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Shri Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India.
Shri LK Advani, Leader of Opposition.
Shrimati Sonia Gandhi, Congress President
Shri Arjun Singh, HRD Minister
Shri Ram Vilas Paswan, Minister of Chemicals & Fertilizers and Steel
Smt Maywati , Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh
Shri Prakash Karat, General Secretary, CPM
Shri Buta Singh, National Commission of SC.
Hon'ble Judges of Supreme Court of India.
Hon'ble Members of Parliament and Legislative Assemblies

Dear Sir/Madam,

This petition is against the inclusion of Christians and Muslims in SC/ST quota.

A few Christian and Muslim groups have filed a PIL in Supreme Court to give reservations to Muslims and Christians from SC/ST quota. [1] [2]. Centre for Public Interest Litigation and Akhil Maharashtra Muslim Khatik Samaj filed PIL to squash 1950 Presidential Order which gives benefit of SC/ST reservations to Hindu Shudras and has sought to include Christians and Muslims as well. In response to the PIL, on January 23d Supreme Court granted eight weeks time to the Centre to give its views on recommendations of the Commission.[1]

We want to highlight that the reservation are serious public-policy issues. It requires serious discussion among all stakeholders including those who are not part of any reserved category. However, the PIL by Christian and Muslims amounts to introduction of reservations through litigation. A reservation through litigation is undemocratic because it bypasses democratic process and institutions and tries to bring reservations through courts rather than consultation and consensus. We ask government of India to take a stand against the litigation to reservation to Christians and Muslims into SC/ST quota.

A reservation is a sensitive issue because it affects everyone - candidates from UNRESERVED categories as well.

The reservations come at a huge cost to society. Reserving opportunities for a section of population reduces the opportunities to the rest of the population. Reservations are also perpetuating and institutionalizing caste further into Indian society so much so that the Christians and the Muslims who condemn Hindu religion for its inhuman caste system are very keen to inherit the caste. This has caused a lot of social tension. Recent riots in Orissa are attributed to demand of Christian groups for reservation. [5] Any more reservations will cause a backlash against reservations itself. If it exceeds 50\%, it is likely to cause backlash from upper caste Hindus, if it is comes from within 50\%, then it has to come from existing quota for OBCs or SC/STs, creating resentment from OBC or SC/ST communities. Look at it anyway; the reservation is likely cause to more tensions if status quo is not maintained.

The reservation to SC/ST was instituted as exception to social equality doctrine of constitution of India. The reservation for Scheduled Caste/Tribe is not a poverty alleviation program. The purpose of reservations is to equalize the inferior social potion shudras in the Hindu society because of practice of untouchability in Hinduism. Since this is a religious problem specific to Hinduism, it is only targeted to Hindu Shudras. The Christina and Muslim scriptures do not have any notion of untouchability. Because the untouchability is problem specific to Hindu Religion, THE CONSTITUTION (SCHEDULED CASTES) ORDER, 1950 granting reservations to SC/ST excludes Christians and Muslims.

Christians and Muslims already enjoy reservations as OBC in most states. If Christians and Muslims are given further reservations as SC/ST, it will have an adverse impact on opportunities to Hindu SC/STs, OBC, and general candidates. Hindu dalits are no match to Christians and Muslims in terms of education and general social advancement. If the SC/ST quota is opened to Christians and Muslims, most reserved seats will fill up with Christians and Muslims candidates reducing opportunities for Hindu dalits. This will defeat the purpose for which reservations was given to scheduled castes and scheduled tribes.

The demand of Christian and Muslims to be included in the SC/ST reservations is not only against their religious scriptures, but also morally wrong. The intention of this litigation appears not to be that of social justice but religious. It has been widely reported that Christian Missionaries see the reservations to SC/ST as challenge to their conversion program. They are trying to get Christians and Muslims included into SC/ST reservations so that they have fewer resistance to conversions. The missionaries claim to be converting low caste Hindus to liberate inhuman caste system, yet they perpetuate the caste system. The Christina Missionaries are using secular constitution of India and impartial court system to further their religious agenda.

Christians and Muslims enjoy reservations in many states as Other Backward Classes(OBC) in addition to protection of running their educational institutes under Article 30 of constitution. The irony is that Christian and Muslims demand reservations from SC/ST quota but they themselves deny any reservation to SC/ST, OBC or other socially and educationally backward class of people. THE CONSTITUTION (NINETY-THIRD AMENDMENT) ACT, 2005 NO. 93 OF 2005 excludes SC/ST and other socially and educationally backward classes from reservations in any Minority institute, whether aided or unaided [4].

Reservations to Christians and Muslims into SC/ST quota will hurt Hindu SC/ST. But, the Christians would get best of both worlds. Christians and Muslims have reservations in Missionary schools, and then further reservations in Non-Christian institutions. However, a Hindu SC/ST will only be eligible for government institutions.

The Hindu SC/ST still face discrimination and need reservations to keep in path of progress. It will be great injustice to Hindu SC/ST if they are asked to share their quota with Christians and Muslims, particularly when Christian and Muslims are under no legal or constitutional obligation to share their seats to SC/ST.

We request Government of India to fight agasint the petition filed to give reservations to Christians and Muslims from SC/ST quota.

We request Supreme Court of India to keep the status quo in the matter of reservations and direct government to institute program to alleviate poverty and social and education backwardness in a non-discriminatory manner.


The undersigned.


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