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We, the passionate, loyal and dedicated fans of NBA basketball in Canada are making the following petition.

We object to the fact that here in Canada we are not given the same television programming choices available to fans of other major sports such as Major League Baseball (MLB), National Football League (NFL), National Hockey League (NHL), NASCAR and NCAA basketball. Whereas fans of these sports can purchase so called "League Pass" subscriptions whereby every single league game is made available for live viewing, Canadian fans of NBA basketball have been excluded from such a programming choice.

This exclusion has occurred against the following background:

1) Proliferation of programming delivery capabilities for consumers - from basic cable to digital cable to competing satellite companies:
2) The existence of at least one Canadian NBA franchise for the last 10 years
3) An increased strategy on the part of the NBA to market the NBA product internationally more aggressively
4) As mentioned above, the proliferation of "League Pass" subscriptions for other major sports.
5) The existence of the "NBA League Pass" programming subscription at least in the territory of the United States.

Thus, we, the signers of this petition demand that all relevant parties - the NBA, the Toronto Raptors, Raptors TV, Cable & Satellite providers and the CRTC - come together to make available the same kind of "League Pass" subscription that is offered to fans of other professional sports in Canada for fans of NBA basketball in Canada.

As a last point, please consider that the nature of this request is that we are petitioning for your permission TO ALLOW US TO GIVE YOU MONEY!!!

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Latest Signatures

  • 17 December 2015250. Brian Reyes
    I support this petition
  • 15 December 2015249. Imran York
    Current Cable/Satellite Provider Shaw cable Please, please add the nba league pass!
  • 06 December 2015248. Billy B
    I support this petition
  • 03 October 2015247. Omar Z
    Current Cable/Satellite Provider Rogers Digital Cable Its extrememly unfair that theres complete sports coverage for every major sport besides basketball.
  • 27 September 2015246. Francis Dodson
    Current Cable/Satellite Provider ExpressVu NFL Sunday Ticket is available & we don't even have an NFL team in Canada, I want NBA Leage Pass
  • 15 September 2015245. Trina Lopez
    Current Cable/Satellite Provider Bell В
  • 10 September 2015244. Vince Carterb
    Current Cable/Satellite Provider Dish Network Bring the NBA to Canada you hosers! EH!
  • 16 August 2015243. Bill D
    I support this petition
  • 12 June 2015242. Curtis C
    Current Cable/Satellite Provider Shaw You can get Nascar, but no "NBA League Pass", ridiculous.
  • 30 May 2015241. Harminder S
    Current Cable/Satellite Provider shaw Don't watch any sport besides NBA
  • 23 May 2015240. Charles P
    Current Cable/Satellite Provider none currently How many countries get NBA league pass? Why do we Canadian basketball fans have to be deprived?
  • 23 May 2015239. Jojo Conner
    Current Cable/Satellite Provider rogers В
  • 21 May 2015238. Brian C
    I support this petition
  • 30 April 2015237. Mark Willis
    Current Cable/Satellite Provider SHAW Give us the choice to watch American Sports. Not everybody loves hockey!!!
  • 21 March 2015236. Dylan G
    Current Cable/Satellite Provider Rogers Silly that we have to continue to ask for this content. THE GAME WAS INVENTED BY A CANADIAN!!!
  • 14 March 2015235. Arthur Petersen
    Current Cable/Satellite Provider Bell ExpressVu There should be more emphasis on showing more of Steve Nash's games to Canadian b-ball fans. The Canadian sports channels show only a fraction of the Suns' games. I think there are more NBA fans, not just S
  • 10 March 2015234. Brian S
    Current Cable/Satellite Provider bell expressvu want league pass now!!!
  • 04 March 2015233. Marcus M
    I support this petition
  • 04 February 2015232. Josh Dev
    Current Cable/Satellite Provider Persona Communications Please give us the option to order NBA League Pass!!! Charge whatever you want!!! I would gladly order it as I'm sure alot of the other NBA fans would.
  • 11 January 2015231. Jason B
    Current Cable/Satellite Provider BEV В
  • 03 January 2015230. James B
    I support this petition
  • 02 January 2015229. Colin Donaldson
    I support this petition
  • 02 December 2014228. Guillermo White
    Current Cable/Satellite Provider expressvu В
  • 29 November 2014227. David F
    I support this petition
  • 21 November 2014226. Larry M
    Current Cable/Satellite Provider I feel cheated
  • 15 November 2014225. William O
    I support this petition
  • 14 November 2014224. Don V
    I support this petition

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Sonia MacdonaldBy:
Petition target:
NBA, Toronto Raptors, Raptors TV, Cable & Satellite Providers & the CRTC


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