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Note-- save the date and join us if you can for this interactive forum to see how YOU all feel on these issues:

"The Hollow/Centre/Clinton Hollow Intersection and the Hollow Road Bridge: An Interactive Forum"

Monday, August 23rd at 7:30 pm at Clinton Town Hall at 1215 Centre Road.

Thanks to Town Boardmembers Barbara Seelbach and Frank Venezia for agreeing to sit on the panel with us that evening at Town Hall and hear YOUR vision out there for the intersection and the bridge!...

[...and yes, the County Executive's office, County Department of Public Works, and the rest of the Town Board have been invited as well-- and will be invited to speak if they attend!...]

Note-- we've made sure copies of the July 2004 Dutchess County Department of Public Works preliminary report (excerpted below) on the project are available for all to view at Clinton Town Hall and the Clinton Town Library-- so feel free to dig a bit deeper into this issue at either of those places!...


Hope you agree-- please let us know how you feel on these two issues!

County Legislator Joel Tyner
324 Browns Pond Road
Staatsburg, N.Y. 12580
[email protected]


Did all of you catch this tidbit from our County Executive's press release July 13th?...(besides news of county's plans directly for intersection of 14/18)...

"Additional work will be performed directly to the west of the intersection when the Hollow Road Bridge over the Little Wappinger Creek is replaced in 2007, also with federal and state funding."

Michael Kaplan [email protected]> and Jim Montross, who live quite close to that intersection, recently reminded us of how strongly they feel about preserving the historic Hollow Road Bridge, how strongly the community spoke out about this a decade or so ago when there were plans before to "fix" the bridge, and how they got well over 400 signatures from town folks fairly quickly to save the bridge...

Michael Kaplan also recently contacted us on the issue of the 14/18 intersection directly:

"This past week an article in the Millbrook Roundtable stated that Ray Oberly is persuading the County to install a Flashing Yellow light at the intersection of Hollow and Center Roads. This was the first I heard about this. As a resident who lives in Clinton Hollow, I would be directly affected by a blinking light 24 Hours a day in my windows! The article stated Ray Oberly was against a 4-Way Stop sign. There's a 4-Way stop in Schultzville, why can't the county put one in at our intersection? I called Ray and left a message on his answering machine asking him, Please, don't put in a Blinking Light! I then went to all my neighbors who would be most affected, Mrs. Benson (who lives on the north-west corner). She's totally against the Blinking Light! I went to see Curtis Wittle (north-east corner). He's also totally against the light! Jim Montross (south-west corner)-- he's against the light. Myself, (north-west)-- against the light. And all none of us were contacted! If I didn't buy the newspaper, none of us would know about this until it was too late!"

Richard Morse ([email protected]) off Hollow Road also recently described to us how upset he is about the county's proposed solution-- he didn't understand why the whole thing would have to cost county taxpayers $200,000, and why a four-way stop at the intersection (with warning signs before and after, if necessary) wasn't being planned (...and another noted community activist in town who didn't want their name publicized also recently expressed to us some real concerns on the county's proposed solution thus far, too)...

The preliminary draft report from the DPW on the intersection describes 17 accidents at the intersection over the last thirteen years (15 of the 17 being right-angle accidents)...(note that these are only the REPORTED accidents!)....


County Executive William Steinhaus' press release July 13th

Earlier today County Executive William R. Steinhaus invited Supervisor Raymon Oberly to join him for a site visit and to discuss a proposed long-term solution to area wide safety concerns surrounding the intersection of Centre (County Route 18) and Hollow (County Route 14) Roads, in the Town of Clinton.

"After listening to the concerns over this intersection and seeing it appear on the projects list again I requested a sound solution from Commissioner of Public Works Michael Murphy and his staff. Because of the cost associated with the long-term improvements, we may seek to add the project to the State five-year Transportation Improvement Program and pursue federal and state grants to fund up to 80\% of the overall cost," said County Executive Steinhaus.

The Dutchess County DPW Engineering Division has developed a plan that involves near term improvements including vegetation removal to improve sight distance, sign upgrades, localized paving to improve roadway friction, and installation of a flashing traffic light. Longer-term improvements including slope grading to further improve sight distance, and geometric improvements to Centre Road and the intersection would be accomplished over the next two years.

Additional work will be performed directly to the west of the intersection when the Hollow Road Bridge over the Little Wappinger Creek is replaced in 2007, also with federal and state funding.

Dutchess County Public Works Commissioner Michael Murphy and Director of Engineering Gregory Bentley joined the County Executive for his site visit today at the involved intersection. Supervisor Oberly and Town Highway Superintendent Theron Thompkins were invited by Steinhaus to seek proposed solutions and agree on a chosen course of action.

Supervisor Oberly said, "This is a good start on solving a dangerous intersection problem that existed for several years. I am pleased to join in cooperative efforts with County Executive Steinhaus and Commissioner Murphy to bear a solution for the residents and motorists of the Town of Clinton."

After mapping our how the County's engineering plan would improve the safety at the site County Executive Steinhaus said, "Let's do it, let's get it done."

The $30,000-$40,000 cost of the short-term improvements will be borne by the County and accomplished by County Highway Construction and Maintenance crews this construction season. The new flashing signal will be installed by contract later this year or early 2005, depending upon the availability of signal equipment. The final improvements for the intersection are scheduled to occur in 2006 at a cost of approximately $200,000. As of the last available traffic counts done in 2003, this intersection handles approximately 5000 vehicles per day on average, including significant amount of truck traffic.

Excerpt from Former Town Supervisor Fran Monahan's 12/3/99 letter to DPW Traffic Engineer Peter Nedwell regarding the intersection:

"Two accidents have occurred at the intersection in the last several weeks-- that I am aware of. Changing a two-way stop to a four-way stop does seem to be a reasonable solution. Drivers wishing to cross Rt. 18 to proceed west on Rt. 14 face too much danger! Please let me hear from you about the likelihood of the county placing stop signs on Rt. 18 at this intersection. Is there any way that I can help to expedite the change?"


Excerpt from letter from then-DPW Commissioner Paul Cassillo to Town Supervisor Fran Monahan on Feb. 14th, 2000:

"In the erection of signs and other traffic control devices our department is mandated by law to follow the New York State Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices. Based on a review of the guidelines set forth in the NYSMUTCD, warrants are not met for an all way stop. Thus, we will not be installing stop signs on County Route 18, Centre Road."

[see http://www.dot.state.ny.us/info/faq.html#mutcdny --
NYS Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD)]


The preliminary DPW draft report on this intersection from the DPW notes:


5) any of the following conditions may warrant multi-way stop control:

(i) Where traffic signal is warranted and urgently needed, multi-way stop control is an interim measure that can be implemented quickly to control traffic until the signal is installed.

(ii) The occurrence within a 12-month period of five or more reported accidents of a type susceptible to correction by multi-way stop control-- such accidents include turn collisions, as well as right-angle collisions.

(iii) A total of at least 4,000 vehicles entering the intersection during any eight hours of an average day, with at least 1,600 vehicles and pedestrians from the side road during any of the same eight hours and delays to side road vehicles average at least 30 seconds during any one hour. When the 85 percentile speed of traffic approaching on the artery exceeds 40 miles per hour, the above minimum volumes are reduced to 2,800 and 1,100 respectively."


DPW Director of Engineering Greg Bentley's March 26th memo to county DPW Commissioner Michael Murphy re: Centre and Hollow Roads:

"Based on the most recent accident at the above named intersection, as well as all of the attached, I believe that this intersection needs a fresh look. If the intersection doesn't warrant a four-way stop, then perhaps the intersection can be refigured through takings, et. al., to create the condition for a four-way stop. I know we can't find this on our own; perhaps it is Federal-Aid eligible or can be funded by a future County bond. I am looking for your advice. Based on the public meeting held by Legislator Tyner on Friday, March 19th, this issue isn't going away."


DPW Director of Engineering Greg Bentley's June 9th memo to county Public Works Commissioner Michael Murphy, DPW Director of Highway Construction and Maintenance Charles Traver, and DPW Traffic Engineer Peter Nedwell:

"Recommendations for improvements at the intersection of Centre Road and Hollow Road (CR 18 and CR 14) in the Town of Clinton

The intersection of CR 14/CR 18 has been a place of a number of accidents, as well as the object of many complaints from local residents. The accident reports and complaint letters point to insufficient sight distance in the said intersection.

DPW has performed a preliminary survey of the location, which confirmed the sight distance as being insufficient.

Our review of the accident reports indicates that the majority of collisions occur between motorists traveling east or west on Hollow Road (CR 14) and southbound vehicles on Centre Road (CR 18).

A contributing factor to these accidents is limited sight distance to the north and to the south on Centre Road (CR 18) for drivers stopped for the STOP sign on Hollow Road (CR 14).

Vehicles traveling south on Centre Road (CR 18) are approaching this intersection at a high rate of speed (legal speed limit for this section of CR 18 is 55 mph) and they are not visible to a driver on Hollow Road (CR 14) until the vehicles reach the crest of vertical curve on Centre Road (CR 18) about 250 feet before the intersection.

As the result of this situation driver stopping at the STOP sign on Hollow Road (CR 14) have to accelerate rapidly to safely cross Centre Road (CR 18) before any vehicle emerges from behind the curve, approaching the intersection from the north on Centre Road (CR 18).

This is not a new situation and our department has addressed this issue in the past by cutting the embankment in the northeast quadrant, placing more visible signage and requesting a lowering of the legal speed limit in the approach to the intersection on Centre Road (CR 18). This request was denied by NYSDOT.

In some of the complaint letters local residents suggested converting the intersection into a 4-way stop type of intersection. Our department investigated this option and concluded that placing STOP signs on Centre Road (CR 18) would not solve the problem but likely change the type of accidents that are likely to occur from side collisions, at the present situation, to rear end collisions with a 4-way stop in place.

The department is proposing three sets of measures for sight distance in the said intersection.

Short-term implementation measures include:

-- Installation of a flashing beacon on the existing INTERSECTION AHEAD sign with advisory speed limit of 35 mph on Centre Road (CR 18) north and south of the intersection

-- Tree and vegetation clearing in the southwest corner of the intersection

-- Tree and vegetation clearing and re-grading in the southeast corner with a minimal ROW acquisition

Medium-term implementation measures include:

-- Installation of a flashing two-way stop signal in the intersection

A two-way stop signal, with a yellow flashing signal for CR 18, while not entirely solving the sight distance issue would improve the visibility of the intersection for drivers approaching on Centre Road (CR 18) from the north by approximately 100 feet due to the elevation of such signal above the surface of the intersection. A flashing yellow signal on CR 18 would provide additional improvement.

Estimated cost is $30,000.

This would entail design of a traffic signal for the intersection and installation of poles and signal lights.

In addition to sight distance improvement measures, this department is proposing resurfacing of Hollow Road (CR 14) on the approach to the intersection to increase road friction. The approach to the intersection is sloped and there have been accidents and complaints where vehicles skidded into the intersection during wet weather.

Long-term implementation measures include:

-- Vertical re-alignment of Centre Road (CR-18) north of the intersection and tree clearing and re-grading with ROW as well as additional ROW acquisition

This measure would improve the sight distance in the north direction for drivers travelling east or west on Hollow Road (CR 14). The proposed improvement includes re-grading and reconstruction of approximately 700 feet of Centre Road (CR 18) north of the intersection, as well as ROW acquisition, tree clearing, and re-grading in the northeast corner of the intersection.

Estimated cost of this improvement is $170,000-$200,000.

This cost does not include a possible relocation of the septic system belong to the house in the northeast corner of the intersection."


Recall the letter Betty Skidmore of Centre Road wrote to us on this issue back in February that rejuvenated this whole issue (we spoke with her recently on this-- she is indeed please that the county has taken notice and has planned something for the intersection):

"My 19 year old daughter was involved in an auto accident on February
8, 2004. She was traveling south on Centre Road and a car failed to
stop at the intersection of Hollow and Centre. The intersection is
extremely dangerous and there has been countless accidents there in
the past. Something has to be done at that intersection, and that
something is a four-way stop. I do not want to see my child or
anyone else's child, for that matter anyone else, hurt at that
intersection again. Thank you for your help in this matter, it may
just save a life."

Online petition for four-way stop at the intersection we set up:

...and just a few of the folks who signed on to that petition, online/otherwise:

Robert Ackert of Longview Rd.
Wendie Adelman of Deer Hill Rd.
Cindy Benson of Hollow Rd.
Kathleen Boardman of Market Lane
Jane Brien of Hollow Rd.
Scott Brewster of Rhynders Rd.
Ron Bruce of Clinton Hollow Rd.
Marie Burns of Schoolhouse Rd.
Jessica Clark of Shadblow Lane
Andy Cooley of Pumpkin Lane
Bettyann Critelli of Centre Rd.
Kevin, Renee, and Janet Dominique of Clinton Hollow Rd.
Nina Doyle of Centre Rd.
William Drew of Fiddlers Bridge Rd.
Glenn and Debra Every of Fiddlers Bridge Rd.
Jaye White Frost of Lake Drive
Miriam Goldstone of Shadblow Lane
Stuart Griffin of Longmeadow Drive
Kevin Hanaburgh of Fiddlers Bridge Rd.
Thomas Hartley of Centre Rd.
Robert Hastings of Hollow Rd.
Rebecca Hicks of Salt Point Turnpike
Angela Hieter of Spruce Lane
Suzie Hieter of Halstead Rd.
Annemarie Juliano of Centre Rd.
Ed Lauricella of Bower Rd.
Kevin Lee of Browning Rd.
Robby Long of Maple Lane
Dan Madsen of Camp Drive
Daniel Melious of Centre Rd.
Jim Montross of Hollow Rd.
James Moon of Grissom Place
Eleanor Moore of Grissom Place
Richard Morse of Hollow Rd.
Rose Mowries of Centre Rd.
Alice Norkeen of Longview Rd.
Gerald Odell of Grissom Place
Maryann Russell of Seelbach Lane
Ruth Scharf of P.O. Box 159
Gerry and Diane Schoesser of Pumpkin Lane
Deborah Solnon of Schoolhouse Rd.
Nina Sommer of East Meadowbrook Lane
Timothy Sullivan of Lake Drive
Ron and Michelle Strollo of Hollow Rd.
Bonnie Starzyk of Long Pond Rd.
Theron Tompkins of Pumpkin Lane
Lauren Van Dyke and Jane Dembickie of Centre Rd.
Anthony and Debbie Venezia of Long Pond Rd.
John Vonderlee of Breezy Hill Rd.


James E. and Helen Ashton of Heritage Road: "I think a four-way stop there is a very good idea and long over due-- it is a very dangerous intersection."

Laura Boxer of Schultzville Road: "There are so many near misses."

Gail A. Burger of Creek Road: "I have had a few near misses at this

Glenn Carlberg, who lives at that corner (on Hollow Road):
"I find pieces of cars all the time in the yard. There used to be a
huge maple tree on that corner of my property-- it was long ago
destroyed by car accident. I had to move my mailbox. It's just not
a safe corner."

Nearby resident William Curtis of Hollow Road:
"A four-way stop would be wonderful at that intersection."

Stefanie Czerniewski of Hollow Road: "It's too dangerous an intersection without a light."

Adam Deixel of Camp Drive: "I have seen cars on winter nights skid
right through the westbound Hollow Rd stop sign -- a 4-way stop is a
necessity at that intersection."

Linda and Edwin C. Faber, Jr. of Mountain View Road: "We have a
friend who had a serious accident there several years ago. We support
four-way stop signs at the intersection."

Julie Isaacson of Allen Road: "My husband and I are lucky to be alive as we have encountered several "near misses" at that intersection."

Nearby resident Les Ogles of Hollow Road:
"I've seen and heard so many accidents at that intersection-- just
about one every other month it seems. I drive a dumptruck, too, and
have to nose out into the road from Hollow because of the limited
sight distance. It's dangerous; a four-way stop should have been put
there long ago."

Nearby resident Jeanette Pulsifer wrote this letter to the Town
Supervisor literally five years ago (this from from county DPW files):
"Simple stop signs erected at the County Rt. 18 intersection going
north and south would prevent any more injuries or death, and I could
be at peace, knowing I would not have to hear that familiar crash
sound and keep responding to the scene."

Bruce and Blanche Rubin of Schoolhouse Road: "We live a mile from the intersection but can still hear the collisions when then they occur! It's time to do the right thing."

Doug Smyth of Schultzville Road: "Many years ago my father had an accident at this intersection. The head injury he sustained was the locus of his fatal stroke 15 years later. Indirectly, that intersection caused his death. Personally, I know I'll hate to have to stop there every time I'm driving south or north, but we're all too much in a hurry, anyway."
duce them and save lives.

Nearby residents Mike & Linda Terpening of Clinton Hollow Road:
"Frequent nights while walking our dogs, vehicles have been observed
traveling east and west on Hollow Road passing through the stop signs
at 30 to 40 mph. There is also a second problem with speeders
travelers south on Centre Rd leaving little to no time for vehicles
turning south from Hollow Rd. A 4 way would reduce accidents,
injuries, and surely keep death away from this intersection. My wife
and I have on numerous occasions been in our yard and heard
screeching brakes and crunching fenders. Thankfully there have been
no deaths or seriously injuries, but to allow a condition like this
to continue to exist is only inviting trouble."

Nearby residents Walter and Gertrude Whalen of Clinton Hollow Road:
"I've witnessed quite a few accidents there myself-- a four-way stop
is needed."

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