CONTACT: Christian Montero Adrian Montero
I have made requests for several months the Federal Government and the States, among others, attention from the serious legal errors decay and terrible, I hope that our concerns to strengthen actions to Mexico cause transcribe hereby reiterate the subject for months:
The national prison system is on the verge of collapse, corruption, impunity, abuse of power, inconsistent deaths, torture, prostitution, privileges and serious inconsistencies in the Procurement and Administration of Justice are irreversibly damaging to Mexico and its social fabric. Forwarding mail, let us work more transparent and provide certainty, simplicity have to accept that they are exhausted, we are specialists with a background repeat, honor, trust and confidence URGE tried and tested and have the experience of knowing Federal District opted risks ignore, change is necessary.

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From: Montero Montero
Date: September 28, 2011 9:13
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Mexico., D.F to September 28, 2011
Subject: Reports Projects
A consideration.

Federal Agencies Holders
Congress, agencies and
Citizenship and Media


Through this ocurso and in order to be able to permeate the areas falling within its competence as evidenced by our willingness to assist government institutions and thereby strengthen our country by submitting to it their support to implement the following projects:

Strengthening Vulnerable Groups:

Sought through outreach programs for the prevention of crime, very defined and structured, raise awareness of the real consequences are criminal activities and thus to escape the imprisonment and other

Giving real opportunities to unemployed immediately in our national activities in service modules, administrative activities, field in disseminating pictures of legality, citizenship, human rights, among others.

Program with support from the private sector and governments to eradicate the homeless, especially children who are used for purposes of sexual exploitation and trafficking, this is urgent, in order to reintegrate them into the national productivity of the hand with society

Prevention and treatment of addictions, by broadcast and events with celebrities and former inmates who have lost everything by that status, aimed at young people, students, workers and so on.

Depressurise prisons, through to late-model cousin criminal offenders, property crimes related to minors and to avoid criminal continuity, verify that there are no innocents in prisons, with supervision and moral conventions of the active society and give urgent agility to seeking justice for the pre release since it is currently configured as bottleneck holding their freedom

Implementation offender law through a series of schemes already defined, real protection to migrants what happens in the Southeast or other parties is inadmissible

Among many other programs rather than have all its edges defined by a specialist.

Strengthening Government Program:

It is a moral discrediting actually have all the branches and at all levels of governments, the feeling of fullness, of impunity for corruption scandals and little conviction of public service, they have citizenship in uncertainty of governance and rule of law therefore aims to strengthen the above entities, civil society precisely by exposing it to duly constituted as follows;

The most common cause of impunity and corruption, is the low wages and benefits that the server has to walk, so we have agreements with major companies to provide more adequate services for free, giving certainty to the families service and more convinced

Training Programs

Dissemination of sector programs with the moral support of social organizations and adapting the access of citizens to their right of audience and attention to their concerns

Discussion of rules that criminalize conduct, to the legislature, we have proposed in the light of comparative law and with proven experience

Events such as Art for Peace, Dialogue for Mexico, Observatories Summit Citizens and NGOs, States in the Republic, the Mexican Justice World etc.

In fact the field is rough and not real dogmatic proposition

In short, we seek your support to implement, disseminate and generate practices consistent with the public service, diagnose prisons, with agreements to eliminate corruption and impunity, ie to discern legal inconsistencies in the preliminary investigation or Delivery of Justice report it immediately to the competent authorities that they are certain the inmates and their families into society if they care and are part of it and the authorities aware of the knowledge that we are watching

Paradoxically, the last link of prison as punishment, is where organized crime, everything starts again, only more bloody.

It is for this new account we respectfully call upon Felipe de Jesus Calderon Hinojosa as Head of the Executive Branch to Congress, the Judiciary, the CONAGO, state and municipal governments to build a common front to respond the social call and will respond to you, do not underestimate the public, remember that Mexico and fear are all responsibilities, that is, again, an endorsement of our will to strengthen us, support us to help, his times are very different from ninety-four percent of Mexicans, aware that many who claim to employment, opportunity, fairness, consistency, and that society and government as a whole and I see them resolve their situation, their warmth or decision is the difference that Paul coma, John of 11 years and will turn to prostitution in the streets, Carmen with 5 children at home and not in prison, Joseph is not afraid to report? Ordinary people already living a panic and does not feel protected in any way, let alone those who have lost a family member or his body disfigured by this war, that happens to us?, To whom we owe?

Recognize their successes, but the state as a real world view is in crisis, governance is eroding with its institutions, enough of superb and surreal realities, the social fabric is torn.




MSc. Christian Montero Adrian Montero

0155. Phones
I.D 72 * 13 * 36 306

PS Until we do not make my knowledge its refusal to these concerns, not with my desire claudicaré generate reflected herein.

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