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After patent registering about under providing give the patent rental fee with legal process and method

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It follows in 1.1948 universal declaration of human rights, 27th trillion all inventors the science which oneself creates, literature and the work of art it leads and the right it will be able to protect the profit which derives it has.

2.WIPO copyright treaties copyright protection of computer program and data base and treat the distribution/lending/tube divine right, WIPO broken heart and record treaty reproduce/provide the record manufacturer who includes a distribution/lending right and a broken heart voluntary smallest right

3, intellectual property right agreement (TRIPS)

Petition reason

1. Obligatory observance (the source:

The map which will feel the accomplishment of all important matters where the intellectual property right protection experience almost the country which is not is like this too big to handle it does not know. But the execution which is wise and regional/international cooperation it leads and dignity important matter it is sufficient and it goes out and the cotton, it means will not be to that extent hard job. It listens an example, the intellectual property right agreement demands the concrete protection against the arrangement plan of accumulation circuit. But there is not a necessity which will construct protection application prosecuting attorney or administrative infra for a registration. It prepares a corresponding technical protection regulation to domestic law and when it puts and it is sufficient.

Compared to it acts, but the prosecuting attorney against a patent application from the destination country is advanced and is not percentage reason. The patent of most to already make an application in Patents Administration of the United States, Great Britain and Europe. It investigates an application fact/will investigate from each Patents Administration. Like this business is complicated very and is trained at altitude manpower in necessity. For example, the help of the scientists who are well versed in research/development field is necessary. It investigates the investigation result which from the consequently, each debt to country the system which is necessary about under constructing becomes accomplished different country.

When to recent decade wisely it uses an up-to-date technique, international duty the man with underdeveloped genital organ under executing the education and infra construction problem of the nations which endeavor petty it could be solved more easily. The internet explosively became commercial business anger and from it promotes doctor being understood which Patents Administration and patent applicant for is safe the data standard and the ability for could be secured. Like this VIPs became axis, we recently information technique about under using petty it will be able to protect a intellectual property more efficiently and. The united states the world-wide intellectual property volume organization (WIPO) with closely is magnifying the chance of tech support and education about under cooperating.

The requirement of the whole world nation - constructs an effective intellectual property system/maintains the department of pedagogy tech support for - from the minute life sun ground, the technical support for the property right of industry office of the developing country is becoming essential element. The US government and the world-wide intellectual property volume organization (WIPO) the circumstances which it includes and the multiple nations for resources about under applying it will be able to be sufficient in order, it will be able to support the necessary fact which each country describes minutely. It will reach to lead, international obligatory fact will be under executing. More being important all nations protect certainly economic/political freedom/must preserve are the thing. It is a duty of the nation against the citizen.

2, petition proof petition signature) (license and copyright)\%EC\%B0\%BE\%EA\%B8\%B0 (free document license)

3. legal Higher Civil Service Examinations

With five [leyn] [su] Livermore national laboratories

7000 east back Livermore, California 94550 nations

Copyright condition (the national laboratory (LLNL) uses a software program five [leyn] [su] Livermore

In user Higher Civil Service Examination is Copyright 1998-2007 Avi Rappoport/Search Tools Consulting

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0 License.

Safe Higher Civil Service Examination

This web site in order to accomplish a federal function is one part of the federal computer system which is used. In order to watch this web site for the security purpose which defends it the national laboratory (LLNL) uses a software program five [leyn] [su] Livermore in order to protect information which is to the system in all users to under being effective is remaining. It approaches this web site, you agree with an express in this surveillance.

In order to use the user service which has become the safe notarization, refuses a feature, other than the objective which is planned it destroys the hazard system and it envelops, the authority external reading in order to approach gets information, or, it changes, or, it puts on a damage it is hung, or, it destroys, or the system or with it mobility all

Disrupting different all. Like that record 1986 the computer it buys and the law enforcement authority and the result which 1996 it has become city gate anger at profile 1030 of subject 18 of misappropriation act and United States Code in the lower part of national intelligence base protection act are to criminal prosecution, different application is disclosed does not know in the criminal law which is possible and it acts.


Abandonment of responsibility

The objective which is specific from this server of hazard, regarding the document which possible what of their staff where is not also the University of California where is not also the US government is, what kind of guarantee and express about under including or to imply the guarantee of production goods result suitableness, is, or anyone legal duty or what kind of information which is disclosed and accuracy of the organization, the product or process, perfection, or the responsibility for an usability it knows it does not guess not to be, or it use private right it will not infringe.

Abandonment of indorsement

Goods life, the trademark and manufacture it sleeps and in compliance with what kind of in about the commercial water which is specific, process or service degree the reference or is different in, in compliance with the US government or University of California necessary, it is visible the indorsement, a patronage or a favor to it and it does not constitute. About the prospect and opinion of the writer who is expressed in advertise and product indorsement objective hazard necessary, them of the US government or not to be used University of California, it does not state, not to be.

Copyright condition (

LLNL it includes the document which is written a book, it is not restricted hereupon not to be, the article, the photograph, the picture and the original and image, and/also provides from different medium different information the American energy frost to depend to the lower part of W 7405 English 48 contracts, it supported all. Is like that, the US government publishes this document and nonexclusive where it remakes a free license, royalty rate it maintains, the different person hazard a US government objective, permits the fact that it does like this. All in the United States and the foreign nation copyright Buddhist priest's robe lower part it is possible from this server and it is protected the document anger which it does not know it does. The permission which it remakes does not know is demanded.

Responsible LLNL to the what kind of circumferential site page moral contents which attaches a reference fact.

Secret Higher Civil Service Examination

We when you us the fact that it will provide this information, at the time of about you regarding you this will visit a web site or the grudge which does not have a different regulation do not collect a human fact. But, we collect specific information with automatic and we store. What we collect the shop with automatic:

You internet service provision to sleep (ISP) in compliance with with representation under conditions or you internet protocol (IP) address of the territory where this Internet (when for example, 123.456.789.012) personally your thing it approaches

Date and timely you approach our location

You this it reads carefully the page (it composes that page in compliance with graphic file and the original to record) which

And, internet address of the web site which you connect directly in our location.

Us us who are simple us location information decides the technical design particulars of head of a family kip matter of concern and interest and location in the visitor with of the maximum quantity and system performance or the problem area it confirms with, same different objective with hazard situation it is more useful in the same visitor and to help the fact that in order it will make it uses a statistics.

This information in this web site in compliance with the law enforcement investigation with troublesome army song when being demanded, excepts in support staff over there and it does not own jointly not to be, it was used in from only origin of anonymous statistical information all.

The nose which e-Mail comes to send the [thu] which it carries on shoulder

You do not know with the thing the fact that it provides human fact to us from the email message which includes the [thu] or the question which you nose it carries on shoulder together. We improve our services to you and in order to react in you demand it uses information. You message does not know and, the possibility of helping you well the map which will be as electronic mail, there is a time when it is sent out to LLNL staffs. When it excepts the law enforcement investigation which it permits, we what kind of do not own jointly our electronic mail with the different external organization chart.

UCRL-WEB-206848 | secret & legal notices

2004 July 12th

With five [leyn] [su] Livermore national laboratories

7000 east back Livermore, California 94550 nations

3. (legal situation)

[American Patents Administration official document summary]

The law which relates with the resurrection of the application which is abandoned followed in law opening a court which relates with the resurrection of the patent application which this time which it connects in last 1997 December opening a court is abandoned and 1 years the restrictive duration regulation lost and. Namely, it was designated from refusal notice it does not submit from the reply regarding the back the within it is promised not to be, the patent application proposal case which is abandoned, from the day when it is abandoned within 1 years petition

about under submitting Oh! the patent application case which is abandoned resurrects and from the day when about under opening a court it is abandoned the law which is provided 1 years pass but the submission unit from petition the application which is abandoned there was flesh reel possibility and.

It follows in the regulation which opened a court and is abandoned, the application case which it is recorded when from reply from the day when it passes over a submission time limit submitting from a petition until, from reply it is not intentional for the submission to be delayed and, (unintentional) from in petition about under stating Oh! it does. For the control which from like this petition is smooth American Patents Administration from the case reply where the statement complaint is included in petition European style the application abandonment which it follows in delay of submission a petition and recognized with the fact that the deliberation is not and it accepted.

From the petition for the resurrection of the patent application which is abandoned the submission method, (1) remark chivalrous robbers (the petition for the resurrection of unintentional) application abandonments and, (2) is inevitable and (there is 2 branch method of the petition for the resurrection of unavoidable) application abandonments. Case from the petition against the application abandonment which is inevitable the standard which is strict despite about lower possibility of petition rather it is increasing it is a reason where the thing is principal this time law opening a court with low-end petition [lyo]. When selecting the method of the petition for the resurrection of the patent application which is abandoned the application person it is desirable to consider the next fact.

First: American Patents Administration does not demand a additional information in the case application person of the petition which it follows in method of dignity (1) not to be, it accepts the statement from petition like that. Only, when the contents of statement is ascertained as a falsehood after in case car, the patent right it could be lost. Second: About the petition which American Patents Administration follows in (1) methods the charge of the case Edo which demands a additional information and petition is lighter charge of the petition which it follows in (2) methods than remarkably. Third: Important matter of the petition which it follows in method of dignity (2) important matter step of the petition which it follows in (1) the possibility of strict is all petition permission is lower.

- American Patents Administration mind politic country -

In up petition reason about under conforming after patent registering patent rental fee in legal Higher Civil Service Examination and legal judicial precedent

About under conforming 2007.8.15 where it petitions the fact that it will be urgent.

The oriental economic research worker ([khem] the classroom) representative type the [hong] signature which kicks

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