.It all started just a few months ago. One of my best friends, who shall remain unnamed, visited a website under the name of PETA2 , that is a site that not only encourages teens to go vegetarian. But PETA2 makes up fake things such as a cigarette being better for you than a burger. They have stickers, buddy icons for internet messangers, everything to get people in, and my friend got into it. In fact, he got very strongly into it after visiting the real site, PETA , and read the titles of most of their news stories. Then it came to the worst part. PETA2 has a vegetarian starter kit that my friend got, and he began going crazy with it. Stickers, banners, everything for spreading the word was in there. Everyday I walked into school I found a sticker reading, "CUT CLASS NOT FROGS" on a wall. Although I didn't want this to get in the way of our friendship at all, the only thing he began to talk about was how awful it is for us to eat meat, and how we have no right to eat an animal. Everywhere he began to speak of this. I couldn't get into really any discussion with him without this coming back up. After all of the words of PETA I heard from my friend, I decided to visit the website.

..................I saw tons of news stories, such as KFC cruely beating down chickens. I read through, and after finishing, realized that PETA gave no evidence. They say that all the KFC farms have been beating chickens, yet news websites across the web say that that was just one video leaked and that this hasn't been happening anymore. I guess PETA figured that nobody would read the article and just believe what the headline said. After seeing so many outrageous news stories, I finally headed over to PETA2 , and I was shocked. Lies. Lies everywhere. Here's a part of the site where they have buddy icons for internet messangers. In there are not only lies, but just things that are pure random, such as vegertarians are hot. What does that have to do with anything? I guess that would encourage others not to be vegertarian then. According to PETA , meat is murder. This is true, but how come they used dead animals at a fur protest? PETA's members are just so strongly into this propaganda that they do such psychotic things, like dumping paint on people. Are they proving a point by doing this? No, just enraging the people they attack.

..................This whole situation just reminds me of a war of some sort. PETA recruits people through propaganda, they're given orders where to attack for a protest, then they fight with paint, dead animals, or other crazy things against the people who are just trying to buy something like food. I respect my friend, and how he's a vegetairan. What I don't respect is how he doesn't respect others who think differently. PETA is having a protest tommorrow at my local KFC, and my friend is going. The protest is to try to get it shutdown, for reasons unknown. The pamphlet gives no reason why they are doing this really. It doesn't need to be shutdown, they think they're doing good by doing this though.

.................. That's the story. My friend crossed over to PETA and is doing their bidding. PETA is now even getting more kids in my school interested because my friend showed them. If PETA keeps up the propaganda, restraunts may start getting closed more and more and meat altogether may just not be exsistant. So what can you do to stop this? Signing this petition, or as I cleverly named it because I'm so funny, the PETATION. Thank you.

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