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Narmada Waters Grand Robbery

Madhya Pradesh is second largest state in India located in the center of India scores of major and minor rivers originates from its territory but except Narmada they all remain small and dont carry surplus waters that can be reliably and economically used by people of MP. Its geographic area is 3,08,000 square kilometer and population in excess of 60 million which is comparable in size and population to European countries like UK, Italy, France or Spain.

Narmada river naturally flows in the middle of this state and its average width is less than 100 kilometer and it comes very close to its basin boundary, thus Narmada waters could have been diverted into upper catchments of Son, Ken, Betwa, Chambal, Tapi and even Godavri basins at nominal cost by diversion barrages.

But MP was Robbed Of Its Vital Resource Free Of Cost In NWDT Award And Conned To Even Build Biggest Dams To Serve Gujarat While MP Farmers Are Starved Of River Waters Drying Up Ground Water In Many Districts Completely.

Narmada is the Lifeline of 60 million people of MP, not Gujarat, which already enjoy free use of Tapi, Sabarmati and Mahi Rivers already.

Please look at my first petition also.

(The answers to all the following questions is YES)

Thank you,

Ravinder Singh
Inventor And Engineer.



Honorable Members Parliament,
Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.
Parliament House, New Delhi-110001

Please ask these questions In Parliament: Scandalous NWDT Award 1979.

Please take up the issue of Robbing Madhya Pradesh of its rightful share of Naramada Waters by Gujarat in a most scandalous manner in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha that has no parallel in the history of the world and then not even paying for the rehabilitation of the displaced people.

Will honorable Minister for Water Resources be pleased to inform the house:-

1. Is it a fact that average water resource of Naramada River as per MoWR data is 36 maf (45.64 BCM) but only 28 maf has been allocated by the NWDT?

2. Is it also true that MP is entitled to draw only 18 maf (50\%) of Narmada waters though has 88\% of basin catchment?

3. Is it true that Naramada flows through the middle of Madhya Pradesh and the average width of the river is just about 100 km?

4. Is it true that at many places Narmada comes very close to the basin boundary and its waters could be easily diverted to upper catchments of Chambal, Ken, Betwa, Sone Tapi and Godavri rivers by building barrages at nominal cost?

5. Is it true that as per Starnews report ground water in five districts of MP have dried up and 22 other districts are in critical state?

6. Is it true that Gujarat is getting lions share in all other interstate rivers Tapi, Mahi, Sabarmati also?

7. Is it also a fact that Gujarat is allocated 9.0 maf of Narmada waters and its withdrawal is measured at the take off point of the Navagam Main Canal? Clause IX (VII) of NWDT?

8. Is it also true that 3.0 to 4.0 maf water in Naramada is generated in the lower catchments below the Sardar Sarovar Dam?

9. Is it also true that under Clause IV (5) Gujarat can draw any amount of water going over the dam not expected to generate power in to Navagam Canal and this shall not be counted as allotment from the prescriptive allotment or in other words accounted as consumptive use?

10. Is also true that capacity of the Navagam canal is 40,000 cusecs and this means 80,000 cusecs per day or 2.4 maf of water per month can be drawn by Gujarat in excess of NWDT award (para 9) and this could go up to 7.2 maf in three months?

11. Is it also true that evaporation and other losses in Narmada Sagar and Sardar Sarovar shall be 1.2 maf and 0.5 maf and losses in all four dams dedicated to serve Gujarat shall be close to 2 maf?

12. Is therefore true that Gujarat shall be consuming 9 maf as per award, 4 maf shall be available below SSP dam, transfer up to 7.2 maf of water on account of overflows and 2 maf shall be evaporation loss, all adding up to 21 maf Much more than real allocation? (consider para 13 and 14 also)

13. Is true that live storage of Narmada Sagar is 7. 9 maf and Sardar Sarovar Dam is 4.73 maf and they together can hold up to 12.63 maf of water by end of monsoon season?

14. Is true that under clause IX regulated releases of 0.677 maf of water per month for 9 months period is 6 maf but dams namely, Sardar Sarovar, Omkeshwar, Maheshwar and Narmada sagar shall hold over 12.63 maf water at end of each monsoon thus supply much more than 6 maf allocation by NWDT for post monsoon usage?

15. Is it true that Gujarat has to pay only 17.63\% of the construction cost of Naramada Sagar Dam and no cost of Omkeshwar and Maheshwar dams but shall use most of their water?

16. Is it true that MP and Maharashtra are to pay 84\% of the cost of powerhouses of Sardar Sarovar Project?

17. Is it true that 1200 MW pump storage units of the river bed power house shall operate for few days only as generators when there will be flood situation and to operate as pump storage it will draw more power for pumping than generated by it and only industrialised Gujarat can afford to use pump storage units though MP and Maharashtra paid 84\% of it's cost?

18. Is it true that during October-June period NWDT award prescribe releases of 0.667 maf per month or 10,000 cusecs against main canal capacity of 40,000 cusecs thus only one of the five 50 MW generator will be operational in 250 MW Canal bed power house for most of the day in this period?

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