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What are you worth?

In 2003 a Helpdesk Tech with just one cert was worth $18 per hour w/benefits. In 2004 that same Helpdesk Tech with just one cert was worth $19 per hour w/benefits, and the more certs they had the more dollars per hour they were worth. So, what happened? How did the Agencies manage to degrade the value of our jobs right in front of our eyes?

Have you considered your skills and your Self Worth? How do you value yourself? You are being cheated, you are being robbed, you are being used, and the value of your technical abilities are being severely diminished by head hunters and consulting firms who want to get away with paying you a very small portion of what you are worth so that they can get richer at your expense. They are trying to make you think that Techs are a dime a dozen when the opposite is true. Sure, there are a lot of people who know how to work on a PC (to some extent) but they are not all PC Techs in the sense that we Techs understand it. Even a Tech with a beginners knowledge of how to break/fix a computer "reliably", are not a dime a dozen. And an "experienced" Tech with a certification or two, or three, are STILL more than worth their weight in gold! Then we have the Techs who have many certs, plus knowledge of business software the average joe has never even heard of, plus lan/wan, router, tcp/ip, wireless, vpn, admin, etc, etc.. Still a dime a dozen? Well, they want you to think this is the case. But we know the only motivation here is the $$$ that go into their pocket and not into ours.

This is not only hurting you and me. Its hurting companies too. Because when a company seeks an agency for Tech help they think they are getting the cream of the crop and bargain basement prices, but what they will likely end up with is anyones guess. They may think they are getting high experience when in fact its more of a roulette spin and the ball could fall on anything from computer hobbyist to a fully experienced Admin. There are lots of companies out there risking their business thinking theyve got someone whos already been through the learning curve. When in fact they could very well have hired a newbee that has yet to put his/her finger into the socket just to learn youre not supposed to do that! These companies could very well be one keystroke away from total downtime. It shouldnt have to take a genius to know there is a very good reason why we have certifications plus experience on top of that, but obviously, it does.

Psychologically Speaking
Not only do you get what you pay for, but you also get the kind of work yo u pay for. It doesnt matter how experienced one is either; A person who is paid $14 per hour will perform at a $14 per hour level. Not intentionally! But psychologically - Its automatic!

Has to be a conspiracy
There is this conspiracy (and it doesnt have to be concerted) amongst the consulting firms to lower your value so that they in turn can pay you less while offering their clients a small break. Don't misunderstand that. The consulting firms are still demanding $50 and $80 per hour for YOUR services, but without offering you health benefits in return, and some even demanding you to be 1099 so they dont have to pay your SS/Fica taxes. The client still gets a break because they don't have to deal with you being on their payroll, and if you are off sick someone else will be there to fill in for you. Not a bad deal is it? (for THEM!)

STOP sending your resumes to the agencies. These companies have revenues in the $Hundreds of $Million of $Dollars per year these are YOUR dollars!

Here's just an example. And you've seen these for yourself:
Dont forget: These agencies are getting $50 and $80 per hour for YOUR services. Dont you think you should get a little more then the paltry sum they offer ?

Robert Half 14.00
ACT 13.00 to $15.00
VOLT 12.00 - 16.00
Snelling 13.00
And if you think those are bad check this one out: (this could be your future)

And stop working for places like:
The Geek Squad
Geeks On Call
Et al
They diminish the reputation and worth of experienced Technicians by also hiring below entry level then calling all of you Geeks as though that indicates every single one of you have an extremely high degree of knowledge of computers, printers, peripherals, software, hardware or networking, when some of them dont even know how to get into the BIOS! And if you are working for one of these companies and you have a high degree of knowledge then shame on you for accepting the pennies they offer when your Technical knowledge demands much more. Yeah yeah, I know you have to pay some bills, but when youre working for one of these places, or the agencies for the little wages they give you, youre really just strapping a mattress to your back and putting yourself onto the street corner, arent you.

Heres another one:
J&M Consulting. They want you to not only do the work, but they also require that you personally go out canvassing businesses to find MORE work. And guess what? They are willing to give you a small piece of the pie while they sit back and collect a bigger piece of that pie from the revenue that you produce! All at 1099 and no bennies. NICE eh?

BTW: I sent J&M an email bitching them out and here is a quote from his reply:
thanks to this company I just bought a new car. You have seriously pissed me off so I am going to take a drive in my new car, that will make me feel better to know that welfare techs like you are out there being nut jobs.

Wasnt that nice of them? I have more certifications than he does, yet I am a welfare Tech!

Fellow Techs: STOP buying New cars, New boats, New homes, Vacations, Cruises and Trips to Las Vegas for other people!!!! You see those brand new homes going up near you? Do you think any of them have your name on it? Probably not.

Reality Check Time!
Techs Are The Ones Who Are Keeping Businesses In Business!
Without good PC Technicians/Support/Administrators, ALL major businesses would fold!
We are important to them, get that through your head. You dont really think the president, managers, o r secretaries are going to get off their flat Asses to repair PCs or maintain the network do you? These people dont even know how dust gets inside the computer! The agencies dont want you to realize this, but I do!

How did it get below the $20 mark?
You should be making between $21 and $25 per hour with benefits.

Why? Lets look at some of the Requirements.
Troubleshooting DSL, dial-up, web hosting, DNS, and e-mail problems
Must have a solid knowledge of navigating through the following operating systems: Windows 98, 2000, XP, as well as familiarity with Internet and mail applications. Must have excellent verbal and written communications skills.
All that for just 8 bucks an hour. Yeah right.

But usually it is something with a long listing of the following four categories:
Position Summary:
Primary Duties and Responsibilities:
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

Minimum Education/Experience Requirements:

The more I think about it the more I understand just how
FRIGGIN INSULTING! This whole thing is. Dont you Think??

Friends, I am just as strapped for a job as you are, and just as you I worked very hard for the knowledge, the experience, and the certifications, not to mention the College. I am not about to allow anyone to de-value me into an $8.00 per hour McTech, and I hope you will join me in helping to reverse this terrible injustice to our valued position. Look, I too have a family to feed, a mortgage, a car payment and stacks of bills to pay just like everyone else, and I think you and I deserve fair pay just like everyone else.

9/11 is over, so they can stop blaming it on that. Everyone else is getting raises since 2003 except us. Lets put this into another perspective just for a second:

If a 9th grade dropout can work at Ford, GM, Chrysler and be paid $30 per hour with the best medical coverage that can be found in the United States, PLUS receive 3 to 6 weeks paid vacation and hunting season OFF (its in their contract). Then how is it that we Techs, who possess the knowledge needed to keep major companies running 24/7 with minimal downtime, PLUS be on call 24/7, keep getting shafted?

I think all the agencies have renamed us all to: Ben Dover.

How do we get this trend to begin a reverse?
Well, first off we need to STOP responding to agency Ads. Piss on em, theyre killing you!
We must also find ways to send this message or your own message to other Techs. INFORM!
We need to respond to those agencies with nasty emails letting them know of our disgust of their wage practices. As nasty as you can get. (You can open an "Alias" email account on Yahoo or Hotmail or whatever to send your emails through so you wont have to use your own name)
Respond only to Company paid postings. Remember! If an agency has a posting, the company most likely has a similar posting on the same site too. Search them out! It doesn't matter to them if they find the employee or if an agency finds the employee for them. They need an employee.
The difference is that you can negotiate a higher pay scale from your experience and the company will pay more than the agency. Plus you get the bennies too. So find the company posting.

It is time to start a National IT Union. We deserve to be paid what we are worth with all the benifits that go along with it.

Find a Tech Pass it on.. please.

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