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Open letter to Radio Yaran in regards to an objection against Mr. Monfaredzadehs and Mr. Nourizadehs description of Iranian media in Sweden

On Tuesday 31 May 2005, during one of Radio Yarans extremely popular Radio/TV shows, You Mr. Meybodi, asked your newly arrived guest, Mr. Monfaredzadeh, a recent resident of Sweden, what the differences are between the Iranian media in Sweden compared to the same in the US and around the world.

Unfortunately, Mr. Monfaredzadehs answer was not only unfounded and unsubstantiated but also irresponsible. Grounding his answers upon hearsays and rumors rather than facts, he provoked and aggravated a substantial amount of the Iranian community in Sweden.

Further to this, Mr. Nourizadehs supplementary ridiculing comments on these Medias and their years of active presence, added nothing but shame and embarrassment to the aggravation.

Moreover, Dear Mr. Meybodi, we believe that one of the objectives of your work is to enlighten your listeners and viewers with the Truth, in order to unite the Iranians and Iranian communities around world. Thus should this honorable cause of yours, be even more successful if it ensured that all information always originated from legitimate sources and experts with the correct in-depth knowledge of the matter in question.

In order to rectify the statements made by these Gentlemen; Mr. Monfaredzadeh and Mr. Nourizadeh, we need to explain that Sweden is the country of NGOs, the Non-Governmental Organizations. Sweden is and has always been on the frontier in regards to ensuring and preserving human-, social-, and cultural rights of its inhabitants, hence the fact that we have thousand of cultural, social, political, and athletic and many more NGOs in Sweden working with their proprietary agendas in order to achieve the before mentioned goals. Among them, you will find many Iranian organizations and among those, these so-called 28 organizations in Gothenburg and the even more than those in Stockholm. These are all actively involved with their members in this society in order to help our community with integration and furthermore to preserve the social, cultural and historical values of our own society in exile.

With the support of fellow Iranians, Iranian business owners, Swedish companies and other governmental and non-governmental organization that requires good knowledge and connections, these radios are able to utilize the costly technology and mange the expenditures required to run such establishments, as it is anywhere else in the world.
Mr. Monfaredzadehs saying that, the Iranian radios in Sweden are abusing a system created 80 years ago by the Swedish people in order to offend and insult each other, is in fact in it self outrageous and offending towards thousand of Iranian living in this country. In addition, it is with a great sadness, that You, Sir, find His words adequate without any objections.

Further to this, Dear Mr. Meybodi, for years, Mr. Nourizadehs work as an examining and revealing journalism, has been brought to the broad public through your programs and been published in newspapers and other media around the world. A sincere and professional journalist work, is always, based upon fact and figures hence never satisfied with hearsays and rumors, and is always in the purse of the Truth. However, by hearing these unfounded and non-grounded statements from Mr. Nourizadeh, one start to immediate question the accuracy and truth in all his other work as well.

Finally, we are all very much aware of and admire your professionalism in pursue of the truth in all your work. Therefore, we are asking you if you find it reasonable for all listeners and viewers outside US, just by examining one, to judge all Radio and TV stations in US, alike in regards to All aspects of their work? Is it even possible that you and your colleagues would show up in the Studio in the same farcical manner described by Mr. Nourizadeh? We believe that, due to the unfounded and improper presentation of our community here in Sweden, we, the Iranian community in Sweden, our people, our active members of society within media, culture or academic faculties, are all entitled a formal apology from the editorial allowing these Gentlemen making such introduction.

The above letter is an informal translation of an open letter to Radio Yaran from the following socially and culturally active people in Sweden:

- Sharareh Talaei, Station manager Radio Iran On Air (Hamshari Cultural Assoc)
- Shahram Khalatbari, Chief producer Radio Iran On Air and member of Swedish Writers Union
- Hassan Zare PhD, producer satire program Radio Iran On Air
- Bahman Rahmani MD, Medical advisor Radio Iran On Air
- Vahid Sebghati, Station Manager Radio Shahrvand in Gothenburg
- Bijan Salehi, Station Manager Miniature TV
- Jamshid Taghavi-Bayat, Station Manager Radio Mehr (Anahita Assoc)
- Vali Sharifpour, Producer Pars Radio (Mitra Assoc)
- Akbar Shaghayegh, Active member of The Green Party of Sweden
- Azam Boroumand
- Maryam Assadifar
- Reza Amini
- Mehrzad Mir
- Sassan Ansari
- Artikas Zeighami MSc
- Farah Aghaei MD
- Arman Masserat MSc
- Mehrdad Mehrdadian MSc
- Behrouz Assadi, Station Manager Radio Sahand (Azari speaking radio in Gothenburg)
- Hayedeh Bolouri, Researcher Medical University in Gothenburg
- Iraj Shamsaei MSc

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