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Dear Sony Online Entertainment & Lucasarts Entertainment Company,

Currently a new expansion and modification for your game "Star Wars Galaxies" is in progress that, when it goes live, will alter the game we all love. Many players have come forward about the problems in the current game and Sony said they'd fix all these ages ago. However, instead of listening to the players what we want, they have gone overboard with their Combat Upgrade.

As it is now, the game has some shortcomings:

- Professions are unbalanced in comparisom
- Most armor types is useless due to Composite being too overpowered - The game suffers from echnical difficulties, which Sony has ignored for far too long. Heavy lag, client crashes, lock-ups and lack of support for GeForce cards.

Instead of fixing these issues, their priority has slipped towards upgrading the combat system. Unlike the name suggests, the changes they are making aren't to the combat system alone. Basically the whole game is getting a complete overhaul. Combat will be generic, non-dynamic and very poorly designed. The HAM system, which was very unique to Star Wars Galaxies and will be simplified. Apart from those changes, Sony will also change the graphics, sounds, interface, hotkeys, chef, doctor and entertainer buffs, which will make their role in the game less fun. This will have an effect on everyone in the game. Many people tried the CU (Combat Upgrade) already and decided to leave the game and many more will follow when it goes live.


- Certification is needed to wear armor types.
- System is changing entirely and will be more complicated.

- Combat will be slow and less thrilling.
- Many moves will be generic.
- Queue is going.
- XP will be harder to get (see grouping).

- Current hit and partial effects will be changed to be more fantasy like (i.e. strange rings around lairs instead of smoke and fire).
- Font in-game will be changed.
- New hotkeys will be bigger, coloured and hard to distinguish.

- Grouping with players below or above your level will result in heavy XP differences.
- Max size will be changed to 8 members.
- Solo-ing will be harder, since many opponents will be much harder.

- Will be changed so the unique system in SWG is going. Thus combat will be less innovative.

- Chef, Doc and Entertainer buffs are being nerfed heavily.
- Doctors and Medics will gain no XP when healing in Medical Centers. Only in combat situations XP will be given.

- New poorly designed sounds.

How Sony can ignore this is beyond the players and thus we would like to appeal to both Sony Online Entertainment and Lucasarts Entertainment Company, to cancel the CU and fix the game in it's current form, instead of turning it into a generic online roleplaying game, like Everquest 2. After all, the players didn't want all of this, all we wanted were minor changes, not a total overhaul.


Cancellation of the "Combat Upgrade"!!! Instead SOE should finally remove all remaining bugs and do these minor changes:

- More customization options in crafting to make other armors matter again. Composite is the only thing used now.

- Better support! Players are ignored most of the time.
- Fixes to solve lag, crashes and other issues (currently many GeForce chipset owners have graphical problems).
- More interactive story drive content.
- Removal of broken skilltapes.

- More weapons.
- Moves that are broken need to be fixed.
- Need to be balanced.
- The ignored professions such as Bio Engineer and Squad Leader need to be made more interesting.

- More new ships, no "modified" ships that were not in the movies.
- Where are the Imperial and Rebels in space? Where's the "Star Wars?"


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