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We the undersigned Property Owners and/or Residents of Dundas do hereby strongly oppose the change in Zoning and Amendments to the Dundas Plan to permit the construction of a 7 storey 56 Unit Apartment building at 24 Brock Street North, Dundas.

The Town of Dundas Official Plan was developed to safeguard the neighbourhood from the type of development that would detract from the Heritage and Natural Beauty of the Niagara Escarpment. To quote the Dundas Official plan clause 3-4-4-1(g)

New residential and mixed use buildings shall generally be in scale and compatible with the low profile character of buildings in the Town in order to maintain view of the escarpment and new buildings shall be carefully integrated with the character of established residential areas. In order to minimize conflicts, the location, form, scale, bulk and design of new buildings shall be sensitive to and compatible with the density and form of existing residential development.

The proposed development is in violation of the Dundas official plan for the following reasons:

The surrounding area consists of 1 to 2 storey single family homes. The proposed development is contradictory to the character and environment of the neighbourhood.

The size of the building covers a large portion of the useable property, making the proximity to adjacent dwellings unacceptably close (a 3 storey wall with windows and balconies less the 1.5m from the lot line running 70 metres in length).
Section (h) provides The development of the subject lands shall be
appropriately designed to buffer and/or separate adjacent land uses and shall respect
the sensitive nature of the existing urban fabric.

The bulk and 7 storey height of the proposed building would block residents from seeing the most valued Historical landmark known as The Peak

The construction of the proposed building would interfere with the escarpment slope and possibly weaken and destabilize an already unstable area. Residents have already suffered mudslides, drainage and flooding issues.

The access to the proposed building from Brock Street N is impractical as Brock and Melville Streets meet at a blind corner. Neighbours could completely lose their front yards if road improvements were made.

Traffic and Parking is already difficult in the subject area, 70-100 more vehicles to contend with would compound the existing problems. Section (d) of the official plan provides ingress and egress to the property will not create congestion on surrounding local streets. The location of the proposed driveway to the development would also impede access to and from existing residents driveways.

Other issues include: Safety for children at Witherspoon Park, environmental concerns. emergency access to the proposed building, sewers, storm sewers, and water supply, the downloading of infrastructure upgrades to existing residents, and vibration and noise amplification from the railway due to the construction of the building.

To allow developers to obtain Zoning changes and plan revisions to the Dundas official plan to suit their business needs and profit would set a dangerous precedent.

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