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Dear South Island School. We feel that the school's Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) is extremely unfair and inappropriate.

Firstly, "Do not access inappropriate websites or inappropriate material on your laptop whilst at school". This statement is far too vague. Would something more specific such as "Types of website" or even "Website URL" be included? We understand email systems such as "Hotmail" or "Yahoo", "Gmail" will be banned. But should they not be reconsidered? Sometimes - their resources lies on the very email. A few people I know uses a system which Apple made. Mobile Me. Which has internal storage and a Push Email, Calender and contact which is pushed to your computer. Some might have their files there. So exceptions SHOULD be made.

Another which causes talks are "Do not download any illegal materials or bring such in to school. This bring the question of : Whose computer is this? Did South Island School spend $7,800 (Most Basic MacBook) to $20,000 per MacBook? Or did the Parents spend their OWN hard-earned money?

I would be guessing the Parents. How about you? Considering it is "WE" who paid this sum of money for the computer. Should we use "Illegal" or "Cracked" softwares or hardwares, we have no rights to use it under the School's network. Thus, we SHOULD NOT be required to delete and uninstall all or even any "Illegal"/"Cracked" softwares. But are to accept that we are NOT allowed to use such software or hardware within School Network.

Another item which causes concern about our Personal Computer is a sanction which a certain teacher mentioned. Confiscation of the laptop and be kept in school. Personally, the Mac being OUR OWN Property, we feel that we should NOT be required to have our confiscated computer be left at school. At best. We Cannot bring the computer to school. Or have it be monitored for a week or so. Just to check out if we're still doing the inappropriate activities in school.

Speaking of monitoring our computers. It has been noted since when computers were first introduced to school. We have been threatened with the inclusion of monitoring our computers. As of now, they still have not seen the light of day. But once more, they are said to be installed into our computers. This infiltrates our privary and is definitely. Unsuitable! We should be informed of the "Level of intensity". Will they be monitoring us 24/7? Will they be monitoring us when in use of School Network? Will they be keylogging us or what? We have the rights to know.

As a conclusion (Though there are many more points to state). We feel that the AUP is NOT specific or acceptable as of now. We reserve rights to our computer, whilst the school reserves rights to the School Network. The best solution, is of course - to have the Student Council or representatives from a class or year group to work with the school to come up with an AUP they will all agree with.

For those signing the petition. Please do not sign it more than once. And your name will not be displayed. So vote with no hesitation if you agree.

Thank You

P.S. If you are from other ESF schools or Local Schools from Hong Kong. And would like to voice out your opinion, so that a better and fairer AUP can be the standard Model for Hong Kong. Please sign as well.

Thank You

P.P.S Also, if you are afraid of voicing your opinions. Do not fear. Hong Kong has a law that protects people trying to voice their opinions. But please refrain from censored words. As keeping it civil will be a good idea.

Thank You

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