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According to international law, Gaza is an occupied territory. Its blockade is a crime against humanity, a planned genocide of its population, as well as a war crime under the Fourth Geneva Convention. International law has dictated on invloved states in treaties that criminalize this action to seek lifting the siege ,saving people and ensuring the minimum conditions for human survival.

Being the single port on the other side of Gaza, international law has arranged more strict obligations for Egypt naming the inevitability of opening Rafah crossing and all other border ports to secure Gaza from the Israeli genocide plan

Tightening the embargo by shutting down the crossing and refusing to pass necessary supplies, has led to the establishment of tunnels as a last escape from planned death. Closing down those tunnels and blocking the only airway to Gaza by a wall of steel, was schemed and devised by Israel and the United States to move the Israel's border with Gaza more to the east ,in Sinai, replacing Egypt's borders with Gaza in the west and implemented by Egyptian hands under Egyptian security. Construction of this wall has no definition but a crime devised in excellence.
It will be a matter of interest to international law researchers to make this outstanding comparison between the wall of Egypt and the wall of Israel. If the wall that Israel has built proved to be a tool to annex Palestinian territories to Israel, then Egypt, must have sought an advantage for building that steel wall. The wall of Israel has been condemned by the International Court of Justice for being a violation of the obligations of the state occupying the Palestinian territories. Similarly , the wall of Egypt, will certainly fall within the legal circle of incrimination.

The stated goal of the wall is the persistence to stifle Gazans and punish them for a sin they had not committed. They are intimidated to death for being committed to a rule they loved or hated, they have chosen or was imposed on them, an issue which is not debatable by any means or any body. The political goal of the this steel wall is of no value because the law only considers the criminal intent which is the genocide Gazans regardless of its motives.

Legally, it must be emphasized that the references of the Egyptian adaptation of the wall are the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949 and the United Nations Convention for the genocide of 1948. In addition to the Rome Statute of the provisions on the types and elements of crimes, which highlighted thoroughly the content of the Fourth Geneva Convention. It obliges the occupation authority , as well as the states in the region that are directly connected to the occupied territories as in the case of Egypt and Gaza to secure the civilians lives by all possible means as a prime priority. Moreover, the convention gives the Egyptian judiciary a universal jurisdiction as the rest of the judicial authorities of the involved states . It is utterly inappropriate for the Egyptian government to deny this power under the pretext of sovereignty or that this measure is one of the state supreme secrets.
Israel and the United States signed an agreement in the last moments of Bush administration authorizing both countries and the NATO to work on several levels, including the Egyptian land, to tighten the siege on Gaza. Despite the Egyptian official protest that this agreement violates Egyptian sovereignty and was concluded without any Egyptian presence ,yet performs on its territory, the protest was too weak for this blatant assault on Egypt.
The participation of Egypt with Israel and the United States in the genocide of Gazans , whatever the justifications of each party , singles out Egypt in the circle of incrimination. Not to mention the fact that such participation is an Egyptian submission to the Livni-Rice agreement which Egypt previously considered a flagrant interference in its affairs and resented it being carried out on Egyptian territory.

The Government of Egypt offers the greatest service to the Zionist criminal project. This is one crime which is not time-barred.

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