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I, Lindsay Eckert ( author of this petition hereby promise to everyone and especially to the people of H.S.A.C that I will review and delete every single comment which contains words of hate, racism, or discrimination. I respect MySpace and its people in its whole, and I will not send this petition without a previous review.

To the staff, and whomever else it may concern:

This petition has been both created and supported by members of the myspace group, "H.S.A.C- Help Stop Animal Cruelty (

This group of people have expressed large amounts of support
in favor of the idea of supreme myspace intervention.
This group of people is disgusted by the absence of the
current group moderator, Matthew Lush (

We feel that Matthew Lush has done everything to promote his
group, but absolutely nothing to keep the group under control.
The group members frequently find themselves using the
"report abuse" link at the bottom of the page, hoping the
MySpace Powers That Be delete the spammers.

Unfortunately, because this group is so widely advertised
by Matthew Lush himself, it attracts many different kinds
of people. People who post hideous pictures of dead or
dying animals, animal carcasses, sexual relations between
humans and animals, anti gay/lesbian propaganda, anti
vegetarian propaganda (many of the group members are
vegetarian), etc etc.

It has also recently been proven that Matthew Lush finds
no problems deleting non-offending members that ask him
to do something about the spam, yet won't take the time
to regulate his group. He has even "pinned" some
of the offensive threads.

In conclusion, the members of the Myspace group in
question request that myspace take divine intervention
against the likes of Matthew Lush. Please, myspace,
do the right thing: Appoint a new moderator to the
"H.S.A.C.- Help Stop Animal Cruelty" group.

The benefits of doing this hugely outweigh the downfalls.
Not only would we finally be able to stop messaging you
about spammers, but you would no longer have to go into
the group and do anything. We simply would like to
run like any other self run forum, with the ability to
be free of the spammers and offensive pictures.

Thank you for your time.

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Latest Signatures

  • 06 October 201550. Emily Henson
    Lindsay for MOD! DOWN WITH MATTHEW LUSH! Your MySpace Profile Name LledrithDu Your MySpace Profile Link
  • 30 July 201549. Tabitha Serrano
    He has done NOTHING to help this group!! I say that Matthew lush should lose his position as mod! Your MySpace Profile Name Tabby? Your MySpace Profile Link
  • 25 February 201548. Selena J
    I support this petition
  • 20 January 201547. Felicia G
    i think that lindsey eckert should be moderator of the stop animal cruelty group. as the current moderator is not doing a very good job of keeping people from posting inapropriate posts. i believe that she would do the group well. Your MySpace Profile Nam
  • 26 December 201446. Samantha P
    I support this petition
  • 25 December 201445. Yvette S
    Im glad that you have something for us to help these animals Your MySpace Profile Name Yehtii Your MySpace Profile Link
  • 19 November 201444. Megan M
    I propose Lindsey as our new mod! Your MySpace Profile Name Megan Your MySpace Profile Link
  • 17 August 201443. Marissa Keith
    I support this petition
  • 19 October 201342. Melissa Dodson
    Im sorry matt-but i wasnt gunna sign util i looked at some other bulletins and topics and these people need to be kicked off. and your not doing anything about it. Your MySpace Profile Name *Melissa* Your MySpace Profile Link
  • 05 September 201341. Gabby Oconnor
    I support this petition
  • 20 August 201340. Dan E
    Our mod is terrible. He has done NOTHING for our group! Please, assign us a new mod! Your MySpace Profile Name Dan Your MySpace Profile Link
  • 14 July 201339. Morgan Conner
    I support this petition
  • 13 March 201338. Jodi Copeland
    mod is horrible!!!! Your MySpace Profile Name jodi Your MySpace Profile Link
  • 27 November 201237. Katie K
    this as gone on too long with him Your MySpace Profile Name katie jo Your MySpace Profile Link
  • 19 August 201236. Ann C
    please give lindsay eckert to mod position in the stop animal abuse group. she would be a much better mod. then the one who is there now. i hope you make the right choice and give her mod. status. Your MySpace Profile Name PAINTHORSEFLASHBACK Your MySpace
  • 27 July 201235. Jayla B
    Please let her be the mod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your MySpace Profile Name Jayla Your MySpace Profile Link
  • 03 November 201134. Bethany Carroll
    Please let us appoint a new moderator! Your MySpace Profile Name They call me "B" Your MySpace Profile Link
  • 28 August 201133. Ryan B
    I support this petition
  • 21 May 201132. Liz Walton
    This group needs serious help Your MySpace Profile Name Mrs. Chainsaw Your MySpace Profile Link
  • 17 February 201131. Andrew T
    I read these forums often and am disgusted by the moderation (or lack thereof) done by Matthew Lush. Your MySpace Profile Name Through Jesus There Is Hope Your MySpace Profile Link
  • 16 August 201030. Rex H
    This would be a great group, if we only had a responsible moderator. Your MySpace Profile Name Coyote-sama Your MySpace Profile Link
  • 15 June 201029. Kristen Dawson
    I support this petition
  • 22 May 201028. Cj M
    Matthew Lush has not moderated this group in a long time. He has time to change his pictures and design clothes but no time to moderate something that he 'cares' about deeply? Your MySpace Profile Name CJ Your MySpace Profile Link
  • 21 May 201027. Ashlee T
    We need to get this group under control. Many of the things people post on here are hideous and incredibly insulting. I resigned months ago, but plan to re-join once the group is controlled by someone who will take the time to get rid of these vulgar post
  • 10 April 201026. Tabitha H
    I agree that he should no longer be in control of such a group with great potential if he hasn't been on in the longest time to actually do any HELP! Your MySpace Profile Name Tabitha Hume Your MySpace Profile Link
  • 10 March 201025. Lindsay E
    I completely agree... NEW MOD! Your MySpace Profile Name Isn't My Background Annoying?!?! Your MySpace Profile Link
  • 01 March 201024. Paul H
    Raise up Your MySpace Profile Name Slide me a spill thrill, girl Your MySpace Profile Link

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