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As a Sonic fan, I have seen a lot of things come and go - good cartoons, bad cartoons, good games and bad games, but there is one thorn in my side that I cannot forgive: It is the public, monthly abuse of my favorite character, Sonic the Hedgehog, and the wonderfully crafted storyline of DICs Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon (also called SatAM), torn to shreds by the bored, listless and simply disorganized scriptwriters of Archie Comics.

I have seen a great deal of wonderful Sonic artwork, created by talented artists hired by Archie to illustrate the StH comic, but more and more, since 1993, the Sonic story has been twisted and turned every possible way by the numerous writers at Archie. No one knows this better than Ken Penders, who has been inking and working on Archies StH Comics for as long as the comic has been running. Back in November of 1995, in StH issue #31, he fought to keep the Archie scriptwriters from killing off the beloved SatAM character, Princess Sally. The original script called for Sonic's love interest to be dead and buried, but public outcry from SatAM fans and comic readers (and an online petition) stopped Sally from being eliminated.

I feel that there is a similar tragedy occurring with Sega's loveable blue mascot, but now on a larger scale. The Sonic the Hedgehog game series have had tremendous popularity in North America, and the Archie comic has, for the past decade, ridden on top of that wave by pulling in wonderful artists and scrapping together stories on a once-a month basis.

I quote the most recent StH comic review, written by Dan Drazen, who has faithfully reviewed and publicized his fair viewpoint of StH Comic since the very beginning:

"After the most begrudging of apologies, Sally and Sonic take up the fight on their own. When Sonic tries to get it across to Sally that he tried to intervene on her behalf because he cared about her, Karl (one of the script writers) has Sally go ballistic: "Well, STOP caring! Okay?" She then settles any doubts about where the relationship is going with a speech that has to be quoted in full to be believed: "Why keep fooling ourselves when we know it can never work? I'm a princess, Sonic. I need a companion to rule by my side, not someone who's constantly playing hero. I'm sorry, but you heard what the King said I have an entire city to run. Too much is at stake. It's over between us."
You know what? Screw this!
I've been disappointed by this comic in the 10 years or so I've been following it, I've been frustrated by it, I've been angered by it, I've occasionally been surprised by it. But two pages into this story and I've reached a turning point: I actually HATE this comic. And I don't think that's too strong a word.
So I'm packing it in. I'm taking Sally's advice: I've stopped caring.
What's the point of reviewing the comics anyway? I can't tell the Sonic fans what to like and what not to like. And it's not as if anyone in Editorial or the creatives are taking anything I've said over the past decade to heart.
But the comic just doesn't work for me any more, and it has nothing to do with the artwork (mostly what I remember are the abominations such as "Naugus Games" anyway) or the writing per se. What's happened is that I don't know these characters any more, and frankly I don't WANT to know them."
(Sonic the Hedgehog #138 [Sep 2004] Review by Dan Drazen)

I agree fully. The StH comic has done more damage to Sonic the Hedgehog in a decade than can be repaired in a lifetime, and I believe it is time to stop this abuse right in its tracks.

I propose this solution: Sonic Team, Sega of America, and Sega of Japan, PLEASE take away Archie's license to write Sonic the Hedgehog comics, and bring in competent script writers, that will follow the SatAM storyline. I personally recommend Ben Hurst and Patricia Allee, the original story editors of the SatAM Sonic the Hedgehog series.

I am shocked that the rape of the Sonic the Hedgehog storyline has gone on so long with the script writers of Archie Comics. I believe that Archie is fully capable of handling the Sonic the Hedgehog artwork, promotion, printing and distribution, but I am absolutely disgusted with the mishandling of the Sonic storyline.

Archie scriptwriters have stumbled at every turn in the writing of the StH comic, blindly attempting to write in video game storylines, original characters, and American clichĐšs into the Sonic storyline. They have not consulted with the Sonic Team of Japan about how Sonic, Tails, and SatAM characters should be written or handled, and have not planned ahead with the original plot creators to make sure the wonderful potential and planning that was put into DIC's Sonic the Hedgehog series was written out to it's full potential.

Sonic Team, I believe that the SatAM storyline can easily be mixed with your current video game storylines, and that it is of vital importance to bring the American and Japanese storylines of Sonic the Hedgehog into agreement and harmony. Sonic has a huge amount of potential for games for years to come, and to bloom with creative and exciting new material.

All who have signed this petition are also asking you to call Archie Comic's Sonic the Hedgehog series into account, and take back what is rightfully yours - the storyline of Sonic.

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