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We the undersigned petitioners do oppose implimentation the U.S. Animal Identification Program (aka NAIS, aka NAID) that is being mandated, and implimented by the United States Department of Agriculture under the guise of protecting the food supply of the United States of America.

This USDA program does not have the approval of Congress, or of the people. It will not only put a federal government bureau into every animal owner's home, it will also invade the body of every fish, fowl, bird, reptile, exotic, and domestic pet with a microchip that is privately owned in the United States of America.

USAIP requires all owners of the above named species to obtain a National Identification Number for the place of residence of all animal owners in the United States of America. Under the implimentation of USAIP no animal can be owned, bought, sold, traded, eaten, or exhibited without a microchip. There will never again be any pretense of having Constitutional privacy in the United States.

Eventually, if we do not stop the implimentation of USAIP every animal owner in the United States will be required to obtain a USDA animal owner license. A license is a temporary revocable permit to have something, or to do something for a limited period of time, that would be illegal to have, or to do, without the license. A license removes all ownership, and use rights from the owner, and gives them over to the licensing agency. The licensing agency (USDA) then has the power to inspect private property, to confiscate animals, to condemn real property, to suspend, or revoke the license, or to halt issuance of any further license.

We the undersigned stand in opposition to the USAIP. We vow with our signatures that we shall not comply with regulations that remove our ownership and use rights in our real property, and in our animals.

We redress Congress to protect the Constitutional Rights of the citizenry of the United States of America.

The NAIS is a government created animal identification and tracking system created under the auspices of protecting the food chain from such things as mad cow disease. Their plan is to require every horse, cow, pig, goat, sheep, llama, chicken, and pigeon to be micro chipped, every owner to be registered, and track every movement of these animals. It is already being implemented. Look again at the list of animals currently listed as part of this legislation remember this is designed to protect the food chain." Did you notice anything odd as I did? When was the last time you had one of those horse burgers? Horses are not raised for human consumption in the United States in fact, it is actually against the law in many states. How about those llama steaks? Llamas and alpacas are raised for their wool, not for meat. Seems odd to me that legislation designed to protect the food chain, would require participation from non food animals.

As an animal raiser you will be required to register your premises, including much of your personal information. The USDA website states that because of the Freedom of Information Act this information will not be kept private. Any group will have access to your personal information, as will many others with a potential to misuse your information, so much for privacy.

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