Overuse of antibiotics is jeopardizing the usefulness of essential drugs. sign now

Medical Director for CDC's National Campaign for Appropriate Antibiotic Use:
Richard Besser, M.D.

"The biggest problem is inappropriate prescribing of antibiotics. Tens of millions of antibiotics prescribed in doctor's offices are for viral infections, which are not treatable with antibiotics. There are many reason's for this, including demand from patients, time pressure on physicians, and diagnostic uncertainty. The patient wants to get back to work or get the child back to school, and the doctor wants the patient to feel satisfied with treatment. The result is over-prescribing of antibiotics, resulting in the development of resistant bacteria. The best way to combat this practice is to educate the physicians and the public to decrease both demand and over prescribing In addition, providing clinicians with better means of diagnosing respiratory tract infections may remove some of the uncertainty that promotes over prescribing."

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