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May 12, 2005

Dear Distinguished Members of the Navajo Nation Council:

We the undersigned, enrolled members and friends of the NAVAJO NATION, hereby express opposition to the Navajo Nation Councils Dinй Marriage Act of 2005 that will allow for the first time in Dinй (Navajo) history, the approval of intolerance and invoke legal discrimination toward its own children and grandchildren who are considered imperfect and different. This avenue of legal discrimination is an injustice to our ancestors. We urge you to consider acceptance for all life ways.

The Dinй have considered traditional teachings of accepting life and in doing so, honor the five fingered people, whether perfect or imperfect. We have adapted in many ways by incorporating outside ideas, making our shared experience, uniquely Dinй. Because of this, we are proud and resilient, respecting, tolerating, and accepting all life ways.

Our traditional teachings and stories specify that all life, whether perfect or imperfect, has contributed to the existence of the Dinй. Navajo Nation laws uphold this historic and culturally accepted tradition which articulates and codifies a principled understanding of acceptance of all five fingered persons, as well as the animals and plant life.

The Navajo Nation Bill of Rights ensures life, liberty, and happiness as fundamental for all human beings, and that the Navajo Nation, on the basis of sex, shall not abridge equality of rights and sets forth no legal policy which has the effect of favoring one sex or the other.

The Foundation of Dinй Law provides a sanctuary for our life and culture, the relationship with the world beyond the sacred mountains, and balance with the natural world. The respect for, honor, belief, and trust in the Foundation of Dinй Law preserves, protects, and enhances the following inherent rights, beliefs, practices, and freedoms:

The individual rights and freedoms of each Dinй (from a beautiful child who will be born tonight to the dear elder who will pass on tonight from old age) as they are declared in these laws;
The collective rights and freedoms of the Diyin Nihookбб Dinй as a distinct people as they are declared in these laws;
The fundamental values and principles of Dinй Life Way as declared in these laws;
The Foundation of Dinй Law provides for the future development and growth of a thriving Navajo Nation regardless of the many different thinking, planning, life ways, languages, beliefs, and laws that may appear within the Nation.

The Natural Law of the Navajo Nation states that all creation living on Mother Earth and in Father Sky have their own laws and rights and freedoms to exist; and that the Dinй have the sacred obligation to respect, preserve and protect all that is provided.

We implore the Navajo Nation Council to give full consideration of these laws and the significant role they have on all life ways. Passage of the Dine Marriage Act of 2005 will undermine the effort of ensuring healthy families by invoking blatant discrimination toward "different" members of the family structure. We must all remember that our parents have given birth to sons and daughters of the third gender and as a result we should tolerate, accept, embrace, and indeed, celebrate all life ways.

Navajo People and Friends

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    "I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. This is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant." - MLK, Jr. Navajo Community/City Fort Defiance, AZ/Tucson, AZ
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    Civil unions instead of definition of marriage could be a necessary compromise. Navajo Community/City Rio Rancho,NM

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