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I started a petition called The Banning of Indian Names. That petition was riddled with grammar and spelling errors. The title made it sound that those who signed it, endorsed the banning of Indian Names. So I wrote this one. If you signed the other petition, you have my deepest apologies for my irresponsibility of failing to edit the petition before publishing it. Also, if you sign this petition, let everyone know there is a new petition, better worded and grammatically correct. Thanks.


A governing body of student-athletics, better known as the NCAA, has ruled that no university or college will be able to perform in post season play, if that university or college has any Symbols, Names, or Mascots representing any Native American culture or Tribe.

The NCAA will also ban these universities or colleges from hosting any post season tournament or playoff, unless they cover up the Native American symbols and names. The NCAA will not allow the mascot to perform at these post season playoffs or tournaments if that mascot represents any Native American culture or Tribe.

Currently there are 19 NCAA Universities that represent a Native American Tribe or that has a mascot that derives from the Native American culture or history. Yet only 18 of the institutions will be affected. North Carolina at Pembroke will be exempt from this ruling. The NCAA cited that this is due in part because UNC-Pembroke has a higher than average Native American enrollment.

The following universities or colleges have the full backing of the tribes they represent with mascots, symbols, and names. They are Florida State University, the University of Utah, the University of Illinois, and the University of Central Michigan. Yet the NCAA will not all these schools to be exempt from this ruling. Why? Because the NCAA feels that all Native American names, symbols, and mascots are ABUSIVE and HOSTILE.

Furthermore, the NCAA did not bring this to a vote of ALL MEMBERS of the organization.

The NCAA has let it be known, that they are not forcing the universities or colleges to change their mascots, names, or symbols. But the universities and colleges must remove all symbols, names and mascots for post season play.

The NCAAs purpose is to govern student-athletics, not to be politically correct. The NCAAs Mission is as follows
(Source: http://www2.ncaa.org/about_ncaa/overview/mission.html):

The NCAA's core ideology consists of two notions: core purpose - the organization's reason for being - and core values - essential and enduring principles that guide an organization.

Our purpose is to govern competition in a fair, safe, equitable and sportsmanlike manner, and to integrate intercollegiate athletics into higher education so that the educational experience of the student-athlete is paramount.

The Association - through its member institutions, conferences and national office staff - shares a belief in and commitment to:
The collegiate model of athletics in which students participate as an avocation, balancing their academic, social and athletics experiences.
The highest levels of integrity and sportsmanship.
The pursuit of excellence in both academics and athletics.
The supporting role that intercollegiate athletics plays in the higher education mission and in enhancing the sense of community and strengthening the identity of member institutions.
An inclusive culture that fosters equitable participation for student-athletes and career opportunities for coaches and administrators from diverse backgrounds.
Presidential leadership of intercollegiate athletics at the campus, conference and national levels.

We, the following people (signatures), feel the NCAA has overstepped their organizational purpose. We feel that the post season play is for the kids that worked hard and accomplish the right to play in their respective post season play because of their hard work, not because of the names on their uniforms, or their mascots. We also feel that ALL mascots have came about because of the history and heritage of that institution or that institutions respective State.

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