs set. This is vital for them to pass their course and also means that if they have to campaign again after Easter they will have to miss more lectures and more time in which they could be doing work before their deadlines.

- The above points are also backed up by the high levels of stress, anxiety and pressure the candidates and their campaigning team have had to deal with so far, which would be extended until after Easter if the re-elections where left until then. This would also concern the members of the Union who voted as they have also waited for a democratic result.

- Third year candidates have also had to make decisions that would affect their futures, which would have to be put on hold for even further if the re-elections where to take place after such a prolonged time. They might have had job opportunities, which they had put on hold or decline, which would make their future opportunities slimmer as they wait for the re-elections. This also applies to their location after their degree, as they have had to wait for the results to think about housing as the uncertainty could mean them living here in Newport, somewhere else around the country or even other countries. These are not decisions that can be taken lightly, they carry huge risks which could change the candidates lives and should therefore, definitely be taken into account.

- The sooner the re-election dates are after the erroneous votes, the more faith students will have in the Students Union, as it shows the organisation and effort they will have gone through to make sure their votes wont be cast in vain and will therefore give them more motivation to vote again, therefore a higher amount of votes will be cast than if the SU postpone it until after Easter, as this gives such a negative message to its members.

- Waiting until after Easter for the re-elections to take place will mean that the candidates (the winning team) wont have a say in major decisions which they should take part in, which will shape the year to come.

- Certain schools within the University have deadlines to meet within the weeks following the Easter break, which means both, the candidates will not have as much support during their second week of campaigning or during voting days as their teams will not all be able to help, as well as the amount of votes decreasing compared to the figure of the first election as not as many members of the Union will be able to vote. This obviously means a less fair/democratic vote.

- As rumours (which have already started) spread, the more time until the re-elections, the more negativity there will be within the students, which can damage candidates campaigns and reputations as the speculations escalate, making the voting once again less democratic.

- The erroneous elections where down to a mistake made by the Student Union, so therefore the effort into rectifying this situation should be put in, in order for the candidates to feel like they are behind them, doing everything possible to compensate for all inconveniences caused by this mistake.

- If left until after Easter, the voting turn out will seriously decrease as students were expecting the results to have been announced by now. There is still hype about the elections around campus, within the Union members, which will make them more willing to cast their vote again.
The possibility of the re-elections being set to go ahead after the Easter holidays has already had a huge negative effect within the students and the candidates, even pushing candidates into considering backing out from the elections completely, making our results (our elected team) completely undemocratic.

Logistical reasons concerning a rapid re-election should not be prioritised over student democracy. The students that the Union is designed to serve, demand an immediate reaction and will feel misrepresented if they do not receive this.

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