* Introduction *
This petition was created to be advertised to the members of Furcadia (http://furcadia.com). Ive broken up the story and the relevance of it to several groups of Furcadians, and then the story in general. This is a Mystic Homes related issue. They will be listed by title as follows:
The Story and Reasoning
Relevance to BAH Guests
Relevance to BAH and Dream Owners
Relevance to AI
Relevance to Guardians
Read Before Signing

If you have no idea what this petition is about, or dont even play, Im asking you right now not to even sign unless youre going to read the entire thing. Those who understand the situation, or fall into the categories of Furcadians, Id like you to at least read the last paragraph to the story, and the relevance to your category, if not the entire story. Also, please read the review and READ BEFORE SIGNING paragraph. Theyre both important.

* My Story and Reasoning *
As the creator of Mystic Homes (Yes, I created it. Mystical Homes and Mystic Homes), which is a very busy dream, I needed reliable staff. At the time, we were incredibly busy and I was busy myself. Especially since over the summer I was going to Spain for a month (Where there is no internet by the way), and preparing for my freshman year of high school. I hired a co-owner, Albel Nox aka Gaara. Over the summer, and during the times I was offline, he did a wonderful job of taking care of the dream for me. While I was getting used a new school, a new homework load, and making new friends. However, a few weeks into school I started receiving several complaints about Albel every time I logged in. Once it came to October, I had heard enough. This is basically where the drama starts.

As the creator and owner of a dream, I hate to hear my staff is acting up, especially my co-owner. After thinking about it for awhile, I decided I really didnt want a co-owner. I mean, its my dream. I can handle it. I was very upset about all the complaints, and one night I changed the password to the uploading alt. Expecting to be shouted at by people not understanding the reasoning, I actually received a lot more support than I could have ever imagined. Although there were a few hate whispers. ;) Albel was also mad, and rather confused.

Before long, Mystical Homes arose. Mystical Homes is basically the old version of Mystic Homes, which I technically created with Toshin. However hes a lazy bum and basically did squat even though the whole thing was his idea. Oh yeah, and I created it with Sophie Ryan too, but lets not even go there considering she did less than Toshin did divided by three. I made most of the dream, except for about 7 houses with Toshin just built. I did all the DS, and compacted all the items which we gathered. I regret ever giving Toshin the title of owner, because after he resigned about 6 months into the whole thing, he supposedly gave all his power to Albel Nox. So now he says he has the power of an owner, and has the right to load my dream. I admit, I gave it to him freely since he was co-owner. However, everyone voted him in assuming nothing bad would ever happen, he would never load the dream if I said not to, etcetera. The staff pretty much split in half, and so I was forced to make a new BAH, an updated version of Mystical Homes, which is now loaded under the name Mystic Homes.

Two Mystic Homes? How does that work out? Well Ill tell you right now, it doesnt really. Everyone became used to the name Mystical Homes, since it took me a few months to create a new dream. My older creation, which isnt even run by me, and Im also banned from, gets more guests than I do on several days. This, as you may understand, severely pisses me off. (: Ive decided, that if Albel refuses to stop loading my dream Mystic Homes, loaded under the name Mystical Homes, Ill have to take dramatic action. Unfortunately, this will affect not only me, but all of AI. I will be forced to put the original Mystic Homes (Now known as Mystical Homes), up for download. This will give everyone and their mother the right to download my dream, which is loved by many. Weve seen this happen with Silons BAH, and Base Capture. How this may affect you particularly is listed below in separate paragraphs.

* Relevance to BAH Guests *
Although it may sound nice that there will be multiple Mystic Homess loaded in AI, which means you have a good chance of getting a better house, its really not good. One, your favorite BAH before MH will probably go out of business. Two, because there are so many BAHs, not all of them will have good staff, be fair, or even work properly or be popular. Youll most likely have a home, and youll be in the dream with about 2 other guests, because all the BAH guests are spread out among the various new BAHs loaded in AI. Im not saying that 2 guests is bad, but wouldnt you like to have neighbors, and maybe race with someone other than yourself?

* Relevance to BAH and Dream Owners *
It might not sound like it, but this will GREATLY impact BAH owners. Most of your guests will disperse among the various other new BAHs. Many of your guests will even own one. All your hard work may be flushed down the drain as well, because you may be left in the dust with all the cool new BAHs on the street that everyone wants to see. Heck, if one is hiring or has free perms, youre most likely getting moved down on the list by the second. Considering you usually have 30 some people in your dream, you may be left with 10. Dream owners, this also applies to you. Many people might spend more time in BAHs, and with all those new dreams trying to load, you might not even have an uploading spot.

* Relevance to AI *
Like stated above, almost all uploading spots will be taken by BAHs. However, the reason that sets this category apart is because of advertisement. You KNOW there will be tons more furres in AI advertising and spamming their BAH ads so that they have a chance to be the best BAH like theyve dreamed. AI will be a mess basically.

* Relevance to Guardians *
With everyone fighting over spots and such, there are bound to be multiple guardian calls on spot stealing and other such nonsense most people know cant be fixed. People will complain that theyre spamming their ad so no one can see their own, that they stole ideas, they stole their dream (even though its for download). Its bound to happen.

* Review *
After reading this you may have decided that this really does affect you. I really appreciate you reading through it, even though its long. Its a very important issue to me, and I really dont want to put up a dream I worked all summer on for download. I made this dream in 7th grade, and its a prized possession of mine. I highly encourage Albel to create his own BAH from scratch. This is not meant to insult anyone in anyway; Im simply asking that my dream stop being loaded. Thank you again, and I appreciate signatures of those who support my request.

Ok, look. Please dont sign it saying YOUR STUPID and other such nonsense. If you dont agree with what Ive said dont sign. People are looking a lot at how many people have signed, not what youve said if its against our cause. Also, do NOT sign twice. If someone signs saying something like that and you reply with Youre an idiot. Then youve signed twice. I will be very unhappy if people sign more than once. You can leave a comment if you like. Please sign with your Furcadia name, incase someone would like to contact you, such as myself or Albel if he reads over it wanting to confirm signatures or whatever. Oh, and one more thing, if youre not sure on the whole situation, dont leave a comment, just sign your name if you have a general understanding and agree. Dont sign if you dont know what youre signing for. You can whisper me for more information if you need it. Also, please try to use grammar a bit, such as capitalization and punctuation. It makes the signatures look nice.

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