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The purpose of this petition is to let people show voice their disapproval of the opening of Home Town Florist at 202 N. Mound in Wayne City, Illinois. Bertie and George Sexton owned and operated Bertie's Flowers at this location for over 30 years. Ten of these thirty years, Debbie Trotter was an employee of Bertie's Flowers. For several years Bertie and George Sexton encouraged Debbie Trotter to purchase this business so they could retire.

In October 2003, Debbie and John Trotter, of Wayne City, finally made the decision to purchase Bertie's Flowers. An informal sales contract was drawn and agreed upon by both parties. One issue that was made clear to the sellers was that the business would be moved within a two-three year period of time. This was due to the fact of the business being located on the same property as the owners residence as well as the small size of the building. Upon successfully purchasing the business, the name of the business was changed to Country Seasons Floral Shoppe, Inc.

In October 2004, John and Debbie Trotter moved the location of this business to 308 S. Main Street in Wayne City, Illinois. This location provided a larger showroom floor and more space for inventory storage. In a matter of days after the business was relocated, an announcement was made that members of George and Bertie Sexton's family were opening another flower shop at the old location - Home Town Florist. In addition, Bertie Sexton is even assisting with getting things started and will be helping to run the new business.

Since Debbie Trotter had worked for Bertie Sexton for 10 years and had (what she thought was a) strong personal relationship with her, as well as her husband, George, John and Debbie Trotter did not have anything in the sales contract stating that another flower shop could not be opened at this location. Again, this was an informal sales contract between, what the buyers thought was, a group of four friends. John and Debbie Trotter never believed or imaged in their wildest dreams that this would ever happen. They paid a very handsome sum of money for the business. If they thought that this was something that might even have been a possibility, they would have either not purchased the business, or established a new business of their own in the location that they are in now. The amount that was paid for the business would have been enough (if not more than enough) to start and build a new business from the ground up. But, at the time, they believed that they were buying an established business from two friends that they could build up to be even more successful. In addition, they expected the previous owners to assist and do whatever they could to ensure that the business was successful. Instead, they have done the complete opposite.

The fact the the previous owners are involved in the opening of another flower shop (at this same location) is absurd to begin with, but they have went as far as to advertise the new business as Home Town Florist - previously Bertie's Flowers.

Many residents of Wayne City and the surrounding community have already voiced their disapproval of George and Bertie Sexton and/or any members of their family opening another flower shop up at 202 N. Mound in Wayne City, Illinois. However, it would be of great help if you would sign this petition to formally express that you do not approve of these actions.

Note: You can visit Country Seasons online at

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Latest Signatures

  • 02 December 201013. Jason
    Shame on the Sextons!!!
  • 28 November 201012. QUINN
  • 27 November 201011. Christine
  • 14 November 201010. Tammy
  • 12 November 20109. Rachelle
  • 11 November 20108. Darcie
  • 11 November 20107. Brandon
  • 11 November 20106. Kimberly
    I used to live in Wayne city and still send a fair amout of flowers to the are using this flowere shop!
  • 11 November 20105. Vanessa
  • 11 November 20104. DeAirdra
  • 11 November 20103. Brandie
    Sounds exactly like something that would happen in Wayne City, IL. So glad I got away from there!
  • 11 November 20102. Sharon
  • 11 November 20101. Jody


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