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34 years have passed since Bangladesh got its freedom but still the education system of this country is running without a proper education scheme. Though almost every government created different commissions to come up with a proper education scheme, but not a single scheme was installed from the reports submitted by these commissions. Monirujjaman Education Commission, which was created after the present coalition government came in to power, has already submitted their report. But, like past, this report also failed to recognize those rights students are fighting for. This report has no concern about the existing inequality and unfairness of the present education system. This proposed education scheme also includes social status classified disparity which is against the constitution of our country. For these reasons, Bangladesh Student Union rejected this proposed scheme.

Argument about the policy and philosophy of education started long ago when British rulers first introduced their education system. In 1792, Charles Grant Education Commission, created by the British government introduced an education scheme for the first time. After that, Company constitution in 1813, Lord Mackle Comity in 1835, William Adams comity in 1838, Sapru Comity in 1934 and Sergeant Comity in 1944 came up with many policies for the education system of this region. All these education commission aimed to create a social condition which will be favorable for the British rule. Lord Mackle comity wrote Our aim is to create a class, which will be Indian in their blood and color but British in their liking, desire and thought.

In 1947 the British era came in an end, Pakistan was born and few changes in the education system was done but again the aim of this education system was similar to the British rulers. The main theme of this education system was to establish regional absorption and racial discrimination. East Bengal education comity in 1949, Moulana Akram Kha comity in 1952, Ataur Rahman comity in 1957, Justice Hamidur Rahman commission in 1965 and Nur Kha commission in 1969 submitted their education scheme. These schemes were rejected by students, teachers and people from all social background and from 1962 to 1969 students participated in mass protest against these schemes. As a result Pakistan Government failed to establish any of this proposed schemes as a national education scheme. In 26th July 1972 the first education commission was formed after the liberation of Bangladesh. Prominent scientist Dr. Kudrat-E-Khuda was the chairman of this commission. Though the education scheme submitted by this commission was not beyond limitation but this proposed scheme could be the first step for establishing a modern and proper education system. But after the political change in 1975 this education scheme was rejected by the new military government. After that in the last 30 year 7 more education commission was formed but not a single scheme was established.

The last education commission was formed after the present coalition government came to the power in 2001. The commission was formed in 14th January 2003 and the chairman was ex-provost of Dhaka University, Professor Monirujjaman Mia. This commission submitted their report in April 2004. The government asked the commission to submit the report considering the national ideology from the point of view of the ruling parties, Islamic Ethical value and Cultural tradition, aiming an economical development and keeping an eye on social needs. The way our government influenced the commission and forced them to take a point of view even before they started their work, makes clear that the commission couldnt work independently and now, by observing the submitted report its clear that they didnt. Though our national constitution clarifies that their will be a single education system for everyone but in the last 35 year the education system is divided in many distinct class, and Monirujjaman Mia Commission is nothing new for that. The commission suggested to keep the present divided education system and to use a single syllabus only for the primary education. The commission is trying to feed us this education system as a singular education system. There was also no specific concern to stop the commercialization of education.

Instead of bringing the Madrasa Education inside of the mainstream education system this commission proposed modernization of Madrasa education system. They also proposed to give Fazil and Kamil the status as Honors and Masters. There is no specific decision about those numerous so called kinder Gardens and English Mediums; on the other hand an official reorganization for these institutions was declared only by saying that these institutes will be brought under the monitoring of Education Ministry.

Bangladesh Student Union rejected Monirujjaman Mia Education Commissions report. Not only student union but also mass people with awareness believes that its impossible create a generation with social awareness and basic human value with this kind of education scheme. For this reason, student union continues their petition to establish an education system with their proposed education scheme. The student union proposed education scheme proposes the education to be cheap, for mass people, scientific and nationalized in turn. The proposition also demands 8 \% of national revenue in education sector. Enough teachers must be recruited to stabilize the proportion between the number of students and teachers. Proper academic calendar must be installed and follow strictly. Price for educational instrument must reduce and some instrument should be provided by the government. Independence of universities needs assurance and declaration of 73 must be installed in universities.

Agricultural institutes must be established. 4 years long mechanical diploma course needs to start. Training is needed to increase efficiency for teachers. Considering above statements, to establish the student union proposed education scheme as a proper education system, the whole student society of Bangladesh needs to unite. We all should rebel for the establishment of a modernized, scientific education system which will be for the mass people of our country. To create a progressive society this must be done.
We, Bangladeshi students and common citizens hereby signing this petition to speak for our right and demanding for a modern and scientific educatio system. We demand that-
-A proper and modern education scheme must be installed.

-Classifications and inequalities in our education need to be abolished.

-Every ones right for education should be recognized.

-Privatization of educational institutes should be brought under proper monitoring and control.

-Awareness among the students, parents and teacher should be brought about the true value of education.

-University law of 1973 should be installed properly and should be refined if needed.

-Student politics that has any concern, contact and activities with the politics out side of campus needs to ban inside the campus if necessary.

This petition will be sent to the Education Ministry of Bangladesh.

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