People Against T-Mobile's iPhone Data Block On Their Prepaid Sidekick Plan (August 2009) sign now

Please sign this petition if you are fed up with carriers raising their rates in unjustified manners, and sign if you are an iPhone user (or any other phone) that was on T-Mobile's Sidekick plan and their HTTP access was cut off, without notice, and want T-Mobile to create an affordable prepaid (not a "FlexPay plan") with unlimited data (or with a minimum of 8GB data cap) and unlimited texting that can be used on the iPhone (and other phones) in order to replace the plan that they kicked us off from.

We also want them to (at least) partially refund the money from the first week that we were without data and without any form of notification.

Please sign this and we can let T-Mobile (and other U.S. carriers) know that we will not stand back as they further raise their rates and remove/cripple users access to the servixe that they are paying for.

Thank you.

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Latest Signatures

  • 29 August 201550. Dalton Decker
    Please tmobile make affordable working data plan for any phone Device (iPhone, etc.) iphone
  • 17 June 201549. Anthony Y
    I want my internet working again!! Device (iPhone, etc.) IPHONE 3G
  • 04 June 201548. Kyle R
    Bring back prepaid sidekick data on non-sidekick phones!! Device (iPhone, etc.) iPhone
  • 13 March 201547. Mack Love
    stop being stingy because it will come back on u Device (iPhone, etc.) g1
  • 21 September 201446. Tony Y
    Please make p1nksn0w work for all Tmobile sidekick prepaid plan work for our iphones!! Device (iPhone, etc.) iphone 3g 16GB
  • 23 August 201445. Tmoney Ayala
  • 09 August 201444. James B
    is not like we are stealing from. you still get ur money Device (iPhone, etc.) iPhone Suggestions put the data back on
  • 31 July 201443. James Emmonsi
    Bring Back Sidekick Prepaid for iphone use ! it completed me. without it im nothing ! Device (iPhone, etc.) iphone 2g 4gb Suggestions BRING IT BACK !
  • 29 July 201442. Brandon B
    lost data and I just paid and didnt get any warning so i was stuck with just text Device (iPhone, etc.) iphone Suggestions please turn it back on
  • 21 March 201441. Ulysses S
    Would much rather have T-mobile or Sprint instead of At&t or Verizon. Device (iPhone, etc.) iphone Suggestions Come on, T-mobile. Don't mess with your fan base.
  • 13 September 201340. Adrian O
    I want my internet that im paying for! Device (iPhone, etc.) iPhone 3GS
  • 28 June 201339. Takaya F
    T-Mobile, you ARE getting money for this. Why deny service? Device (iPhone, etc.) iPhone 3GS
  • 22 June 201338. Alex A
    We want the internet back! Device (iPhone, etc.) iPhone on Tmobile prepaod Sidekick plan Suggestions Please put data back
  • 13 June 201337. Art P
    What T-Mobile did is Wrong! Device (iPhone, etc.) iPhone Suggestions $20 unlimited data & text
  • 08 May 201336. Edward L
    please bring back the prepaid sidekick plan Device (iPhone, etc.) iphone Suggestions please bring back the prepaid sidekick plan
  • 04 April 201335. Bryce Levine
    was kicked off sidekick data Device (iPhone, etc.) iPhone 2G Suggestions В
  • 04 April 201334. Jaime S
    Let's do this guys and girls! Hoo-ray, Sparta!!! Device (iPhone, etc.) Rumor
  • 28 February 201333. Waqas S
    I WANT MY PREPAID PLAN BACK!!!!!!!!!! Device (iPhone, etc.) iPhone
  • 15 January 201332. Dustin C
    you should provide affordable prepaid data for ANY device Device (iPhone, etc.) iPhone
  • 04 December 201231. Brandon E
    Suppose to be cheaper than AT&T!!! Device (iPhone, etc.) Iphone Suggestions Adjust rates fairly
  • 30 November 201230. Alex Jacobs
    Economic is down, so prices should be also Device (iPhone, etc.) iPhone Suggestions Lower Prices, Give better Service
  • 22 September 201229. Andrew B
    I can switch to Att Device (iPhone, etc.) Iphone
  • 16 July 201228. Joel D
    None Device (iPhone, etc.) iPhone
  • 11 November 201127. Peter N
    Notice should have been sent out when service was canceled. Device (iPhone, etc.) IPhone Suggestions A plan like the sidekick plan for IPhone or Blackberry
  • 15 October 201126. Andrew W
    I want my data back, that i rightfully pay for Device (iPhone, etc.) Iphone 3g
  • 28 August 201125. Yedidya B
    Please sign me up Device (iPhone, etc.) HTC Hero
  • 26 June 201124. Deedat C
    we need this plan back!! Device (iPhone, etc.) iPhone 3G

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Everyone Who T-Mobile Blocked From Using Data


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