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We, the undersigned, oppose AB 2987 (Nunez/Levine)as rushed through the CA State Assembly in late May '06.

We are disappointed that efforts were not made to address the proposed
legislations major flaws, as identified by local governments, community media supporters, and public interest groups. Recalling the lessons
learned from the mistakes made when energy deregulation swept through the State Capitol in 1996, legislation of this impact should be deliberately considered and carefully discussed with all interested parties, rather than being rushed through without adequate public input.

Please vote NO on AB 2987, which prevents real choice for ALL Californians. It harms our communities by taking away their existing rights
in cable franchise negotiations with huge, out-of-state corporations. But AB 2987 doesn't stop there.

AB 2987 allows phone companies like AT&T to ignore what it calls "low-value" customers, who can't afford to pay over $100 per month for video & telecommunication services. These are the very people who are already underserved by broadband services! But AB 2987 doesn't stop there.

AB 2987 severely harms our public, educational and government (PEG) access operations, many of which are already very under-funded. Throughout California, communities have negotiated franchises that require their cable companies to provide PEG access channels (in amounts based on demonstrated need) that offer educational programming, coverage of local government
meetings, important public safety information, and a vital opportunity for citizens to express their concerns and beliefs. Many communities have carefully negotiated on behalf of their residents to also ensure that their cable companies provide adequate funding and other resources to ensure the successful operation of these PEG channels. But AB 2987 doesn't stop there.

AB 2987 crushes the right of many communities to negotiate future improvements in the amount of PEG access channels, funding and resources to be provided to their citizens..

AB 2987 destroys the local negotiation model that has worked so well for so many of our communities. It replaces it with a statewide franchise that limits PEG channels and funding to a meager "one-size-fits-all" approach.

We urge you to address these concerns in the Assembly-passed version of AB 2987. The interests of ALL Californians must be considered.

Greater consumer choice is important; ensuring equity and the well-being of our communities is essential.

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    Support public access TV!!!!
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    We need more access, not less, and more democracy.
  • 16 July 201439. D B
    Thoughtful Consideration is not a waste of time.
  • 02 July 201438. R Milesm
    Cable Public Access is one of the few areas of direct Free Speech available on TV. It must be preserved and expanded! The airwaves belong to everyone.
  • 30 May 201437. Helen S
    please help keep government open and transparent
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    no on any interference with the internet by the telecommunication industry!
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  • 04 August 201329. Michael Wo
    Please review and consider, some tv programs make people laugh and cry, but public access tv educates, it feeds the minds of people and affects their ability to grow positively
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