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To People of Morals,

Recently, members of Seax-Wica have become agitated because of a certain author named Mark Ventimiglia, was made Head of Seax-Wica by Raymond Buckland. The following is a copy of the notice of Disassociation drawn up by several High Priest/esses:

Mark Ventimiglia is claiming to speak for all Seax-Wica. This is not the case because:

1. Part of the self-dedication and initiation reads;
"Well do I know the creed: That if I do not have that spark of love within me, then will I never find it without.
Mark only loves himself and his own ideas!
2. "As the wine (Ale) drains from the Horn so shall the blood drain from my body should I do aught to harm the Gods or THOSE IN KINSHIP WITH THEIR LOVE".
Mark has harmed a great deal of folk in kinship with their love, specifically spurning and "casting out" those initiated Seax-Wicans who happen to be homosexual as well, as (he states) "homosexuality is an abomination of nature and those who are homosexual are abominations themselves". He has stated they are not "True" Seax-Wicans.
3. The Priest/ess says: "Know then, that in all things ARE WE EQUAL. In all things do we seek for the good and love of all."
Mark is a bigot and anti-Gay Gesith. He has tried to force his personal opinion as standard Seax-Wican dogma. There for we can conclude that Mark Ventimiglia has never been "self dedicated" or Initiated into Seax-Wica.
4. On his web site there was a picture of Mark in a "BUFFALO SKIN" I have emails from him about the skin, if Mark is so anti-Blot (sacrifice) that even the eating of meat is wrong and cruel, for all people, not just Seax-Wicans and not just himself, how can he wear the skin of an animal "MURDERED" (his words) for its pelt? This is totally hypocritical and false.
Be it known that Mark Ventimiglia does not speak for the Seax Wica community he speaks only for himself.
Be it known that Mark Ventimiglia does not represent Seax-Wica nor does he have any authority over those who are Seax-Wican, despite any claims to the contrary that he may make.
Be it known that we feel that this "appointment" of Mark Ventimiglia to the position of "Stieward" (Head) of Seax-Wica by Raymond Buckland to be a forgery, although the facts are being checked.
Be it known that we have tried to help Mark see reason in these matters
Be it known that Mark has persisted in these views, so antithetical to the declared position of Seax-Wica
Be it known that while personal opinions and positions will be tolerated from individuals, those in positions of leadership should be moderate in their speech and manner, tolerant of that which they find strange and "wrong", for all are equal to each other

For giving mortal insult to others of our path,
For passing judgment in public manner on private affairs,
For assuming authority that is not rightfully his,
For giving grave insult to those whom he should show compassion toward
For placing personal views above the Rede
We the undersigned of the United Kingdom and United States Covens and Solitaries totaly disassociate ourselves from this man, who calls himself the "Stieward of Seax-Wica" and anything to do with him. His actions have placed himself outside the kinship of Seax-Wica, and outside the Love of Woden and Freya.

Enacted this day, August 17, 2003 of the Current Era.

Sean Percival high Priest of Seax Wica, together with the Coven of the Spial Seax, Oldbury, UK.
Daven, High Priest of Seax-Wica, The House of the Morning Star (Daven's Journal)
Theressa, High Priestess, The House of the Morning Star (Daven's Journal)
Kevin Swaney HearthFyre Coven

Permission to pass this around as needed to any group or publication is herby granted, so long as none of this is altered in any way, other than to add signatories. For further information, please contact those listed above at their websites for further information.

Mr.Ventimiglia recently has spammed the signatories with lewd and innflamitory emails. I myself have come under fire for supporting them. The following is one of the emails I have recieved from him, after informing him that I was going to make this petition:

"Keep it up fudgepacker, you are making me
RICH!!!!! Bad publicity is better than no
publicity. The GODS hate Faggots!!! Assholes are
for SHITTING... NOT FUCKING!!!!! But you queers
are too stupid to know that!"

Daven has also archived some of the emails he has been sent, and they can be viewed on his website:

This petition has been made so that no one will support Mr.Ventimiglia's homophobic comments through buying his books. Mr. Ventimiglia claims to have made a great deal of money off of selling his books, especially after all of this controversy. If you do not wish to hand over money to Mr.Ventimiglia, do not buy his books. Inform your local bookstores that you are protesting his comments and believe that his works have no place in a store that promotes learning.
Please sign the petition so I can send it to his publishers, and to Raymond Buckland, to inform them that we do not support hatred, especially with our hard-earned money. This is a plea to anyone who fights against intolerance and hatred, no matter what your religious beliefs are.

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