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Nintendo, please for the sake of your own company and gamers alike, please change the name of your new console, Wii, back to Revolution. You are committing commercial suicide with that name and designating that you keep third place for the entire length of the console wars. You've done some great things and made some great ideas, you've also made some truly atrocious mistakes that cost you first place, that cost the most innovative game company in the world to lose market share, to be belittled by any demographic in teens or above.

Revolution so much more so captures the spirit of this new innovation. People are for the most part extremely excited about the new controller and the changes that it will bring to gaming and new gameplay. Wii, frankly, is far too confusing, far too strange, and totally the wrong image if you want to reach more people.

We know you probably spent too much on marketing people who came up with the idea and thought, "Nintendo wants this console to reach everyone, mom and dad and kids. Let's call it we, but instead, let's make it Wii!" And they laughed and thought it was a brillaint name. But much like sticking with cartridge, and putting a ban on any sort of violent video game, you will be extensively shooting off your foot in the US and Europe. Yes, DS worked, but that's simple, elegant, and wasn't changed from something much better.

To put it this way, naming your new console Wii, is like naming your child Mortimer, you are setting it up to be taunted, mocked, and not taken seriously.

That name might work in Japan but you finally need to realize we have very different mentalties here.

Revolution is a perfect name, simple, to the point, and gets it's message across and it lets people who have forgotten you with GameCube and Nintendo 64 know that things are going to be different this time.

Please start with the name and make a sincere effort to do so.

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Latest Signatures

  • 18 October 201550. Ben Martin
  • 31 August 201549. Jason M
    Revolution=Excitement, Innovation, and What Dreams Are Made Of
  • 18 August 201548. Jeremy Shannon
  • 14 August 201547. Anthony Robbins
    I like the name wii, but the public does not
  • 05 July 201546. Hunta Tyler
    God! They couldn't have chosen a worse name! It's going to be a laughing stock here in Australia...
  • 22 December 201445. Xbox F
    Please keep the name Nintendum
  • 06 October 201444. Marco S
    Change name please
  • 26 July 201443. Steve G
    Please change the name. It doesn't translate to English very well at all.
  • 21 July 201442. Samuel R
  • 14 July 201441. Jeff T
  • 09 June 201440. Falks Valencia
    Honestly, this isn't me.
  • 27 May 201439. Claire R
    I support this petition
  • 16 May 201438. David Newton
    If they wanted to shorten it, just make it "Revo"
  • 06 April 201437. Martin B
  • 06 March 201436. Chris W
    wii is a VERY BAD name.
  • 31 January 201435. Tamara S
  • 16 January 201434. Jonathan S
    Please, please, please change the name! It's the most unapealing name for a console ever!
  • 21 July 201333. Izwzyzx Norris
    Long live the Revolution
  • 18 June 201332. Tim B
    Wii don't want a name change. Even if it must change from Revolution, you could at least come up with something better than Wii
  • 04 May 201331. Joseph M
    Change it, change it at once... Want to scare off casual gaming folk? Well, this is the perfect solution
  • 01 January 201330. Lad Valencia
    it'll grow on us
  • 16 November 201229. James R
  • 18 October 201228. Beth Holt
    I support this petition
  • 10 September 201227. James Ashley
  • 18 August 201226. G M
    you go into a shop and ask for a wee? C'mon?
  • 27 June 201225. Christopher C
    CHANGE IT!!!
  • 18 May 201224. Mike O
    revolution is already what its known as!

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