Open Letter to Jerzy Buzek, the President of the European Union, Mr. Karl-Heinz Florenz, one of the Parliaments key Representatives in Copenhangen, and Members of the European Parliament in regards to the Copenhagen Summit: sign now

Dear Mr. President and Members of the European Parliament,

We the People of the of the World see that the problem of Waste, Pollution, and Sustainability has a very different character and the Solutions Proposed during the Copenhagen Summit are nothing but Bandages that Hide the Real Wounds and do Nothing to Cure the Source of the problem. When addressing Sustainability, Pollution, and a Waste of Resources; why not expand it to the actual enterprises that do the Most Harm to the Earth, her Raw Resources, Human Rights, Humanity, and Life in General? Why not go after the Defense Industry?

Total Global Military Expenditures stand at $1.46 Trillion with the United States leading at 41.5\%, followed by China at 5.8\%, UK, France at 4.5\%, and Russia at 4.0\% (2009 figures.). [1.] Total International Arms Trade stands at $337.4 Billion with the United States leading at 41\%, followed by Russia at 17\%, France at 8\%, Germany at 4\%, and China and Italy both at 3\% (2001-2008 figures). [2.]

These are only the Costs of Production, they do not include the Price of the Human Turmoil, Death and Destruction. The estimated costs just to the United States of the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are estimated at around $943.4 Billion. [3.] This number does not include the Loss of US Lives, the Psychological Damage to War Veterans, the use of Raw Fuels and Resource, the Pollution created, the Political Damage, the Destruction of Infrastructure in both Afghanistan and Iraq and the Loss of over 1 Million Lives.

With do respect Ladies and Gentlemen, the Problem is Self Evident. The World is driven by Power-Hungry, Self-Professed Plunderers who seek the Profit Motive over Human Rights and the People. I call it the "Multidimensional-Industrial-Complex!"

There is a better way Ladies and Gentleman and the European Union can become the next World Model. Instead of creating Enemies, the EU can foster Dialogue and Mutual Understanding between all Peoples, Nations, and Communities. Instead of Plunder and Destruction there are Legal ways to go after and Prosecute the Parties Responsible for the Plunder and Destruction of the Earths Resources and Human Misery.

Currently the United Nations plays the Central Role, but it is overrun by the Very Forces that create the Chaos. Mainly the Five Permanent Members of the UN Security Council that hold a Monopoly Veto Power over UN Policies. They are the United States (with a Military Budget of over $605.9 Billion and 41\% [$154.9 Billion] of the Worlds Arms Trade), the United Kingdom (Military Budget of over $65.7 Billion and 7\% [$26.9 Billion] of the Worlds Arms Trade), the Russian Federation (Military Budget of over $58.4 Billion and 17\% [$63.8 Billion] of the Worlds Arms Trade), France (Military Budget of over $65.7 Billion and 8\% [$31.2 Billion] of the Worlds Arms Trade), and China (Military Budget of over $84.7 Billion and 3\% [$10.1 Billion] of the Worlds Arms Trade). [4.]

These Actors are the Worlds Larges Manufacturers and Suppliers of Weapons to the World. This Trade is directed in efforts to Destabilize and Impoverish the Peoples of Less Developed Nations in Latin America, Africa, and Asia and allow for the Multinational Conglomerate to exploit their Raw Resources. Over $700 Million in Weapon Exports goes to Latin America, over $13 Billion to Africa, and $8 Billion to Asia. This is on an Annual Basis. [5.]

These Permanent Members of the Security Council are a Disgrace to the United Nations, her Mission, and the World. They use their Power to Dominate and Control the rest of the World in their own National Interest and the Interest of their Corporate Complexes. They need to Loose the Veto Monopoly Power and their Seat on the UN Security Council Immediately. The UN Security Council needs to be reorganized on a Permanent Rotating basis with each Member at a given time having the same Veto Power as any other.

Additionally, Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, said that the United States will try to create an International Fund of $100 Billion Annually by 2020 to address the Climate Change needs of Developing Countries, during the Copenhagen Climate Summit. Right now the amount is at only $10 Billion, so do the calculations. $100 Billion is only 6.8\% of the $1.46 Trillion that is
spend in Global Military Expenditures and 29.6\% of the $337.4 Billion spend in the International Arms Trade Annually. That means that $100 Billion will
be donated to put a bandage over the infection; while 14.6 times that will be
spend on waste, pollution, and creating tools that create the infection and
3.37 times that will be spend to spread and worsen the waste, pollution, and infection around the world. This must be some kind of a sickening joke!

There is a better way to foster Peace, Dialogue, and Sustainability. First, the People need to be Empowered to live lives of Respect and Dignity, as well as Economic Opportunity. Laws that create Barriers to Self-Employment and Self-Realization need to be Brought Down. The Consumer Culture and Materialism is a Fiction of the Media and the Multinational Conglomerates. Communities need to be restructured to provide Adequate Opportunities for Members prospect within. Public Transportation needs to be Abundant and Available that Members are satisfied and do not need to both Additionally Pollute and create Congestion Problems. International Trade in Weapons and all Wars of Aggression (preventive or not) are International Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity and need to be Prosecuted.

Ladies and Gentlemen, before any sane decisions can be made to address the problem of Sustainability, Pollution, and a Waste of Resources; the issue of International Conflict, the Manufacturing of Weapons, the Trade of Arms, the Structure of the UN Security Council, Optimal International Consent, Empowerment of Communities and Access to Public Transportation need Addressing First.

We only have one Planet Earth, the only Known Place that Provides the Necessary Nourishment and Conditions to Support Live. There is no Other Place. We are Conditioned and Living by the Rules of Greed and Trickery. Everything is Massively Produced to be Massively Consumed. The bottom line is to Maximize Profits at the Cost of Human Rights and Humanity. The end result is Hydrogen Bombs, Atomic Bombs, Explosives, and other Weapons of Mass Destruction.

These things do not only Pollute, they are a Waste of Resources. They are also the tools of Death and Destruction and Mass Profits. The end result is Missing Hands, Feet, and Other Parts. The Human Toil, Misery, and Suffering of Those Caught In-Between these Hypocritical Lies. Fathers and Mothers end up carrying the Lifeless and Bloodied Limbs of their Sons and Daughters. Children fall prey in the Macabre of Exploding Bullets, Shells, and Other Explosive. Mass burial sites are dug up to bury the Hundreds, Thousands, Hundred of Thousands of the Decomposing Bodies left behind. The end result is a pile of Skulls, Bones, and Other Skeletal remains. The End of Life and the End of Existence.

Please do think about these Cries of the Toil, Suffering, and Misery Artificially Fabricated on Humanity Ladies and Gentlemen. There are better ways to CAP down on Emission than creating yet another system of Tax, Trade, and Inequality that will empower those that do the most harm to Human Rights and Humanity. This is only a Bandage, not a Cure for the Source of the Problem.

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