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We undersigned are writing to express our strongest concern over the fate of Mr. Omid Omidi and unequivocal support of his claim for political refugee in Sweden.

Mr. Omid Omidi is an Iranian political asylum seeker who his claim for political refugee have been rejected by Swedish immigration authorities. Omid Omidi is political opponent activist, writer and web logist which all of his activities as well as his web logs have been banded by Iranian Authorities. The address of his web logs are:

In March 2000 Mr. Omidi was arrested in Iran, because of his political activities against Islamic republic of Iran. Mr. Omid Omidi was forced to flee when his political activities was disclosed to the Iranian secret police and he has faced imprisonment and torture. Mr. Omidi continues his political activities in Sweden. Mr. Omidi has written several political articles and reports about against political Islam and Islamic regime of Iran.

It is common knowledge that political opposition and activists in Iran have been and continue to be brutally suppressed. In the similar situation hundreds were arrested. Several leaders have been killed and the fate of many remains unknown.

Also it is important to know that The Iranian government is now attacking web logs and web loggers. Currently the Iranian regime organized wide attacking and suppression on political and opponent web logs in Iran.

The forcible return of Iranian asylum seekers to Iran is a violation of the principle of non-refoulement. This prohibits the forcible return of a person to a country where their life or freedom would be threatened. It is a principle of customary international law, which binds all states.


We believe Mr. Omid Omidi clearly fulfils the criteria for refugee recognition detailed in relevant international instruments. He holds and has expressed opinions not tolerated by the authorities. His opinions and his political activities in Iran and Sweden have come to the notice of the authorities. He faces a threat to his life or liberty if refouled to Iran.

We urge the Swedish immigration authorities to grant him refugee recognition based on his well-founded fear of persecution on the ground of political opinion.

We are awaiting you immediate intervention in this life-threatening situation. Needless to say, the Swedish government will be held accountable for Mr. Omidi's life and freedom

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    Omid Omidi has a right to peaceful living. Country Sweden Organization Kulturcenter Glassfabriken
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  • 17 June 2015285. Moshaver Watkins
    Omid deserve to be protected as a refugee. Please respect and recognize his rights Country The Netherlands Organization Iran Future Foundation
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    Help him Country Sweden Organization none
  • 05 May 2015283. Mahshid R
    lеt omid omidi stanna i sverige Country Sweden
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