No Obama, African Americans are not going along with your bogus Health care Bill sign now


Black Americans, as well as ALL OTHER AMERICANS are fed up with these Democrats and their bogus laws and dictatorship style of leading. We are fed up with this dictatorship style, along with this Hitlertarian style of ruling, led by the Democrats. We are tired of the Mayor Daleys, Clintons, Kennedys and now Obamas, dictatorship rule fashion. This is strictly a dictatorship style? Who do you Democrats think you are? You are supposed to listen to what the AMERICAN people want it is not the other way around. Power corrupts and now you Democrats think that you dont have to answer to the American people? You continue to erode our justice system, our constitution. You have disrupted our way of life. You have destroyed OUR PEACE, by a bogus anti-poverty program which threw CHA residents (a crime infested housing project) into BLACK Communities and now crime is at the same statistical rate as it was in the freaking CHA projects. Duh! NO all Blacks are not the same? Slavery and segregation threw us all together and now an ANTI Poverty law, which over crowded the southern suburbs and black areas, leaving us to psychotic people whose mindsets, cannot be reversed. The lead in the walls, pipes and grass did that. PTSD did the rest.

Your laws are bogus and they create injustice and you democrats and/or racists sit on the throne of your power without a care in the world as to how many African Americans it will destroy; while you circle around the world and portray America as a empathetic care giver, while wiping and genociding black communities dry. One such law is the bogus three strikes youre out to name one-- but the Democrats PUT THE drugs into the community. Remember Mena, Arkansas? The Democrats are trying to take our right to bear arms away, but we know your party put guns in the hands of the people you want in an effort to justify taking our guns away and traumatizing the black neighborhoods. WE KNOW THERE ARE NO GANGS! MAYOR DALEY HAS MADE AN UNCONSTITUTIONAL ORDINANCE BANNING GUN OWNERSHIP IN THE CITY. A City with a high crime rate? What is wrong with that picture? You have criminalized fathers with a so called Child Support Enforcement Law, which created an entire agency in an effort for POLITICIANS AND YOUR FRIENDS TO MAKE MONEY. (WE KNOW ABOUT MAXIMUS, a child support collection agency, with Governors and Mayors on the Board of Directors and it is a publicly traded company). It was NEVER about child support. There was no need for it to be. There were only 11\% of men who were deadbeat dads, not enough to overhaul and start a child support agenda and department. You are seizing their property and the CONSTITUTION says you have NO RIGHT TO DO SO! You are setting it up for our children to be taken away and more of our men!!! Are any of these BOGUS laws or agencies STOPPED or amended as a result of your own abusive powers. NO. Democrats. NO.

Now OBAMA wants to make the legislation and force the Republicans to choose his/THEIR health care bill. Whats next for the American people. JAIL IF THEY DONT get a vaccination? The Democrats love it. NO! The MAJORITY OF THE American people do not want it, and the government led media is lying if they say we do.

It is our CHOICE NOT YOURS. For all of those Republicans who side with Democrats. Listen, you should fire yourself, because all of those who vote in favor of this health care bill will never get voted back INTO office.

I was a lifetime Democrat. I will no longer vote Democratic. NEVER. They have taken my vote for granted ONE TIME TOO many and I am an African American. If not for the African American vote, OBAMA would not be Commander in Charge, and now illegal immigrants want to be legalized and they didnt even VOTE OBAMA in as President. Over 80\% of the Hispanic vote (the million that could vote, went to McCain). And this was the million THAT CLINTON ALLOWED IN TO VOTE FOR HIM.

The government led media has lied about their illegal immigrant numbers (there are really only 2 MILLION ILLEGAL MEXICANSNOT 20,000,000) THEY LIED!!!! Hey look up the 1999 census, there were only 1,000,000? So how did 1,000,000 turn into 20 million in 8 years later. Do you know anyone who was counting at the Border and counted the other 19,000,000. NOPE they lied. Another lie to cut the wages of the AMERICAN PEOPLE. THIS TOOK BLACKS OUT OF THE EMPLOYMENT SECTOR FIRST. Here is something else to PONDER. IN MISSISSIPPI, AND JUST last year (2009), MISSISSIPPI OUTRANKED MEXICO IN OTHER WORDS; MISSISSIPPI HAD MORE BIRTHS THAN MEXICO. Go Figure. Mississippi is what? African America.

Remember Vicente Fox, Mexican Presidents words..

President Vicente Fox reversed course Monday night and apologized for saying that Mexicans in the United States do the work that blacks don't want to do.

It was all planned from the beginning. Vicente Fox, is part Irish and his mother is from Spain. Usually Spaniards do not immigrant to the US. Spain is totally different from Mexico, Mexicans were colonized by Spaniards.

ALL THESE POLITICIANS HAVE ONE THING IN COMMON THOUGH they all have Harvard University in common of which they learned NOTHING.

NOW OBAMA WANTS TO FORCE a health care bill down our throats so these Democrats can bleed this country dry. The Democrats SCREWED up on a Child Support bill which is criminalizing fathers based on propaganda and a political arena set by Clinton.

NO to a Health Care Bill and I AM AN AFRICAN AMERICAN. BOTH my parents were BLACK!!!!

Republicans take Ted Kennedy's seat in Massachusetts in historic upset The Times 2010-01-20

Republicans scored an historic upset victory overnight that put President Barack Obama's agenda in jeopardy exactly a year after he took power - and could kill health-care reform. A little-known Republican state legislator came from a 30-percentage point deficit to win Edward Kennedy's old seat in the US Senate in Massachusetts in what appeared to be a massive protest vote against the party that controls both chambers of Congress and the White House. "This is a huge wake-up call for the Democrats, for the Obama Administration and the country. America is fed up of the arrogance coming...

DO NOT VOTE FOR OBAMAS HEALTH CARE BILL if you do, you all are fired!!!!

It is time for African Americans to take a stand. No Republicans dont like us, but it is good to know your enemy. Democrats hate our guts and have put laws in force to show us and are destroying the fabric of the Black Family. The Black Males. Jobs have been given to illegal immigrants. So it is time to jump ship now.

Obama you need to back up! WE DONT WANT YOUR HEALTH CARE BILL. Just because you are half black does not mean you can do whatever in the hell you want to do so when people disagree you can play the race card. Hell you yourself play the race card. You dont relate or help African Americans. You only relate when you can gain. Remember you STOOD with Mayor Daley for an OLYMPICS that would have ethnically cleansed Blacks out of their OWN neighborhoods

P.S. This is the truth. I could tell you Obama and all those other democrats in favor of Obamas Health Care bill where you can put itbut I will leave that to Russ Limbaugh. And guess what I am not an Uncle Tom, like Clarence Thomas, Oprah Winfrey, a Tiger Woods, the Rappers, etc., the lists goes on. No. I am very Afrocentric, I have no hate for the skin I am in and I do not project. I honestly thought Obama would make a difference. I didnt realize you were yanking our chains. Go figure.

Let our legislators know. No more lynching! No No to the Health Care Bill.

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